Sunday, June 24, 2018

Gathering Flowers

Several years ago, my daughter, some of her friends, and I, opened a little art studio downtown.  It lasted a couple of years and was hard work, but FUN.  We all 'did our own thing.'  That made it fun AND interesting.  Among the things I chose to do was painting on fabric, then embroidering over the painting.  Among the fabrics I chose to paint, then embroider, was not only cotton fabric, but also cotton quilt batting.  And, then, one day, I came across some cloth diapers that had never been used, so naturally, I wondered how painting and embroidering those would work out.,
This odd little painting.

 As I remember, I painted on damp cloth...made it a little easier to do.

There was really no thought process about it...just picking some colors, kind of at random, but not really.  I'm not much of a random kind of girl....preferring to "ponder" a bit.  As I do in everything else.  Remember, I am a 'control enthusiast.'

 I can say there doesn't seem to be a right and a wrong while painting like this.  Another reason it's fun.

There is always a tiny hint of a bird or two.

 I don't use yellow very much...but I have to say, when painting like this again, I will use yellow again.  Seems to have made the piece a bit more  'joyful' to look at!!  
And, yes, you MAY gather every flower! 
 So, using that yellow taught me something.  Same as Mr. G did long ago when he encouraged me to try some orange!

There was a second diaper found that day...and yesterday, I found it again in a box of scraps saved from that first one.  Here it is.  Well.  It's available, so maybe in the not so distant future, but who knows when, I may use this one as a background and embroider something over it.  After all, it was fun to do.  We will see. 

I did this on the first one....cut out an opening in the middle of a piece of paper and placed it here and there on the diaper, then took some photos, trying to figure out the best way to use it as a background.
Boy, that's fun!!  So, just a few minutes ago, I tried it on this second diaper.  I've taken a few photos, trying to find my favorite.

Look them over.  See what you think.  Tell me.  I will consider your thoughts when I again work on this piece.

I think this is my least favorite. (?)

 Vertical or horizontal?  It's up to you.

What do you think?  Would you do this?  Or, am I just too silly.
 (By the way, I don't mind being silly.)
And, just so you know...someone DID buy that piece.


 I chose the wording and cut them from an old book to add to the mat after making this piece.  That's another fun thing to do...words...just make something up.  I love doing that.  When I decided to do this post (yesterday), I also wanted to mention that Monday (the 25th), is our 52nd wedding anniversary.  I said at the very beginning that my goal was to be married for 50 years.  He tried to last. And, I'm still here, still counting.  Still remembering.

When I wrote those words, "You may gather every flower" it just came off the top of my head.  But, now, looking back, I realize that is what the Old Navy Man was continually doing.  He would always go out on our back acreage and find a little bouquet of some wild flowers and bring them to me.  I took the photo of his hands holding this little bouquet a while before I painted and embroidered the piece shown here, but, doesn't it just fit the story?  

I miss those little gathered bouquets.

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage


littlemancat said...

Just wonderful! I think pic #2 or the last one. But I like them all. And what a wonderful photo at the end. I lost my husband this January and am still really not able to process it. I miss him so. We would have been 40 years this coming August.

sandi s said...

I love the painting with the embroiderey!! Hugs,

Cindy in Kansas said...

I so wish I lived next door to you, Pat. I would enjoy it so much. You always do the neatest things.

Big hugs. This made my day.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I didn't see you Fussy view the lower left corner. I like that section best. You for an embroidery on this piece...or make a couple that could be a lovely collage. I have always wanted to try this on a drop cloth. Maybe not the whole one, but a piece cut from one. So many ideas, so little time.
xx, Carol

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