Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Bird's Nest Among Coin Purses

Last week, my friend Sherry called and during our conversation, she mentioned that she had seen a bird's nest inside a coin purse online.  Of course, that fascinated me...#1, I have bird nests here, and
#2, I have a small collection of vintage coin purses.  It took me five minutes to put my hands on both and you see the results here.  Very sweet, isn't it?


Here in the close-up, you can see just how little this nest is.  And, you can read that it came from Country Club Road.  That is where my daughter lives and one beautiful day,  I found THIS nest in her yard while walking my grand dog, Trixie.  (I try to remember to add a little paper tag with the name of the street where the nest was found...when I find a nest.)  And, this one just fit in this vintage coin purse.  

Here is my little collection of vintage coin purses.  Some are in better condition that others, but I like them all.  They are getting harder for me to find, so I've pretty much quit looking, but on occasion, one will just jump out in front of me.  That's how I found those two tiny ones in front.  I found the petit point one years ago....and  the TINY one, I found recently.  It is so DEAR!!!  And, VERY old.

 You can see it here opened as wide as it will go!!!

I decided to put a quarter up next to it, so you can tell how small these are. 

This very tiny purse is so small, that the quarter barely fits  halfway into it.  How in the world did they attach that purse hardware to the fabric??

 Adorable, aren't they?

Vintage coin purses, real bird nests, two of my favorite things.
Hope you enjoyed seeing them!

until next time

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A Bit of Heaven
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