Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Finally, A New Sofa!

 Last Saturday, my daughter, Kelly, took me shopping for a new sofa.  When I moved out of my former home....I gave away my old one....I'd only had it for 29 years, so thought it could go.  I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't buy a new one until that house sold.  Well, who knew it would take nearly two years to sell that house?  So...keeping the deal I made with myself, I did not buy a sofa until now....well, the house sold in March, but it took me this long to make up my mind to go in search of my perfect sofa.  Kelly, who was much more patient with me that I would have thought....drove me around until we came across the sofa you see her sitting on clowning around on in this photo.

 Here it is in the store.  It is NOT beige.  It is a really nice soft "barely" green.  My favorite color.  And, I wanted to have back cushions that are removable....something that proved hard to find, but this one had them.  And, it's about 85 inches long.  At five feet tall, I could take a nap on it with room to spare.
I'm not a napper, but, hey....just in case!


So, here it sits in my living room.  Yes, it needs an area rug...but that's an expense for another day.
And, yes, as I have often told you....I am, in fact, a hoarder, as is obvious, and I doubt I change anytime soon.  I love piddling around with all my stuff.

 It's cozy.

And, this is only part of the living room.  I didn't show you more because you might not be able to handle seeing the whole thing at once.....all that hoarding and such.  But, if you'd like....I could certainly take a few more photos....more chairs, a dining table, tv area, and where I quilt, well, as they say....'the rest of the story.'  Let me know if you'd like to see.  Of course, I'll probably show it anyway, but it would be nice to know someone actually WANTS to see.

 I LOVE the sofa....and I think it was worth the wait.  I'd love to have another twenty-nine years worth of sofa enjoyment....but, at seventy-one...well, maybe I'll just enjoy it one day at a time.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Daisies are Back!

 One of my favorite flowers is the Daisy.  And, when I moved into this place there were a few blooming in the front flower beds.  And, now, they are back again. 
O Happy Day

 This means I will be enjoying their fresh faces for several months, as will my visitors.  I guess you could say they are my 'welcoming committee.'  

 So pretty!


 and airy.

 Here's a few words I wholeheartedly agree with and find ever so true:

"Always have something beautiful in sight, even it it's just a daisy in a glass."
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

A Peek Inside, Part 2

I wanted to show you 'the rest' of that bathroom in my last post....crazy as it is, so bear with me, if you are interested.  As you may recall, I began with the vanity #1.  As you enter the bathroom, you see it in this photo.  It would be on your left as you enter.  Right around the corner (so to speak) is a chest which holds all kinds of embroidered linens and such....and on top, a collection of pincushions.

Here you can see them....sorry these photos are going to be either too dark or too light, but maybe good enough for you to get a rough idea of what I am showing you.  There are vintage linens hanging on the towel rack and a doll chair holding hearts and a photo made by my friend, Brian, a string of vintage buttons, and a little white bird in nest from friend, Jim.  I'm very fond of these items.  Two of the pincushions were gifts from blogging friends.  And, the china lady has a little pincushion in her basket, but I want to make her basket a pincushion.

Around the corner from there and on your right, is my shower.  Nothing remarkable about that really.

What I do like about it is I used a vintage tablecloth for a curtain.  I also found the curtain hooks in a jar of old buttons and broken jewelry.  Just enough for hanging the curtain.  Some of the junk I find comes in real handy.

 At the end of that wall, is where the toilet is, but in my house, there has to be a closet, of course, and this little room is no exception.  Here you can see my daughter's dress on a mannequin, some vintage clothing on the door there.  Opposite the clothing is the toilet.

As you can see here, and over it is hanging one of my favorite quilts I made,  back in that other life. 
And, you can see more of that quilt that I made with some of Jim's drawing on fabric.

 A better view of the quilt here.  And, yes, the view of the closet.  I expect it was to be the linen closet, but there is one of those out in the hallway, so this one was perfect for storing my fabric stash.
And, remember, I told you about my recent discovery of using over the door shoe storage for 'other things'.....like fabric, thread, etc.  So, here is the closet....


 Another view of that 'basket quilt.'  I loved making that one.

 So, as you leave that tiny room, you will see my second vanity in that bathroom, and the largest side of the bathroom...it's nine feet.  Naturally, I have way too much on the vanity....but you know how it is...I am a hoarder.

I LOVE putting photos underneath the light switch covers.  I have no idea who these people are, but they are currently at home in my bathroom!  And, that big button is a lovely appliqued handkerchief used to cover the button.  The letter E, of course!  (You'll have to click to enlarge to even begin to see that, I think.)

I've had this red cabinet for several years....you will see what is in it, further down this post.  More vintage photos...No, don't know 'em, but they are so cute!!   And, there is that large Incolay box.   It holds a collection of it's own.....

Belt buckles!

 The frame in the back with the lace and buttons was given to me by the "old navy man."
He came in from work one evening and said he "just happened to stop at a flea market."  He had that frame and an old box of buttons for me.  I treasure those.

More bits and pieces.  My sister-in-law, Sandy,  gave me that little dish, the one holding the dyed buttons.  It is so pretty~

This little glass shelf...holds some gifts from more dear people and some things I have found plus  a little collection of bottles on top.

Needlepoint in a frame/tray.  Covered with more stuff.  And with a small collection of very old buttons.  


 At the end now.

Looking back.  There will be a better photo of the tiny mannequins on down. 
And, now, we have reached the third closet....

This one has my clothes in it.  Well, they have to be somewhere!

To the left of the clothes closet...is the fourth and last closet in the bathroom.  You can see it...there is a mirror on the front, and a very cute red beaded purse hanging on the knob.  It is a tiny closet, triangular.  Wouldn't hold much, but the first thing I thought of putting in it when I moved in was my collection....of what else?

  Baby shoes!!
 Most vintage, but a handful belonging to my own children.   There is a little collection of baby bonnets too.  Many given to me and greatly appreciated!!!

 Mr. Leo the Lion there, I had to save him...he was a gift from me to the 'old navy man' one Valentine's Day.
(He was born in August, a Leo.)

 The little black patent Mary Janes were worn by my daughter.  I can still 'see' her dancing around the room in those, she loved the sound they made!

 On the back of the door hangs this little dress.  It is so dear!!!  It was given to one of our friends when she was a child in 1938...see the note below.  

 And, now, we have reached the end of the bathroom tour....you are seeing my bedroom from the door mirror, so it's in reverse.

 But, a few more photos 'just because.'


 Inside the red cabinet.


  Hanging on the extra towel rack!


 A necklace made from an old spoon, by a friend gone, but not forgotten!  And, against the dress belonging to my daughter.  Sweet memories!

 That basket, one of my favorite projects ever!

 An old book, decorated with fabric hearts and a little charm.  Purchased at the flea market...a Heart, of course. 
 And, so ends the bathroom tour.  I hope you enjoyed it. 
 Do have a wonderful week! 

Bird Nest Cottage
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A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.