Sunday, September 3, 2017

Early Sunday Around Bird Nest Cottage

 I took these photos earlier this morning....thought I'd show you around...just for a little something different.  I hope you don't mind....just some visuals.  I have a small kitchen, but it feels big enough to me and although it is cluttered (as is my whole house),  as I often say....I live in my own little world, but it's ok...they know me here. ❤️  Notice the sign....Yes, it hangs crooked.  We have found that no matter how we hang remains crooked....I'm not perfect either, so it doesn't bother me and I love what it says....You have my whole heart!

 This is where I make my morning cup of tea...and other things too.  Of course,  as is my habit,  I have to put more things there than are necessary.

 And, this is one of my favorite prints in the house...I LOVE the colors!  And, this morning, there are tiny flowers from my tiny bit of yard.

 The center of the kitchen is taken up with this small island.  It does hold "lots of stuff" so is a very nice thing to have here.  Of course, you can see right into the dining room...I like the layout very much. 

 And, another photo of the dining room...remember the dress, the quilt?  And, did you notice the sign above the seems to explain my whole house..."it is what it is."

 A TINY bit of a flower arrangement in an old cream pitcher, along with a poem I love.
You can probably enlarge to read it, but I'll write it out for you here anyway:


"She scanned the table with keen old eyes
There was the brown fried chicken
The creamy custard pies
The cool bright green of pickles
And the ruby glow of jel.
Then she hastened to the cellar 
Before she rang the bell.
And, brought the golden butter
With its drops of frosty dew
Chilled and sweet and delicate
In a deep bowl of old blue."

by Mary Elizabeth Mahnkey

I thank my friend, Kay, in Mountain View, every time I read this poem, as she gave it to me tied in a blue ribbon long ago.

 The sign isn't lit says "OLD QUILTS."  Indeed!  A few odd flowers from the Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern, here at my ironing board.  They came to me via someone's collection of quilt scraps I was given a few years ago.  (Only a quilter would appreciate an iron and some vintage quilt pieces.)

 I recently moved my sofa so it's in the room diagonally.  It has given me room for a work area behind the sofa and yet keeps the resulting 'mess' out of sight from visitors.  Unless they want to see that stuff, of course.

This photo was taken at my new little work area behind the sofa.  It's by the window, which makes it nice.  This morning, I decided the space needed a little flower arrangement of it's own....along with a sweet card and a project I am working on.  More on that project this coming week sometime.

 I don't remember where this card came from but I do love it:

Kind Hearts,
Like Garden Flowers, 
Grace and Beauty
to our World.

 Have a wonderful Labor Day celebration!

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time


sandi s said...

Hi Pat, I can't get over how many things we have in common! I have the same tea maker that you have on your counter and I love signs and there are many around the house too. 😊 I'm a quilter also so I like finding old quilts are quilt blocks and wonder about the people who made them. Your house is so cozy, I just love it. Hugs, Sandi

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Morning friend! Thank you for a view of your cozy home. We surround ourselves with what we love, don't we! I guess if someone came to my home, they would know I love the CUBS, Buffalo and Indians, Fiesta Ware, and DOGS. You can't look far without seeing a dog or a dog toy. Now I have 3 dogs. Corey brought a Min Pin (mini Doberman Pincher) home to visit so he's really not mine, but Terry loves him and he loves Terry! I have a new appreciation of little dogs, as we have always had BIG ones.
xx, Carol

Jenny said...

Hello my friend....I have so enjoyed a visit with you and your cozy house! I love EVERYTHING from your morning tea and flowers to your workplace with irons and quilt blocks! The poems and signs are just precious and it all just says " why don't you stop and take a look around and enjoy!" Thank you for sharing...I hope you have enjoyed your day!
Sending hugs and love to you my friend!

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A Bit of Heaven
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