Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Hot Cup of Tea

 When I was forty, I gave up coffee.  So I turned to tea. As often as possible a decaf.  I absolutely love a hot cup of tea.  At any time of day.  Or, sometimes at night.  I'm not fond of fancy flavored ones...I tend to like it plain.  No sugar, no cream either.  Plain and HOT!

The Old Navy Man used to say that the only reason I drank tea was  "to hold a hot cup." He was right about a lot of things....and I DO love to hold a hot cup....but I appreciate the tea also.  And, as I get older...even more so.

 I barely have space in my kitchen for a table, but this one is just fine.  It's only 28 inches in diameter and I can squeeze two chairs in there also.    Let's see...that would be tea for ME and tea for YOU.

 About my teapot:  Yes, Keep Calm and Drink Tea!  
Found at a flea market several years ago and loved ever since....and so true!  The bird teacup...Oh, My!  I found it browsing around one day and purchased it immediately.  Isn't it sweet?

 This vintage tablecloth...just love it....also found at the flea.  Love the colors!

 These tea things I just placed here to show you...........but at this moment...I am planning on having a cup of tea while I watch "The Unforgotten" on my PBS station.  I am always glued to British mysteries and this one is really good.  Such excellent writing and acting!!!  Definitely good to have tea along with watching!!

 I found this tea tin at the Junk House just a couple of weeks ago.  Happened to have a pretend Monarch butterfly in the house.........they met and I just loved it!!!  That bird spoon a gift from Kathy...I think I showed it last year, but memory doesn't always serve me.

I hope you enjoyed the tea Be Well and relax with your own cup of tea now and again!

Until next time
Bird Nest Cottage


Gisela Suski said...

Always lovely to hear from you, now it is time for a cup of tea.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

They have tea cups on Amazon?? I admit that I have never browsed Amazon for such things. I'm a coffee fan It's my addiction. I can't recall when I had a cup of hot tea, but I admit I love Raspberry Iced Tea.
xx, Carol

Christy said...

Hi, Pat!
Nice to hear from you and glad to hear you're still perusing those flea markets! :) I had to say ... after drinking tea my whole life, I now drink one cup of instant coffee (in the morning to get me awake). I do enjoy it but don't ever take my tea away. There's just something so soothing about tea, isn't there?
Take it easy, Sweetie. Later ....

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A Bit of Heaven
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