Monday, October 26, 2020

Another Day.....Another Door (#2)

So, can you see it?  There on the right of the fireplace.  Door #2.  When I moved into this house, I placed the door right there until I could figure out where to put it.  And, it's been there ever since.  I love that door.  And, it is surrounded with lots of previously loved interesting goodies.

There is that round table....and a chair.  They are there now, but sometimes other things take their place. I like moving things around...but, I don't do that as much these days as well, you know....I'm older now and sometimes energy escapes me.  They are there now and probably will be all winter the way things seem to be going.

Here is a wonderful and very special gift I received several years ago.  It was made by Dawn at The Feathered Nest.  It's lovely and smells good too.  Notice my last name is there.  Extra special.

I found this mailbox on one of my hunting and gathering outings.  Perfect color for that old door.  Sometimes I even put mail in it.  Christmas cards, all kinds on occasion.  It's fun.  I have a habit of placing old photos in sometimes crazy places.  Here, I have placed an old photo of these soldiers Dad right there in front...second on the right.  I wish I knew where it was though.  I spent ten years of my life "in the army with Dad."  That's what I used to call it back then.  If he were here now, he would be 111 years old.  And, I just turned 76.  Makes that a very old photo!

Also on the table is what I call my "crystal ball."  Just for fun.  And, there is picture frame on the table where I have placed a candlestick.  I love candlelight...and it looks quite cozy when one is lit here.

I found that "tree" in what I call "Two Pines Park" the empty lot behind my house.  It's eleven feet tall.

I dragged it into the house the first winter I lived here.  I'm sure everyone thought I was nuts.  I don't mind...and I love the tree.  So much so, that I have not been able to talk myself into getting rid of it.

If you look at that letter E, underneath that bottom corner, you can see a vintage glass bird ornament on the tree limb.  It's adorable! cute.

Well, a close-up of that photo.  
These bells belonged to my mother-in-law.   They are tied to one of the door hinges.
There is also a key tied there too.  That key belonged to an old house in Little Rock, which was my son's first home when he moved out of our home.  Seems I have a huge habit of saving "stuff."
So, there you are.  Door #2.  One more to go.  It's really in a different place.  You'll see next week.
See you then!
Wherever You Are Today
Bird Nest Cottage


Monday, October 19, 2020

A Corner, A Door and A Mirror

 During my visit to the flea market on Wednesday, I saw THIS DOOR.
A very old door, just the "right" old faded door with chippy paint, a very tiny old knob and a nail or two already in it.
Of course, it got my attention right away.
I'm not sure you all know, but some of you do....I have two other old doors in my house.
And this one looks somewhat similar to the other two.
They aren't full size doors.
One I got from my son-in-law's old family store, where a lot of old family things were stored on the third floor.
The other two, from the flea market.  
One an old faded tan color, one green and this one...sort of tan with a grayish blue color in places.
And, like the others, this one called my name!

Old, faded, beat up, beautiful doors.

So, I brought it home.

That was Wednesday.
I promised Kathy I would not try to carry it in the house by myself.
It does weigh a 'ton.'
 But....around 9:00 that night I couldn't stand it any longer and decided I would TRY to bring it in the house by myself.
And, I did. didn't seem nearly as heavy as when she and I tried to get it in my car.
It was much easier that that green table I bought last year.
Once I got it in the house, I decided to try making a place for it in the dining room, which is where I had thought of putting it the minute I saw it.
But first, I knew I'd have to scrape all the loose chips off.
I like old chippy furniture....but I don't like loose I took my trusty scraper and went over the whole door.
And, then, I placed it where I thought it should go.  In THAT corner in the dining room.
It looked good to me!
Next, I thought about what else should be in the corner.
I knew I wanted the mannequin there, along with a lovely old apron I've had a while, a crocheted heart pincushion I have a collection of...but this one was perfect there.
A purse I had purchased from one of our new vendors.
Several rosaries from my collection.
One was my Dad's, one was my Father-in-law's and two are from two of my friends, 
Brian and Kevin.
There is a heart-shaped pin there with a real four leaf clover encased on the front, a heart-shaped necklace that says "listen to your heart," a crocheted piece left over from some project 
and, a strand of mother of pearl buttons and a little plastic heart added there just for fun.
Just a little collection of objects that I dearly love.

 At some point, I remembered I had also bought a mirror.  When I decided to buy it Wednesday, it wasn't because I actually had a need for was just that for $5 I didn't want to leave it at the store!
                      I can put a mirror just about anywhere! So, I hung it on the door.

On the little knob, I hung a red metal made sense to me and over the door, I hung an old photograph of a lady, held in place by a gold and pearl pin.  One of my adopted relatives from long ago.

Then, I added that basket of flowers and just placed it in front of the door.  I've had that basket of flowers for at least twenty years!  They are made of a velvety fabric....I have not ever been able to let them go somewhere else.  Beside that basket is a little travel case decoupaged with copies of old ads.

Notice the chair.  It's a small chair and has the prettiest needlepoint cover on the seat.  Naturally, it seemed to me to be right at home there.  On the wall, a print of an old country home.  It is a signed print by Nelson Rhodes, and numbered 713/1000.  I have walked through that old house many times in my feels like a real home.  And outdoors....there is a quilt hanging on the fence, honeysuckle on the fence, flowers growing along the fence and a magnolia tree.  That door could be part of an old home like that.....just saying.          

So, it's a corner collection of a lot of things I love.  With that old door setting the "scene."  Couldn't  
                                                                    have more fun if I tried.

                                                       Wherever You May Be This Day

                                                                          BE WELL       
                                                                    Bird Nest Cottage    




Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Six Rescued Pillows

There are six pillows on this chair.  All came from the flea market or Good Will.
So, in my mind, I have rescued them.  And, they nearly all need a little refreshment of some kind. 
        First, the large ruffled one in the back.  Actually, all it needs is a good pressing of the ruffles.

 I don't think it was ever used...seems to me it was just packed away for a time and never ironed and spotlessly clean.

Then, there is the 'alphabet pillow' as I call it.  Woven fabric....loved it.  Could use a bit of clean up. 

           I'm going to take off that cording on the edge and either replace it, or try something else.  

I'm not sure I've ever said it here...but I love seeing the alphabet on just about any kind of needlework.

An old faded rose colored pillow.
It has a machine made lacey trim on the edge and an appliqued basket filled with ribbon roses.
It could use a little resewing in some places on the edge.
Still very sweet.  

I found this bird needlepoint pillow in a bin of linens and other textiles.
Of course, I had to have the bird AND the green background.
 It needs a little bit of refreshment also...mainly re-stuffing.
Behind it is a burlap pillow with a lace band.  It's in very good condition...but I felt it needed a little          something extra, so I added the twine with a bird and heart charm, tied it in a bow, and pinned all to   the pillow with a golden bird/nest/egg pin.

This is the floral fabric sawdust stuffed pincushion found at the flea quite a while ago. 
It is stuffed so full, it weighs a ton.
Aside from being well used, the ruffle is coming undone on each end, so I'll repair that.
It's a very old fabric...of course in colors I just love.

So, there you are....six pillows in various stages of rescue/repair.
With a little work, they will last for a very long time.
And, they will be much loved.

Wherever You May Be This Day
 Bird Nest Cottage









Monday, October 5, 2020

Miss Minerva Prim

And, here is Miss Minerva Prim.
In 1994, my quilt guild held a doll challenge.  An  identical ready made doll was given to all interested and the challenge was to dress a doll to your own liking and then winners would be chosen at a future meeting.  Miss Minerva Prim was my entry.

After finishing the doll, I couldn't think of a good name for her until my little group went to Paducah, Kentucky for the annual quilt show.  

We decided to ride around the town for a bit looking at pretty houses 
 and the blooming Dogwood trees.  At some point, we turned onto a street and when I read the name of the street sign, I knew that would be the doll's name.  I believe the name of the street was Minerva Place.  I named her Minerva Prim because I thought she looked rather prim and proper.
The things we do.


On her petticoat, I wrote:
🖤 Miss Minerva Prim loves to talk about quilts. 
 My name, the year and the town I lived in.
I made her clothing, her knitted shawl, a basket with "bolts" of fabric," a sewing basket and several                                   quilting books.  I also found a pair of glasses for her.

Oh, yes, I found a chair and table just the right size for her
and just today, added
  the silk bonnet on a stand, a tea cup and saucer, plus the brass bird pincushion I've shown here many times before.

    And, I made a little set of quilt books for her too.  Not real books of course. I could make those better now but at the time, I didn't really know what I was doing.


I glued them all together so I wouldn't be chasing them all over the place.  Still holding up pretty good since 1994!

And, the tea cute.  I have a bunch of these I purchased just a few weeks ago, not even thinking they would be the right size for Miss Minerva!

She is wearing a long sleeved blouse, embroidered down the front, a skirt made of black file with embroidery along the hem, that petticoat I wrote on and I found the perfect size shoes for her when out shopping one day before she was finished.  That was lucky.  She is also wearing a button that looks like a watch and also a shawl I knitted for her from bedspread weight crochet cotton.

She is working on a quilt square as you can see.    A friend of mine made that quilt square and being unsatisfied with it she threw it in the garbage.  This was way before I made the doll.  I had rescued the wonderful little square from the garbage and saved it, and when I made the doll decided Miss Minerva would love to have it.  

Once again, the things we do!

I hope you liked the visit with Miss Minerva. 

                         She has been with me a long time now and every so often she likes to be seen.                      
                                                          Wherever You May Be This Day

                                                                            BE WELL                                                                        

Bird Nest Cottage


A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.