Monday, June 17, 2019

Last Wednesday, Part 2 and A Bit More

Remember last Wednesday's post....I got frustrated with the computer and it was way late in the a.m., around 1:40, so I declared there should be a Part 2.   
Well, this is it.  I have figured out my computer problem. 
 (No, I didn't, my son clued me in to what my problem was, so - solved!)
 So, here are some things I would have shown you then,
beginning with the photo tiny space at the flea.  
I've added a few things and sold a few things too.
When next I am there, I will bring a few things home.
Right now, it's about as crowded as I want it to get, so I'll thin it out
if customers don't do it for me.

And, an additional thought on that.  Kathy and I have changed our "hours" at the store.  We,  which means Kathy and me, or, "The Minions," as Morgan calls us, will be in the store EVERY OTHER Wednesday.
That will allow her more time to do the zillion things she does every week and it will also give me more time to come up with treasure for my little space.
I think it's a really good idea.

 Back to Part 2:
Here is one of the zillion or so paintings that have found their way into the store recently.
 Somehow, they eventually seem to find their way back out into the universe.  I brought a couple home with me.  But, not this one.

 All kinds of goodies here....notice this painting.

 A closer look.

 Do you remember I mentioned last week that I came home with some dishes?
 These are the ones.  I fell for them the instant I saw them.
They said "cottage" to me right away.  


 I had intended to set a table with them in my last post....but,
 well, we know what happened, so I did that today.
 I could set a table in a few different places in this cottage, but for some reason, I thought
it would be "cute" to set the work table in the room I call The Pantry.
Well, I do keep food, and Pantry 'stuff' in this room, as it's right off the kitchen, but, 
I also have a coffee station in it,  dish storage, and, of all things....
it's my little "art studio" too.  I like rooms that can serve more than one purpose.
And, since I live alone....I can pretty much use any room I have for anything I want.
There are certainly no rules and regulations I am following here.

 So, I set the table for two.
Just because I could.

So, okay.  Food is in that cabinet with the doors.  
And, heaven only knows what is in all the rest.
At some point pretty soon, I'm emptying those shelves, putting my cookbooks and other things there.  Some of these dishes, etc. will go.
 It's a plan anyway.

 Notice the little Salt and Pepper shakers.  
I have carefully saved these for many years. 
They are the only thing my maternal grandmother ever gave me.
   So I have treasured them. 
 And, since I never knew my paternal grandmother, they are even more special.

 Cute, aren't they?

 So, I thought I'd also turn off the lights.  Light a candle.
As a matter of fact, I often have only candle light on Sunday's.
I also love to have candlelight when it's raining.
Especially in the evening.

 There are four each of cup and saucers, dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate and soup bowl.  
Plus the tea pot.
And they are so pretty.....what a great find at $15.00!!


   And, the name "Peasantry."  
Right up my alley.  
 And, like I always say, you never know what you will find at the Junk House.

 Even though I will not be at the store this coming Wednesday, I will still post.  No idea what you will be seeing though....want to take a chance and come back for a visit? 
 If you do....well, thank you for that!

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage

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