Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Simply Astonished

 "Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it."

Mary Oliver

So what does the dictionary say about being astonished?  I looked it up in my newest Dictionary.  Purchased just today.  (More about the book further in this post.)

To surprise; to amaze; to confound.

I realize that probably each of us would have our own opinion of what makes a thing or event astonishing.  My own astonishment level goes up when there are certain facts present...such as viewing items  from long ago made by hand,  by a person I never even knew...which is why I have a collection of old photos, other people's sewing tools and the actual sewn items themselves, old baby shoes and clothes, letters, books, etc.  And, it's even more astonishing to me when items like this are being GIVEN to me by a relative of the person who made or owned the item.

 And, what am I astonished by here?  Well, it all began last October while I was in Texas visiting my sister.  She and I had lunch with our good friend, Jackie.  And, true to her generous nature, Jackie brought me gifts.  See that pretty bottle here?  With a delightful bird stopper.  Well, that is one of the gifts she presented to me.  Well, I was astonished....because wrapped around that bottle is lace from Jackie's grandmother's sewing box.  There are buttons from her box and also a length of tatting from the same box.  OMG!  Having nothing from any grandmother, I was so pleased to have something from a friend's grandmother.  Yes, I would call it astonished!!! 

 Another astonishing thing shown the hand embroidered cloth beneath these sweet birds.
(No, the birds have nothing to do with the story...I just think they are cute!)  Just look at those stitches....beautiful Satin Stitching, collected on one of my hunting/gathering expeditions. Astonishing!

 Also, something else....this beautiful print.  It's 8" x 10."  A label says...."PEONIES" by Albert Williams, printed in England.  ©️ Stephen Selby Pictures, Ltd.  And, oh MY!  My maiden name is Williams!   Love that!

 Another peek at that stitching.....beautiful!

 And, another!  Plus a closer look at the lace, the buttons in the bottle along with the tatting.

 And, here are the buttons poured out of the bottle...old, simple, beautiful!

And, here is the tatting.  I LOVE tatting.  The only needlework method I decided I loved, but could never do.  And, I sure tried.  So, I love tatting done by others...and in this case, Jackie's grandmother.
A precious thing to be gifted.  And, astonishing!

And, here is the 'new' Dictionary I purchased today.  I love old books.  And, here's the title page...I love
this --"containing EVERY USEFUL WORD to be found in the English Language and in a compact 5" x 7" size.  Very hard to see, the date here....1880.  Another astonishing thing!  

So....some folks need a really important thing or event to be Astonished.  Me, no.  I can be very Astonished with very simple things and as Mary Oliver says to do....I am telling about it!!!

And, Thank you, Waco friend, Jackie....I love my gift! 
 Jackie also gave me something else completely astonishing which I will show you as soon as I can find out more information about it.  I've been looking and hope to find out more about it so I can tell you ALL about it. 

from Bird Nest Cottage
until next time,



Rengin Yazitas said...

To astonish is great if things happens good:))
I really enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing....

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This post is about one of the traits I love about you and honestly share with you. The ability so appreciate in wonder even the simplest things and to find a connection with them. cool. Perhaps unknown to you the painting was done by a distant relative. Sometimes we don't even know serendipitous details....

Much Love

Maureen said...

I don't say things as elegantly as you do Pat but I feel things the same as you! Thank you for the lovely post.

Lynn B said...

Hi Pat,
Beautifully written, it is the perfect preparation for my next email to you, prepare to be astonished!


Anonymous said...

Dear Pat I LOVED your post!! I too have many things that thru the years people have given me or I've found at thrift stores. And I always say the same thing "Why would someone get rid of this"? I have so much pleasure at having them and seeing them makes me smile. Just like the things in your post! Thanks foe always sharing your finds and gifts!! Hugs, Pam Gonzalez

Christy said...

Pat .... I absolutely LOVE that bottle. It's just gorgeous. Great post, as always. Take care.

Una said...

Hello Pat,Happy New Year to you,well i am always astonished by the things you find to show us on your blog,i also have a little bottle like yours but mine is new and pink,i love your inspirational blogs and all that you kindly show us,so thank you.x.Una.x.

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