Saturday, September 30, 2017

There's No Chair Like An Old Chair

 I know I have too many old chairs in the house.  Some of them are way past their prime.  Like this one.  Gosh, I have a chair here from my elementary school (long torn down), and that is pretty old.
They come to me from various places and people and I can't seem to say no to them.  However, Bird Nest Cottage is reaching it's chair maximum.  I could be talked into more....but some would have to go and that is where there is a problem.  I just hate to see them go.  This one is one of my favorites.  When I bought it, I thought I'd try to re-upholster it in a sepia color with lots of lace and trims and such.  Have I?  No.  So, I thought, just for fun, that I would just add a few things here and there and pretend I was getting ready to actually do that little chore.  So, here is the chair....undressed.....

 And, then "Dresssed."  A plain pillow, an embroidered pillow, a crocheted and embroidered panel, and then, a tatted linen doily over top.  Gee, I love it just like that!

 By the way, this chair used to be covered with green upholstery.  Now, it looks like a rather dusty gray green and there were flowers in there too, but hard to see.

 Here it is with a crocheted doily over top.  Even over top of that tatted piece.

 A close up.

 And, here with a table runner over top.  Battenburg lace.  Really pretty.

 Here it is with a different crocheted piece over top.

 And, again, a different one over top. 

 Some kind of feed sack ... well, it says Texas, how could I not?

 A Home Sweet Home embroidery I bought for just a couple of dollars.

 This a pansy crocheted apron I just draped over the back of the chair.  

 This is some lovely embroidery on the center of that panel in the seat of the chair.  

 And, then, an embroidered linen doily over top.  Quite nice.

 The chair has as soft and smooth a finish as there could be...probably worn by the touch of many hands.  I do love it.  But, what will be it's fate?  I don't know, but I'll probably be playing with it for some time to come as I can't seem to decide just how I will finish it   You can bet you will see whatever it is though. And, it will be white or off-white for sure.

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time,

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Time Sure Does Fly

 Earlier today I was looking for know how it goes, you're looking for something that you don't manage to find, but in doing so, you find something you had not seen for a while.  That's what prompted this post.  I made this pillow cover in 1992.  (here minus the actual pillow...flattened a long time ago).  I took my hand print and my grandson Tyler's hand print and appliqued them over and under this heart....seems like just yesterday.   He was seven years old then.  Tyler is now thirty-two years old, but today, looking at this just doesn't seem possible.  He is my only grandchild, which makes him very special indeed.


 Above the pillow, there is a small watercolor, painted by my friend, Jim.  And, there is Ty...sitting in a boat.  He loves the water, that's for sure.  This is one my favorite things Jim ever painted.  Imagine that!

 And there is this little drawing of a car, truck and trailer loaded with a tractor.  I just love it.  Ty drew this in 1996, aged eleven, for my birthday. 

 Under the heart it says:

"Heart and Hands shall never part"
 "When this you see, Remember Me"

 One of my favorite stories:

When Ty was six years old, I took him shopping with me.  On the way home, he was just chatting away....and, of course, I was really enjoying the conversation.  I said, "Ty, when I get old will you still come visit me and talk like this?"  He thought a minute, then said:  "Sure Grandmother!   A  long pause...then he looked at me and said, "GRANDMOTHER, YOU ARE ALREADY OLD!"  
 I still laugh about that.  (I was forty-six!) 


Zelda Fitzgerald

Yes, indeed, time sure does fly! 

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Birds and Roses

Birds and Roses.  Around this house, those words go together.  Somehow.  You can't avoid they are everywhere.  So, today, I am probably going over my photo limit (although friend, Sherry, says there are never too many photos).  You can decide for yourself.

So, fewer words today.  Just know that today these are the ones that begged for me to take their photos.  

 It seems I cannot ignore a beautiful vintage rose plate.  I've tried.  But, if the price is right, I always know it will come home with me.


Remember the Romeo and Juliet wedding dress?  Sandra sent me a very cute bird and for some reason it told me to perch it right on the mannequin's shoulder.  So cute.

 And, then, there was the inside of that little trunk! 

 A lamp my parents bought in Japan in the late 40's.  I've had it for years now.  And, those two little birds...a broken dish which I have not been able to throw out. 

 I love this sign....notice the name....J. Edward BIRD!!!

 And, this one, JUST BECAUSE.

 I LOVE this print!!!! ❤️

 My collection of Bird Books, bird rocks, bird feathers.

 I absolutely couldn't resist these two bird prints!!!

 Birds on tin.

 And this print.  It came from Kathy's have many of my recent finds.  

 Yes. WISH.  It might come true!

 Now, why is she here?  Well, because she was a real person...named BIRDIE.

 A beautiful teacup and saucer.  Indeed!

 Two mugs from Tuesday Morning.  

 Cutest bird Salt and Pepper shakers in a little nest.

 And, this one, nested in this big bowl of buttons for a while now.  

 And one made of tin.  

A stool covered in a delicious rose print.  I bought it that way...$12.  A few years ago.  

 Another's fabulous...and with roses all around.

 Love this hat with white roses!

 Bird made by my friend, Kay.  LOVE IT!

 This little bird from friend, Jim.

 I did this when we had the studio downtown.

 This little bird flew over here from Japan.  A surprise from my friend, Julie.

 He seems to love his perch!

 Roses, roses, roses.

 So, there we are, lots of birds and roses around Bird Nest cottage. 
Wishing you all the best. 

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time

A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.