Monday, July 30, 2018

A Birthday Visit to San Francisco

What a wonderful view of San Francisco!
  What a great place to begin our visit with my son to celebrate his 50th birthday.
The very first thing we did after leaving the airport was to visit Bernal Hill.  I had been there before, so I knew what the view was like...and it's the neighborhood my son lives, I felt Kelly had to see it first.  It's so beautiful!!!

And, here are Scott and Kelly....taking in the view.  
See, it's a beautiful view of the city

And, you can see different parts of the city as you go around the hill.  It was really windy that day and the walk up is steep, so I had to work hard to get there.  Worth it though.   Click on these to make them larger and you will see lots more.


 Boats in the feels like the world at your feet.

 Chilly too, while it was over 100 back home!  (And, the fog coming in...I'll talk more about that in another post.)

  Once again taking photos.  If I lived at his house, not too far below this hill...well, I'd never get a thing done because there is a great view from his living room window.  You'll see it.


 One of my favorite things about San Francisco is the FOG.  It's beautiful and it feels good too.
Kelly is going to get a good dose of it right here.

 Ok.  If you were on the street looking at the front of Scott's house....these places would be to the left.  As a matter of fact, I took this photo looking out the side window of his kitchen.  I love that big house with the blue door. The door looks really small, but it's not.  

 And these places are facing the back of his if you sit out there on his deck, this is what you see.  It's fascinating.  I don't know how they figure out what electric lines go where.  (That's probably the Old Navy Man talking to me.)

So, if you are on Scott's deck and look to the right....this would be two of his neighbors. 

 And, this is his house, so if you are on the deck....well this is your view!  I'm just nuts over it!

 Just had to throw this in....there are more succulents in SF than I have seen anywhere.  This one was small....but it's HUGE now.  It's at least a foot across!


 See it next to Scott.  HUGE! 
 And, here are my two kids.  I love seeing them talk like this as it doesn't happen very often these days.  Precious hours!!!!

 So, here is the view from Scott's living room.  You must click to see's a wonderful sight.
And, there is something going on morning, noon and night.  I'd really never get a thing done for looking out all the time!

 He, evidently, has grown used to the most people these days....looking at that phone.  (I do too much of it myself.)

 And, here he is with his on the computer.  I love listening to them chat about whatever they are looking up. 

Another photo of the living room.  A sunnier day.  

 And, here is his house.  Well, his and his three roommates.  It is a four bedroom house.  The living room, where you saw that gorgeous view is at the top, along with the kitchen.  Bedrooms, and bathrooms, on two levels along with the garage on the first floor.  They pay dearly for it and at this point in time are lucky to have it.  Rent in SF is way crazy, and I do mean WAY!

And, here we are having a lovely breakfast.  At a tiny old restaurant....has about eight tables. They serve a really good breakfast!!!  And, oh, what fun....breakfast with my two.  It's a privilege, for sure.
More coming soon about the trip and other things too!

until next time,
Bird Nest Cottage


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, they are marvelous pictures!! I am enthralled with the living room and all those WINDOWS! As much as I look through mine, I imagine I would be GLUED to his. I suspect wandering around the neighborhood would be an interesting experience. I can only imagine the cost of housing as I have seen pictures of shacks that cost a million dollars. Years ago we had a friend that moved from SF to South Bend. He was amazed at the wonderful house he could buy here for what he called a pittance and he was thrilled to actually have a yard with grass. I was born a Big City Girl and married a Farm Boy. I suspect I could be happy in a big city but Terry would just wither away.

Does your son own a car? Just wondering.
xx, Carol

Jenny said...

Good Morning Pat....

What lovely pictures of San Francisco! This city always amazes me. It is constantly changing! I love all the houses and that blue door.....and the bay...and I have always loved watching the fog roll in. I love that down here in Southern California as well when we are visiting the beaches that we love.

Brothers and Sisters...isn’t fun to watch your children? I have one of each too, my son being the oldest, and watching them together brings me such joy☺️

So glad you had a wonderful time. Those memories are priceless!

Sending hugs and love your way!

Scott Eaton said...

Carol, I do have a car (Porsche Macan S) and thankfully a garage!

Audra Jones said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! Miss you! Audra

sandi s said...

The views are amazing!!! That living room is just the neatest room. I hope you are having a wonderful time. Hugs,

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