Monday, July 2, 2018

Pincushions and Scissors

I decided over the weekend to post some pincushions....and because I had launched a search of the house and garage for any scissors that might live here, well, I decided to post the scissors also. To be honest, I'll fess up........there are about twenty more scissors than shown here.  Who knew?  Not so many pincushions, although I could have come up with a few more of those.  And, you don't think I'm a hoarder.  Oh, my!

  I love this pincushion....and the hat pins.  Also, There is a safety pin which holds four heart buttons,  given me many years ago by Mr. G.  Love them too....along with one of my favorites...that tiny key.
you can see it along the edge there, but you really have to look.  (Sorry about the light.  I need to work on making a place to take photographs, rather than willy nilly around the house.)

 This is simply a ball of crochet cotton into which I have pinned several vintage thread buttons and a piece of crochet.  Click to enlarge those buttons...they are old and fantastic!


 Another ball of crochet cotton.........with an old watch, etc.  Love the pink pins!!!

 Mr. G also gave me the bird pincushion.  It stands alone, but just for this photo, I sat it inside the top of the candleholder.  There are some pretty pink glass buttons and a tiny gold heart pinned into it....the little card is just a little section of one of my old business cards.  And, I love the vintage buttons in the bowl part of the candleholder.  

 I stitched the flowers in the center of this pincushion.  Another thing I made when we had the downtown studio.  It was fun.  I love the purchased pink flower trim around the edge which I also embellished with some beads.  Found the butterfly pin several years ago and have pinned it into different things over the years.


 And, now, scissors!!  I have never wandered over the house looking for scissors before.  I hate to say it...but there really are MORE, although this photo contains the best of them.  Some vintage scissors here too and are not in good shape,  but I felt I wanted them in the photo also.  The embroidery scissors are my favorites.  (Also, on the far left, five tiny scissors, which are really charms of a sort.  So tiny, so cute!)

 Here you see most of the embroidery scissors being held in place in a vintage flower bowl with a lid which is supposed to hold fresh flowers.  Well, not?  The scissors in front on the vintage cloth are two of my favorites, both gifts.

 See that tiny key I was telling you about....yes, it's right there next to that center heart button.  So cute!  And, these favorite scissors are joined by a pair of black Gingher embroidery scissors.  I've had them for a long time.

 Gingher embroidery scissors with roses.......I also have a pair of shears in that pattern.  They are just great.

 And, here they are alongside a pair of vintage scissors.  They don't really cut any longer, but they look so cool with a lot of my vintage 'stuff.'

 These black scissors on the right...they are really old.  They couldn't cut either, but they are so sweet!

So, there you have it....lots of scissors.  I think they have multiplied like coat hangers do!  OMG!  I should be ashamed to have collected so many.  (Bet, I'm not the only one though.)

(BTW, below you will see those very scissors.  I have used a very old clear glass string of beads to hang from the handle.  And, they are sitting upon a vintage petticoat.  It, too, is falling apart, but is still so very beautiful!!!)

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage



Sheila said...

Hi Pat, I love your pincushions and scissors. I have quite a few scissors as well. Just love them.

Anne said...

Exquisite pincushions. Love then all!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh Wow. Those aren't pin cushions, they are ART!! And you DO have a lot of scissors. I do too. And they all have a place and heaven help anyone that uses MY scissors or doesn't put the HOUSE scissors (of which there is an ample supply) back in their designated spot. I admit, your scissor collection is much more interesting than mine.

Stay cool.
xx, Carol

Jaybird said...

I don't think I had better start counting scissors....oh my.....:^0
I also have several pair of dressmaking and pinking shears hidden away......
I love the pink rose cup with the special is beautiful!!

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