Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 25, 1966 to June 25, 2008

Forty-two years ago, on June 25th - it was a Saturday, Richard and I got married in Meridian, Texas. A nice Methodist minister officiated. The entire family was there. I didn't know it, but there were bets being made as to whether it would last.
Little did they know! Determination will get you a long way and we were determined to make it last....neither of us like to go back on our word. So, here we are forty-two years later.

People sometimes ask me how we have managed to stay married so long, considering the divorce rate and all. Well, my theory is this...we care a whole lot about each other, divorce - not so much. My other explanation is he can't hear and I can't see, so we need each other too! It's been part joy and part guerilla warfare....I don't think we would have had it any other way. One other thing you should know...he's always been my hero!

He fancies himself kind of a poet....we all agree. Yesterday he wrote this little poem for our anniversary. I love it. Hope you do too.


There were many people watching on our happy wedding day,
betting that it just won't last, but they won't have their way.

We made it last this far I think, because we really care and
now we end up hunting things that always have been there.

I know we've had our ups and downs and lately mostly downs,
but we'll spring back up again before that next one rolls around.

We're really very lucky to have two kids that care,
and glad that we can help them out when things don't work out fair.

I know we're really boring folks and that's just fine with us,
it's just that we like simple things, so there's nothing to discuss.

Yes, we've been married forty-two, and I'll surprise my wife..
we'll make it to the golden one and call it a great life.

Richard Eaton (I love you Patricia - Happy Forty-Second Anniversary!)

Now, really.....how could you bet against something like that? One day I was working out in the Nest and in he walks with some yellow flowers in his hands. I snapped this photo...just the sweetest thing! Love you too, Mr. Eaton!!!! Pat


Pitter said...

Interesting post!! And I really like your writing skill.

rlbates said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ivory Spring said...

So sweet - Happy Anniversary to the Eatons!

Rosie said...

Hi, just found your blog.

Congratulations on your anniverary!


Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary - I hope the next 42 years are filled with as much love.

kellyvanhook said...

Sweet, sweet Mom - as usual, Dad's poems either make me laugh my fanny off or cry...this one did the latter. Happy Anniversary to both of you and I thank God every day that my parents are still together. Love you both very much and don't know what I would do if I didn't get to see you all of the time! You are both awesome!


Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.that's a sweet poem your husband has penned for you, very touching. Thanks for visiting Pat and leaving a comment, it has set me thinking.

sparkle jars said...

This was so touching. He's a keeper! :-)

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