Saturday, June 25, 2016


Remember, I told you I'd post about a very special new book?  And, here it is:


Published by Quiltmania
in France 

Here is the cover...please click to see these enlarged, as I cannot possibly do the book justice with my limited photographic ability.   I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this book.  I do own each of Brian's previous books and I can tell you that if Bird Nest Cottage catches on fire...Brian's books will be leaving with me!  That means I am terribly fond of them and using a word from the title of this new book - I find them INSPIRING to the Nth degree!  If you like what I will want one for yourself!!!

 Now, Brian is one of my best friends and one of my favorite people on planet Earth, so as you can see, I get to have a special autograph in my book!  It means an awful lot to me that he took the time to make this special drawing for me!  The graphics in this book are quite interesting and add so much to the book....not to mention that the text is written first in French, then in English.  I don't understand French, but I do love to see it written on the page, so this is an added bonus in my opinion and I enjoy 'reading' it.  Beautiful!

 Here is Brian!  (I apologize for the glaring light!!!)  He is a great guy and is over flowing with talent.  I am amazed by his talent even more with each project he creates.  As you will see in this book, he is also a wonderful decorator too.  (And you thought I had a lot of stuff!!!  Wait til you see his, only he knows what he is doing!)

 Just beautiful!!  There are quite a few photos of his home/studio.  I think it would take weeks to see every little thing!!!  Beautifully displayed to the max!

 Of course, he has Crazy Quilts!!!

 I just loved this bowl and lamp full of pincushions!!  And, that little stitchery on the wall is DEAR!!!

 Oh, be still my Heart!!!  Look at this collection!  So much more beautiful in the pages of this book!

 More goodness to admire!!

There are several of these faces.  Magnificent!!!

 And, this item is one of my favorites...because...look closely in the next photo....

 The lace frame is EMBROIDERED!!!!  OMG!

 I would buy the book just to see this "up close and personal!"

 And, I love this girl!  Look at that embroidery!  So PRECIOUS!!!

See the Log Cabin quilt behind this quilt?  In my next post, I will tell you about it.  It's all about a personal connection I have with Brian.  Amazing what has become of that quilt!!   The quilt on top is quite amazing.  Have I talked you into ordering this book yet? 

 This is the cover quilt.  Quite beautiful!!!  And, of course, much prettier than any of my photos can say.  I LOVE the vines and leaves on this quilt.....of do know that green is my favorite color!  Brian's embroidery completely blows my  mind!!!

 I thought this basket on the door was just divine.....with embroidery and ribbons....I could go nuts over those envelopes tied in ribbon too.  I like to imagine they are full of other people's memories!

 LOVE the pincushion!!!

 Like I said.....text printed in French first, then English.  Makes such an interesting looking page.  And so SPECIAL!!

 My copy even has a special drawing in the back.  So dear.  Look over there to the left...LOVE seeing
the mannequin kneeling like that....I'd say grateful to live in such a place!!!

Ok, you know you want one!  For ordering your personal copy, here's how to get one:

 To order:
Brian's blog: HERE 
(You can ask for special book signing here)

Direct Order:  HERE

Tomorrow I will be posting more from this book...a very special post regarding the old navy  man, Brian's tribute to him, and something you will love called "Pat's Big Heart."  All because I gave Brian and pair of scissors and said "cut this quilt in half."  

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time


Shirlee Fassell said...

The book looks wonderful!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is definitely a cool idea for a book!! I doubt you could see every single thing in the pictures the first time through. I suspected you were hinting at a new book by Brian. Can't wait to see what you share tomorrow.
xx, Carol

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