Thursday, February 2, 2023

An antique Blue Bowl with Bits and Bobs

I've been wanting to show you this blue here it is.  I was going to just show you the bowl....but you know me...I have to have a story.  Here it goes:

This bowl came to me after my father-in-law passed away.  It belonged to his grandmother.  All I know is it was hers and her husband was in the civil war.  My father-in-law passed away when he was 97.
My mother-in-law had passed before him...and no one in the family seemed to want the bowl, so, yes, you know me...I brought it home.

I don't really know how old it is....but it's very old and I imagine it has lived a long and useful is cracked here and there and has chips on the side that you can't see in photo...but I will show you.  It can't be used, but I like to look at it and I always think of Gramps when I do.

To add another little story....there are the salt and pepper shakers.  They are the only gift I remember my grandmother giving me.  (My mother's mom.)  I was small when she gave them to me but I remember and have always loved them..  So sweet.  

And, here they are...the chips.  Conveniently placed so I can turn it to the 'good side' for display.  I don't remember ever seeing a bowl with a handle and no spout.  I think the bowl and shakers look good together...sharing that blue color.  (A piece of an old quilt just adds a nice touch, don't you think?)

And, here is the print of the grandmother.  I found this at a flea market a few years back.  It looks EXACTLY like my grandmother did.  I don't have a photo of her, so I pretend this is her.  Loved there was a quilt in the background.

This poem was given to me by my friend Kay years ago...and I just love it.  It's been shown on this blog many times.  Of course, I had to show it here because of the blue bowl!  Kay always has known of all the old things I love.  You know what they say:  A good friend knows all about you and loves you anyway.❤️

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever."  Another old thing "they" say.  Me too.  I just love this bowl.  So precious.  By the way, there is no name or number on the bottom, so I've no idea where it may have been made, but I enjoy having it.   

I'm thinking next time you'll see a Valentine here.  Can you believe we are in February already?

Wishing you safety, warmth and love. ♥️ 

Pat at Bird Nest Cottage


Monday, January 16, 2023

The Month is Half Over Already

 By the fire this January....

 another of the ways I entertain myself...making
                                                  arrangements of my favorite collections.

This one of stones my mother-in-law had collected. An angel.
(Just noticed that the "heart" is upside down.)

Some of my birds...and.... a dandelion collected early in 2022.
And, still looking good.

Books, clocks, bottles.

Children's chairs.  That cat.  I've had it many years.

Old doors.  Found a mailbox for this one.  Sometimes there is mail in it.
A photo of my dad marching along in the army in the 40's.  A tiny
print of an English cottage.
There is no end of things that catch my eye, or bring a memory to mind.
And, January is half over already.  Where did it go? 
I'll be sitting by the fire...remembering.
Hope you are having a safe and warm month with your precious memories too.
Take care, be happy.
Bird Nest Cottage


Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Begining Again....Happy New Year

Yes, I am back, hoping to post again after a year of being absent.
It was a test of a year to be honest and I'm pleased to be done with it.
Because I know you will want to ask...let me just say what happened, briefly and we won't talk about it again.  I began 2022 with a broken right shoulder.  Later, I went through a total knee replacement on my right knee.  While trying to deal with those two things, I had a fight with something called c-diff.
I was amazed to survive and worked as hard as I could to recover from it all.
I am still in recovery.  It seems these things take a while to get over...even after you do become functional again.  I am not full of energy, not driving,  and even more of a "hermit" than ever, but do want to be more like "myself" again.  So, my children have shamed me into beginning posting on this blog again.  It seems that several of you have found a way to get in touch with my daughter asking about me.  My children have pointed out to me that some of you are still interested in what I used to post and it isn't fair for me to leave you hanging in mid-air.  I hadn't thought of it that way.  In fact, I hardly have thought at all...sorry to say, and, they are right also to tell me it would be good for me to reconnect with my friends out there in "blogland." So, I'm posting.  Not sure how often...maybe  every couple of weeks or so....but I'm certainly going to try to show you what I'm into.  

Since I have no work to show you for the time I've been away, just thought I'd show you the latest thing
I have done......well, I bought this antique dresser last year and didn't bring it home until just recently.

Naturally, I went overboard loading it up with all kinds of my favorite finds.  Well, it did give me something fun to think about...and way over due. So, enjoy this glimpse into my version of "hoarding.


Wishing everyone a wonderful new year and thank you for visiting.  I'll see you again soon.

(For those who contacted my daughter...and you know who you are...Thank You so much.  Your concern gave me a push to "get over it" and I needed to hear that.)

Until next time my friends,  stay safe and warm and have a happy heart.


 Bird Nest Cottage♥️

Monday, February 14, 2022


You heard me say the other week that I wanted to use these two little birds on a nest to make a 
Valentine's Day "card' for the old navy man.
He fed the birds every day and Cardinals were his favorite.
Whenever a male and female Cardinal appeared on the deck he always said:
"They mate for life, you know."


 Well, we did too and I'm still here, so wanted to remember him this Valentine's Day
with a little decorated nest and that cute Cardinal couple.
(Mother of Pearl buttons because I had no bird seed.)

                                                                        So, here's to you,  

                                                                        Old Navy Man

                                                 my one and only Valentine forever and ever.

     I will never forget.




   Stay safe and warm and have a Happy Heart


      Bird Nest Cottage



Monday, January 24, 2022

For Want of a Floral Vine

I don't know how to think or say anything anymore, without wanting to sketch or embroider.
Words just won't do.
But here are a couple of "projects" I have decided need my attention.
I bought this old print at the flea a couple of weeks ago. In the "back room" as we call it.
For $1.
I couldn't resist.  I can barely ever resist.
 I've been looking at it off and on wondering what I could do with it as my little brain instantly saw a vine all around the mat.  How would I do it?
  Well, will I do it?  I want to think so. 

I can't improve on the lovely   But, I could really have some fun and experiment with that mat.
Surely the girl would forgive me.
(I think if I really messed it up, I could just put in an new mat.)
Then....these hexagons....
I bought these, ($2), made into a pillow which was crying out to me to put it out of it's misery.
Needless to say, I unsewed the pillow, throwing the stuffing and the back away.  I not only loved the wear and tear on the hexagons, but the old fabric prints.  What would I have done differently?
Well....I wasn't there then, so I really wouldn't want to say, but I do know that now I would probably not have used the muslin, but even more of the lovely old print fabric.  And, I would have left off the blue.
  I do love it though, and hope to use these hexagons in a project or two.......just a small rescue project.

I hope to get better at answering email and comments.  Patience please...
See you next week.

Stay safe and warm and have a happy heart.
Bird Nest Cottage

Monday, January 17, 2022

Old Things Made Along the Way

 So, here's my story:

And, here are some things I have made along the way.  The "way" being years long.
I'm fond of these few things....none of them quilts, you will see.  I could have shown quilts, but my house doesn't have much to wall space to hang them, so it was just easier to show some small things.
This may be my favorite thing ever.  I do so love some embroidery...and I especially love the very old all white embroideries of days gone by.  The cloth on the end is one I found at the flea.  Immediately I knew I was going to try and reproduce it.  And, I did.  It's embroidered on linen with a beaded edge.

This is a pillow I stitched many years ago.  Redwork.  I remember I used two strands of, I think, DMC #816.  It doesn't take as long as you think.

Somehow I got into a habit of making pincushions.  I still love them and have LOTS of items to use to make many more.   I will....I may have to push harder but I have every intention of using a lot of this stuff up.

 This appliqued landscape I made for the old navy man.  He loved it...notice the power poles.  They weren't there at first, but he told me that barn would never have power if there were no power lines.
(He worked his whole adult life for the power company.)  I took his word for it, so managed to stitch a few power lines along the road.  There is even a transformer there.  It makes me smile still.

And this pincushion....I do love it so.  You've seen it many many times here.
It's very tactile...I just love holding it in my hand.  Several people have asked me how I could possibly stick pins in it.  I think that is hilarious as it has a million stitches holding it together. I actually don't use it as it was intended though.  Mostly I just look at it.

That basket.  I em embroidered that on a scrap of fabric, then didn't know what to do with.  I ran across some glass paperweights and knew that would be a good immediately put those two things together.  I've enjoyed having it.

 Another pincushion.  One of the Crazy Quilt things I felt compelled to make.  I may make some more here I have it in my head to fill a huge bowl I have with different pincushions and hearts.  We'll see.

This is a little book from Walmart's school supply section.  My kids are in their fifties, but every year I go to Walmart and buy some school supplies.  One year I picked up about half dozen of these.
I gave it a little artistic touch by covering it with a paper towel, then painting it, etc.  I write quotes in it.  There are never enough cute books to write quotes in if you ask me.


 This little 3" x 4" applique and embroidered bit of fun is another of my favorite things I've ever made.  What fun it was.  I still enjoy looking at it.........and, of course, it has been one of things that encouraged me to make LOTS of FRENCH KNOTS!!!

And, this little person.  Made her from a Japanese embroidered dinner napkin.  Except for her hair which I made from some hand-dyed fabrics.  She was so much fun to make.

And, I've saved this little pincushion for years.  It's barely two inches square.  Plain as can be.  I just never wanted to do anything to it as I thought it cute just as it was.  Don't really try to figure yourself out....just do the things you feel you want to do.  There really is nothing wrong with a plain pincushion, is there??

 So,there you are.  Many things you will find hanging around my house.  Hopefully....more will be forthcoming here shortly.  And that quilt I showed you a few weeks ago...I'd like to have it done by the end of 2022.   

Much goodness to come your way this year.......take care......pat ♥️

Stay safe and warm and have a happy heart


Bird Nest Cottage


Sunday, January 9, 2022

A Valentine - An Early Start


 The Cardinal was Richard's favorite bird.  He loved to watch them feed on our patio. 
I found this little ceramic nest with two Cardinals perched there on the edge a long time ago
and decided the other day that it would make a great place to display an embroidered heart 
for Valentine's Day.  For "the old navy man."

I haven't made it yet, but thought I'd gather some "ingredients" together
and make him one.  Surely I can do that before it's actually Valentine's Day.
So, here we are....DMC embroidery floss, a bit of old aged lace,  the needles,
the thread (even it is aged!).
And, just for inspiration, I placed a needle book I make long ago....just the right colors. 



And, a bundle of fabrics to choose from....although these may not be the ones I use.


Mother of Pearl buttons will line the nest.
There is my little embroidered heart Sampler.
I made those as a stitch guide several years ago. 

I'll let you see it beforehand, but it will probably be my post for Valentine's Day too.
I'll add some others to that post.

Here I am....looking forward.
It's all good.

Stay safe and warm and have a happy heart.
Bird Nest Cottage


A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.