Thursday, September 21, 2017

Birds and Roses

Birds and Roses.  Around this house, those words go together.  Somehow.  You can't avoid they are everywhere.  So, today, I am probably going over my photo limit (although friend, Sherry, says there are never too many photos).  You can decide for yourself.

So, fewer words today.  Just know that today these are the ones that begged for me to take their photos.  

 It seems I cannot ignore a beautiful vintage rose plate.  I've tried.  But, if the price is right, I always know it will come home with me.


Remember the Romeo and Juliet wedding dress?  Sandra sent me a very cute bird and for some reason it told me to perch it right on the mannequin's shoulder.  So cute.

 And, then, there was the inside of that little trunk! 

 A lamp my parents bought in Japan in the late 40's.  I've had it for years now.  And, those two little birds...a broken dish which I have not been able to throw out. 

 I love this sign....notice the name....J. Edward BIRD!!!

 And, this one, JUST BECAUSE.

 I LOVE this print!!!! ❤️

 My collection of Bird Books, bird rocks, bird feathers.

 I absolutely couldn't resist these two bird prints!!!

 Birds on tin.

 And this print.  It came from Kathy's have many of my recent finds.  

 Yes. WISH.  It might come true!

 Now, why is she here?  Well, because she was a real person...named BIRDIE.

 A beautiful teacup and saucer.  Indeed!

 Two mugs from Tuesday Morning.  

 Cutest bird Salt and Pepper shakers in a little nest.

 And, this one, nested in this big bowl of buttons for a while now.  

 And one made of tin.  

A stool covered in a delicious rose print.  I bought it that way...$12.  A few years ago.  

 Another's fabulous...and with roses all around.

 Love this hat with white roses!

 Bird made by my friend, Kay.  LOVE IT!

 This little bird from friend, Jim.

 I did this when we had the studio downtown.

 This little bird flew over here from Japan.  A surprise from my friend, Julie.

 He seems to love his perch!

 Roses, roses, roses.

 So, there we are, lots of birds and roses around Bird Nest cottage. 
Wishing you all the best. 

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time

Monday, September 18, 2017

Over the Door Storage, #2

Some of you have emailed, asking for me to show ALL of the shoe organizers I have around the house, none of which, by the way, have shoes in them.  So, this morning, I took my camera around to photograph these things.  I won't spend much time on them, as you already know the story and get the drift.   This one is on the other side of the one you saw last.  You know, lace, etc.  This closet is right inside my bathroom door, on the left.  It is a large closet.  I will show you a peek.  And, this is actually the first shoe organizer I put up. 

 I have had my thread in drawers, boxes and thread racks...all of which make me nuts.  So, the day I thought of this...I thought maybe it would work better for me.  I do have to say, I love it.  However, it may not be for you.  I have sorted thread into colors and I can see it all fairly easily.  Then, it's all hidden away.  Like I said, it may not be for you, but I like it.  

 This is the inside of the closet.  I knew when I moved in here just what would go in this closet.  I'll show it in detail in some other post on some other day.

 This closet is also in my bathroom....back in the little room with the toilet.  Well, there should be something to look at in that little space, so there is this closet....vintage clothing, to begin with, but when you open it up....well, 



 There are four closets in my bathroom.....yes, four.  Two, you just saw,  there is also one for my clothes, and one with a secret collection.  You will see that when I show you the great storage this house has. 
 For those of you who haven't read my blog that long....well, at my other house, I had a studio in the backyard which housed ALL my STUFF!  It was 500 square feet, with lots of shelving.  Wonderful space.  I miss it, of course, but thanks to the storage in this house, I have found a home for most of my stuff....and what I can't store...well, it's right in plain sight.  And, that's ok with me.

Now, this closet is in the garage.  And, it's one of my favorites.  Why?  Well, I call it the Tool Closet.
Here, you see more fabric is stored on the outside of the door....

 But when you open it....well, there is the vacuum cleaner, mops, brooms, etc.  (Another door, which houses the hot water heater), shelves for cleaning supplies, etc., and on the inside of the door....YES,

 I love it when I need the hammer, a screwdriver, wire cutters, or whatever, I just walk out in the garage, open the door and there they all are. 

 So convenient!

 A peek inside.

Now, what do you think?  Shoe organizers.  Well worth the $5, I do believe!
 Well, ok.  So, not many want all that stuff so 'out there.'  But, me, I'm fine with it.  I do love to pretty much know where everything is and be able to put my hands on something when I need it.  

(Of course, that only works on days when I remember where the storage things are!!!)

And, next time...something completely different! 
 Take care. ❤️

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time

The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio

The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio
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A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
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