Friday, June 10, 2016

That Singer Sewing machine in My Living Room

I've had questions about several things shown in my "Living Room post"... so will answer them one at a time.  The first was about this Singer sewing machine.  Sheila wanted to know more about it.  She thought it was a treadle machine, but, no - it isn't that old.  So, what I can tell you about, Sheila,  is this great machine's life story. 

This machine was made in 1947.  When I was three.  It lived its "professional life" in the Alterations Dept. of a store here in Searcy.  Over the years, there is no telling how many hours it turned out clothing for the community.  It turns out that store was owned by my son-in-law's family and when it closed a few years son-in-law asked if I wanted to have this machine.  Really?  You have to ask?  He even brought it to me.  It turns out, the machine still works beautifully

Now, truth be told, there are SIX sewing machines in my house....and as you can imagine, there isn't loads of room for, once again, I am trying to be creative in where things 'go.'  So, I've decided to look upon this machine as a sort of 'sculpture,' therefore, it can stay in the living room. You probably don't understand that, but it makes sense to me.

The stitching of this machine is quite while it is old, it is still GREAT with a lot of life left it in it, so it's a useful and still beautifully functional sculpture.  (I'm trying to think of myself as still useful and functional...some days it isn't that easy!)


 OK.  This has nothing to do with the machine...just something pretty to look at, but it does go right along with the vintage aspect of this post.   Oh, yeah!


I'll be showing you those other machines as time goes by...but for now, you've seen one of the stories of things that live in my living room, with others coming.  Soon, you will even see, by request, a hand drawn sketch of the floor plan of Bird Nest Cottage.  Hope you'll come and see!  (And thanks for all the interest in my 'stuff.')

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time


Sheila said...

Hi Pat, Thank you for the story of the sewing machine. I think it is a very nice one and special that it was part of your son-law's family. It looks like a beautiful machine . I have a portable Singer with the wooden dome case, I think it is from around 1939. Not quite sure, I need to do some more checking. The other is a White threadle.
I enjoyed the story and I'll look forward to seeing the other machines down the road.
Take care and have a great weekend!

Pam Gonzalez said...

Hi Pat love the story of the life of your machine. I have one just like it. They never die. It's a work horse. I collect the old machines and have been donated several through the years. I have mine out like "sculptures" too! They're part of my world. Have a great weekend. Thanks for sharing. Pam Gonzalez

Brenda Wall said...

Hi Pat love your sculpture idea. You can enjoy both the beauty and the usefulness of it. I really hope to see you soon. It has been too lon. Of course this comment is coming from Tulsa. Hugs

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

well, keeping the Singer up and ready to go has two purposes. Excellent decor conversation piece and always ready to stitch a seam.

When Terry's aunt died, his uncle had a garage sale and was selling her vintage Singer. I wanted it so badly. He told Terry to make an offer. Terry didn't know what to say. When he came home he told me about it so back we went at break neck speed only to find out that he had sold it for $20. !! :( Now Terry's uncle was not a very honest or honorable man. I disliked him the day I met him and later found out he was a child molester. I will always believe that he lied to us about how much he sold it for.

Your posts always bring back past memories, lol.

Go Hillary!!
xx, Carol

Barbara said...

Very cool, regardless of not being as old as a treadle. It's a little piece of history!

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