Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tyler and Some Bears

This afternoon, I was 'fluffing up' some teddy bears...there are several here and there in my house.
I've had bears here since my kids were little...after all, who can resist a teddy bear?  They made me think of a photo I have of my grandson taken...well, many years ago now....but what a great photo.  Here he is....with a great big bear!  Both are adorable.  Tyler was eight in this photo...taken in Eureka Springs on a family trip.  We all loved that big old bear....I'm sure he was just sitting there waiting for a kid to come along to keep him company.    Someone had tried to put a shirt on him, but didn't get very far.  That made Tyler laugh.  One of the fun memories!!  Tyler is THIRTY-ONE now.  I wonder if he remembers this?  (I'm going to send this photo to him and find out.)

These are the bears I was fluffing up today.  A very cute assortment.  Look at their faces....just like us, each one has his/her own facial expressions.  The two on the left, of all things, belonged to my mother and they have really cute old fashioned dresses on, part of the reason they came to live with me.

 Seriously, do you see different expressions?

 As I said, these two were my mothers.   The smaller one definitely has a different expression....might be my favorite.  Let me just say, I recognize that mood there.

 I think they are cute...and it's good to fluff a teddy bear once in a while!!!

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Brenda Wall said...

What a cute picture of Tyler. He will be so thrilled you posted him with that Fanny Pack he may not even notice the bear. LOL My mother collected bears and I got a few of them, but not sure where they are at the moment. Our grandchildren are growing up. Gianni is 15 - drives, Will is turning 13 and Malaki 3 next month, of course we are not aging.

Jenny said...

Hi Pat....I truly love your post! The picture of the bear with your grandson is just adorable and your collection of Bears is just precious! Oh those faces...each one so unique and lovable! I love the bears that were your moms! They really made my heart smile :)

I have collected bears since I was a little girl and there are quite a few that live at my Actually you can find some in just about every room...grins! They each have their own expression and personality and of course a memory that is special to just that bear! As I type this my classic Pooh Bear that was given to me by my husband and son when my son was just a baby sits here enjoying the! He is 24 years old now and reminds of the endless Pooh stories I have read to both of my children over the last 25 years. Oh yes bears hold a special place in my heart!

I am just catching up on blog reading and I also wanted to tell you how much I loved the beaded bag that you repaired! Such beautiful, intricate and detailed did well my friend!

I have found myself thinking about you recently and was so very happy to see a post from you! Have a good day my friend....and hugs!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love bears too. I have a large one that wears a Snoopy sailor jacket. The one the boys gave me when I was in the hospital after surgery years ago wears a silver surgery cap the doc gave them. I like your Mom's bears the best. I like bears that have that close shaved face look! Gosh, I used to sew bears, but that has been a long time ago.

Love your post. Bet that pic will bring back memories for Tyler too!
xx, Carol

Laurie said...

I love teddy bears. My sister had one she slept with every night before she died. Her daughter has always collected them and has a huge tree she decorates at Christmas time with nothing but bears. Who can resist them!?

Bonnie Jobe said...

Pat- Twenty years or so ago, I learned how to make mohair bears - jointed and weighted with plastic pellets so they actually feel real. I need to blog about them soon. I have so many bears too. I love your Mom's bears...their expressions are so expressive!!! They are our comfort friends, I think.

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