Thursday, September 29, 2016

Some Quilts, Some 'New' Old Shelves and What They Hold, Some Morning Flowers

Thinking of what to post about on my blog is sometimes difficult.  I tend to think I just ramble on about one thing or another, often wondering afterward why I did what I did.  Other times, I'm semi-pleased.  I've never been totally satisfied though.   I really needed to post today and tried to come up with one I'd be satisfied with and maybe you would be too.  Also, it's one of the rather long ones, so since I won't be posting until the last week or so in October,  I hope the content makes up for the lack of posts over the next couple of weeks.

I will be spending some time with my two brothers and sister this month.  We don't get to see each other very often...and we are getting older, so a visit is a good thing!  I said "we" are getting older, but actually, it seems like I am the one getting older.  I am the oldest of the far.  I am sixteen months older than my brother, Mike.  Ten years older than my sister, Debbie.  Thirteen years older than my brother Robert.'s me that's older.  So, thinking about those things I decided to give them something from the quilt closet.  Something that I have made in the past and preserved for just this kind of thing.  A quilt giveaway.

BYW, I have shown all these quilts on the blog before...but it's been a long time.  And, I'm not telling here who is getting what.  There is also a giveaway for a that is very nearly a relative!

This quilt began with a center block and just grew.  While making it, I received good advice from the old navy man....for that reason it is special.  And, I loved doing the drawing and writing on it.  Here is what it says: 

"May flowers of love around you be twined,
And the sunshine of peace shed its joy o're thy mind."
    from an antique Valentine

One day maybe I will actually do an embroidered version of this inked center.  That would be fun.

Applique has always been my favorite.

Here is an embroidered basket quilt.  It's going to a new home where the color red is much loved. 
A good place for it to be.

Redwork is a very relaxing kind of work to do.  You don't have to remember where you left off or what colors to use next.  Loved making it!

Is it hard to give these up?  Nah.  I'm at the point where I need to do this so that after I am gone, my kids won't have to wonder what I intended to do with all my work.  Of course, they will keep my favorites.  Well, up until now, they have all been my favorites but you have to draw the line somewhere and I do like sharing.

This is a smaller quilt.  Applique and Embroidery.  It's many years old now, but you can't tell.  I have taken very good care of my quilts.  I love the little church and that embroidered tree....

And, oh my stars!  "Jane Doe and the Star-Spangled Banner"  Adorned with lots of buttons and star sequins.

Yes, these are moving on to other homes.  A natural progression.

 And, now for a little break.

This photo was taken just a couple of days ago.....I walked into the kitchen that morning and the light was hitting those flowers in just the right place at the right time.  Loved it!


 So,'s where we come to "things I would do, but you probably wouldn't."  I found these wire shelves at my friend, Kathy's, and a picture liked this popped right into my head, so I bought the shelves, took them home and started right away to create this 'scene.'  What fun!  Now, I have to say that you probably wouldn't put this in your dining room, but I would....because in my 'bird nest cottage' I have had to use all the space in just about every room to incorporate as much of my five hundred square foot studio as I could when I moved and had to find a place for my little treasures.  Since I live alone, I feel pretty comfortable putting things wherever I want...actually, it's pretty much turned into a form of entertainment for me and truth be told, I don't mind not being 'normal.'

 So, just take a look around.  I'm never bored.  There is so much to little time.

 My favorite old door from the old Van Atkins building.  I actually do sometimes put real MAIL in that mailbox!

Sometimes when things are put away, I have trouble remembering what I have to choose from when I want to make something new.  I actually love having things 'out' where I can see them.  I know it's not for everyone, but it works for me.

 I am going to look forward to using things from these shelves....or sometimes just looking at them, getting inspired.

 Hope you enjoy looking too!!

 I have already planned for some good posts coming up after my visits with the siblings.  Look for more toward the last week of October.  And, take care, please.

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time



Jenny said...

Oh Pat,
Thank you for another lovely post! The quilts you have made are just breathtaking. I love the saying from the antique valentine but all of them are just beautiful! Redeployment is another favorite pastime of mine and appliqué is something else I love to do but I admit I need to practice some many things to create so little

Your flowers are just lovely...I put my flowers in a mason jar too :)

I hope you have a wonderful time visiting with you siblings. That time is always enjoy every minute! I know they will love the quilts...I think it is wonderful that you are sharing some of your treasures!

Don't worry about! While you are enjoying some family time I know I will be back to visit often...admiring again and again your quilts and also looking over your wonderful shelves! What inspiration awaits!

Hugs my friend!

Jenny said...

P.S. You just have to love auto correct on my phone! I meant to say redwork not whatever it was they typed in for

Joyce Smithson said...

Love you posts. You like the same things that I do. Have a good visit.

Gail Lind said...

The quilts are lovely. Your siblings are blessed to receive one of these. I see my 4 siblings once a year and it is always a special time.
I think open shelves are a good idea. My materials: ribbons, doilies, buttons, fabrics, etc. are stuffed in boxes and drawers so I forget what I have.

Julie Fukuda said...

I wish I could have things out on shelves but the houses here are blasted with dust and not air-tight at all. I have stacking bins bit I am noticing my favourites are beginning to deteriorate with age. Of course replacing one will mean replacing them all. I often share your thoughts of where things might end up after I am gone.

sandi s said...

I just love to read your posts. Appliqué is my favorite thing to do also. I love the wire shelving you got, they are perfect for what you wanted them for. I always enjoy seeing your treasures! Have fun with your family when you all get together. Hugs,

Sherry said...

Pat, I'm so glad I'm your friend!!! I can't wait to see this in person! We love so many of the same things so you know I'm going to want to just sit and stare and be inspired for as long as you'll let me. ❤️😀❤️

I have to add a note to Jenny, above. I was so impressed by your use of the word redeployment! I just thought you'd found a really clever way to describe taking out and putting away, arranging and rearranging our goodies and treasures! I have a feeling I'll be thinking about it that way now!

Sherry in Little Rock

Christy said...

Hi Pat ... I hope you have a great visit with the family. Enjoy the Autumn season (my favorite season). Happy Halloween, too! Take care.

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

I just want you to know I treasure my crazy quilt stitches book that you wrote. I bought it long before I found your blog and it gets pulled out every time I sit down to stitch my crazy quilt blocks. So today I am thinking of you and wishing you the best and thank you.

Jaybird said...

Oh my......Everything is too beautiful! I love the quilts of course, but I am also in love with the open shelving. I can't remember what I did this in the world could I remember what is in my considerable stash????????
Mr. C built me a few shelves, but I have not yet had time to get the stuff, stacked in the middle of the floor, sorted and put away :^(
You KNOW that I love the redwork is absolutely amazing!!
Lots of hugs and blessings to you,
The lady who loves red!! ;^)

Lynn said...

Hi Pat,

Oooo I love your displays, everything is so pretty, what fun to be able to choose from all of those lovely pieces.

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A Bit of Heaven
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