Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Pearls and Lace"

 Here's a new addition to Bird Nest on the Ground.....a dress donated to my stash of miscellaneous "hunted down and gathered" stuff by my daughter, Kelly.  She's worn it a time or two and since it was damaged (on the back hemline where you can't see), she decided I could use it because it has all those pearls on it.  Good for me.  I had this dress form in a closet, so moved it out to the Nest.  It's been in here before, but as you know, I like to move things from time to time, so back out here it came.  Moving into the Nest that day also, was some crocheted pieces, recently living at one of my local flea markets, so I just threw them on the form also......then added Micah's wonderful necklace from a couple of posts back.  I must admit after seeing this photo that the dress looked so much better on Kelly!!!!  Of course, all garments look much better on an attractive and shapely woman!

 I especially like the upside-down hearts on the bodice....of course, me being very OCD, I wonder why they are upside-down.

 These little floral motifs...both the larger one consisting of three flowers and the tiny one with one pearl surrounded by seed beads....are wonderful.  I  haven't counted to see how many there are...but do know that IF I use this dress to make other things with....which is likely at some point in time, they would certainly be gorgeous on some of my white-on-white embroidered pieces.

Since pearls were on my mind...I decided to show you a few other things I have with pearls or that "go" with pearls.  There is a dish of broken strands of pearls...a few vintage ones in the mix....NO, none are 'real' pearls. 

 I also have a 'hand' collection...a small one right now...but hope to add to it.  May show you some day!  Pearl buttons are something I am always looking for and frequently find...on occasion, a very special one or two.  I could probably post quite a lengthy story on those.....I am currently in the process of organizing some of these you never know...they will show up here sooner or later.

 Here's a dear little seed bead purse....about four inches high x five inches wide.  Tiny white seed beads.....with some almost clear seed and bugle beads between the squares.  So pretty.  It's quite old I think....comparatively speaking, of course.

As you can see, the label says 'made in France.'  There is a tiny pocket with the smallest little square mirror in it.

Another look at the bowl of pearls.....Two belt buckles included in the mix....I've several of those around and about the place.  Do we ever tire of looking at pretty things like this? I think NOT.

 This necklace was found in a jar of old broken's completely intact, but could use a cleaning.  Kind of pretty if you ask me. 

 Somewhere I've seen long necklaces made with larger pearls surrounded by smaller ones as these are....I think back in the day when my mother-in-law and I tried crocheting pearl bead 'lariats.'  I wonder where some of those are?  Must check into that.

 A friend gave me this pearl/bead trim a long time ago.  I don't know what it came off of, but she wanted me to have it.  I really need to use it in some special project.

 Look closely....each pearl is surrounded by seed beads...sewn on a lace base.

 A couple of weeks ago, I found an old handkerchief  or hosiery box with this lace in it.  (There is a black piece of lace underneath the off-white lace....but I'll show you that one on another post.)  It's all really pretty stuff.

This wide piece is quite pretty and the very narrow lace struck me as being quite special...mainly because it is so delicate and there isn't much of it.

What do you think?  I just love it!!!

There was this pleated piece of lace......I intend to remove the stitches at the top and see what I can use this for....quite pretty!

 A closer look at it.

 Here is another piece....actually, I'm thinking this is two pieces of lace sewn together in the middle, then gathered....I'll investigate and see...then, decide how to use it also.  There were two of these in the box.

So, there you are....a pretty dress and some other deliciously gorgeous things from the 'goodies' out the in the Nest.   I hope you enjoyed seeing them!  Take care, pat

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do You Know?

Do you know what these tools are for and how they are used?   These are items I have recently come across...beautifully made, I must say, but mysterious to me.  I  have tried to find out what exactly they are no avail.  So, figuring someone out there is smarter than me about such things....I am asking...DO YOU KNOW?

Tool #1 is, I believe, some kind of's big and I'm wondering if it is used for some kind of fish net weaving?  It is a beautiful piece of wood, smooth as can be and that definitely is a big eye, so what do you think?  I found this tool in a box of sewing 'stuff' at the flea market.

Tool #2, I do believe, has something to do with knitting....but I've searched and cannot find out a thing about it.  There was a bunch of sewing thread wrapped haphazardly around that spool looking thing, but I removed it as as to get a better look at it.  Any ideas about this one?

Here's a closer look.....ring any bells?  You can turn the 'spool' by that little 'handle' sticking up top there.  This tool belongs to my friend Jim.  I was sure I could find out what it was and would love to be able to tell him what it actually is.

 Tool #3 is the most mysterious of all.  I'm totally clueless.  My friend, Laverne, invited me some time back to see if I wanted anything from her parents estate sale...she had put this back for me thinking I would like it.  I sure did, even though, like I said, I was clueless as to what it is.  It is beautifully made and I believe just a part of some bigger apparatus.  As you can see, there is a slot at the top for thread of some kind, a bobbin for thread in the middle, and all those wooden gears to make it 'go.'  (By the way, in a post last year, if you saw my wonderful vintage green 'blackboard' now in my studio, it belonged to Laverne's Dad and has become one of my favorite possessions!!)

 The 'handle' moves back and forth very was fastened, evidently, to something else, as there are all those screw holes.

 Notice that little lever which seems to act as some kind of 'stop' when the thread on that long thin piece runs out.  There are also two little eyelets (blue) up at the inside top of the 'handle.'  I don't think it's a handle, but it is shaped like one.

Are you 'with' me?  Do you think they are beautiful?  Do you have any idea what they are?  Kindly leave a comment if you can...or go to my profile where you can send me an email.  I'm just wondering what wonderful uses these beautiful vintage pieces have.  Hope you are well out there....and STAY COOL!  pat

UPDATE!!!  HERE IS THE LATEST ON THESE VINTAGE TOOLS:  I am happy to report feedback about the use of these tools has come in and I thought you'd want to know the latest.
Seems #1, the needle,  was used to make fish nets and also HAMMOCKS.  How interesting...and pretty close to what we thought, isn't it?  #2, the thing that looks kind of like a fishing pole, has been revealed to be used as a 'holder' for kite string and can be reeled in an out as you need more line.  I loved that whole idea.  #3, the real 'mystery' item -  it turns out -  is a part of a specific loom apparatus that made hatbands, ribbons and labels in a factory.  I'm amazed to find that out.  So, there you are...information asked for and received.  Just how cool is this blogging thing?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

"My Special Heart"

 My friend, Micah, made this necklace for me.  She is a very dear person, a mom, a hairdresser, and a wonderful artist.  She makes many whimsical art pieces in all media....but this necklace is kind of a 'new' thing for her.  My daughter ordered one for me for Mother's Day and I was delighted to receive it.  As it was Mother's Day and Micah has lots of friends, she made a lot of these for daughters to give to their mothers....and as happens....a new chapter has opened in Micah's art career.  I'm so glad.

 These pieces are made with vintage spoons and other objects....this one has a copper heart, some rhinestones and the cutest little white rose bead at the very top....I just love it!  As friend, Jim and some of the family call me 'the queen of everything' it was fun that she stamped Queen Patricia on it.
And, yes, I DO know that there are many mothers out there called by that name, so it is amusing, but not unique.  I smile anyway.

Micah has opened an etsy shop...find it HERE.   As shown on the gift tag below...she has named this endeavor "Gus and Patine."  I'm sure she would love to make you one should you be interested.

"One of a kind handmade goods from vintage finds."  Of that there is no she loves flea markets as much as we do.  You may also see more of Micah's work on her blog which you will find HERE.  She is very talented as you will see.    Hope you drop in and see what she is up to....and tell her I sent you!  Hope you are all well.  take care, pat

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Great Seven Minute Movie

Today my son sent me a link to this little seven minute movie.  It was made by an acquaintance of his, Chriss Helms.  The subject was Ronald Chase, a 78 year old artist.  Scott thought I might enjoy it and he was right.  It was wonderful!  So, if you are interested in being inspired to live to 78,  to create the artwork YOU love to do, to be productive,  to encourage young people, to contribute to the world in a positive way and to actually enjoy being that age (or any age!) - then watch this movie.  I could have watched many more minutes of this....and hope that in the ten years it will take me to become 78, I will be just as enthused and full of life as Mr. Chase is.  Thank you, Chriss, for a terrific movie!!  

And, thank you, Scott, for calling it to my attention.   Take care out there! pat

Watch for one of his grid pieces containing old photographs...I wanted to reach into the computer and grab it for myself....LOVED it!

A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.