Sunday, April 29, 2018

Stars in Two Pines Park, Parts I. and 2.

Part 1. 

This week's post is in two parts.  Longer than usual, I guess.  Whatever 'usual' might be on this blog.
I bought this quilt several months ago at my favorite flea market...the Junk House in Beebe.  It is very pretty.  Vintage.  Hand pieced and hand quilted.  Pink and Brown mostly. And, a star quilt.  What's not to love?  

While it is pretty good condition....and beautifully quilted....there are seven or eight of the stars that are in various stages of disappearing.  Literally.  There will be evidence of this in a photo further into the post.  It happens with some older quilts...the fabric just melts away over time.  So sad.  

Years ago, Georgia Bonesteel made a quilt she named "Rescue the Perishing."  I thought of that some time back when I came into possession of several very old quilts also in various stages of decline.  Some of them way too far gone for rescue.  I have recently hand quilted a top made in the 30's.  The top is in decline also, but I've quilted it anyway.  It has a story but I can't tell you about it until after July when it will be given as a gift.  Do you remember a while back, I also rescued a beaded bag from the 20's?  It took a while.  So did the quilt I have been working on....and so will this one.  Perhaps in rescuing these quilts and other items, I am also rescuing myself.  Seems that way to me.

 Most of the quilt looks just like this.  Solid as can be, beautifully pieced and quilted.


 The batting is extremely thin, as you can see it where the fabrics are gone, but even the backing looks good and the quilting stitches are very small.


 And, it's very soft, both in looks and to the touch.

I took these photos about 5:30 in the evening.  The light is good at that time on a pretty day and being as I took the photos under the trees....well, you can see the quilting really well.

Lastly, here is a star that has virtually disappeared.  The only star fabric left is where there was a seam and in the center...down the five lines of quilt stitches.  The rest has gone.  So, those few stars will have to be replaced.  I'll applique as appropriate a fabric as possible where there used to be vintage fabric OR, I'll piece a new block and insert it into the space left by this one when I remove it.  We'll just have to see.  Tricky either way and time consuming.

I've two important projects going on and taking into next year to complete, but you can bet, this star quilt will be one of the first rescues I will attempt after they are done.  And, then I will show them to YOU.

 Part 2.


 As mentioned, I had decided to photograph this quilt yesterday about 5:30.  It really is a nice time to take quilt photos.   This photo shows the quilt and the back of my house, where there is a property where an old home used to be.  Now, on that property, way at the back is a clinic.  The front of the property is right behind my house, and though I think it also belongs to the hospital, as does the clinic, I call it my backyard.  For now.  I'm sure another clinic will be built there at some point.  I do love it though and as you can see, it's NICE.  I have also named it.  Two Pines Park.   There are two very large pine trees on this property.   You can see their trunks on the right side of photo #1 toward the street and also the photo below.  I wanted to tell you why I named it the way I did.  (Now, everyone I know also calls it TWO PINES PARK!)

A couple of years ago, I began reading a series of mysteries written by Louise Penny, a Canadian novelist.  You might enjoy them as much as I have if you love mysteries.  The stories of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, and the village of THREE PINES, a village south of Montreal, Canada, kept me on the edge of my seat through the entire series and I am ready for another!  They are excellent!
The first book is named STILL LIFE should you want to read one.  

So, did you catch why my little backyard park is named TWO PINES?  It's my little homage to the village in Canada.

Another little interesting fact:  my son-in-law has lived here his whole life.  He remembers the old home that was torn down when the hospital built the clinic.  It belonged to a family named Quattlebaum.  I was telling him about reading the books and why I named  the property TWO PINES PARK and he said, "Well, that's funny, because I believe Mrs. Quattlebaum was from Canada!"

Do you find that as crazy a coincidence as I do?
Love it!!!

So, there you have two about a star quilt and one about a fictional village in Canada, both connected, in my mind,  to this little cottage home of mine. 


We could have a picnic right here in this photo!

Here is a photo of the book.........if you like mysteries, you'll probably like this series.  You may also be inspired to name a special place of your own after the village...or maybe that's just done by a funny person like me.  Or, make a Star quilt....for no other reason than they are beautiful.

until next time

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Alphabet in Antique Boxes

As a person who loves to use quotes and loves to write by might find it odd that I also love rubber stamps and have for a long time.  I have several little sets of alphabets in different sizes and have used them both in hand written notes and collages and the like.  But, I found these last week at the Junk favorite adventure away from home.  They are two lovely old and very well used sets of alphabets in very old wooden boxes.  I bought them for me (the largest, of course), with a tray inside.  The smaller for my daughter...but hers also has the largest I thought she might want to use them in her paintings somehow.  She and her hubby are abstract artists and you just never what they will want to use. 

There are several stamps with hands and other is a sample...Loved the hand!


 The smaller box had the name Russell J. Hogg on can see it right there on the bottom of the label.  My father-in-law, who passed away this last November....his last name was Hogg.  You don't see it often and I thought that might mean something to Kelly.  Another reason to get it for her.
We miss Gramps around here....wonder if there could be a connection somehow...Hogg doesn't seem to be a real common name.  Of course, neither is Eaton.


 A better look inside the larger box.  Two sizes of alphabets and numbers, one thru ten.  ALL are there...isn't that amazing? 


 I like that there is plenty of space to add more stamps, keep papers or stamp pads.....


 I even like the color of blue ink that has managed to find itself all over the bottom!


 To me they are quite beautiful.

 I have some new-ish rubber stamps.......they seem to say all the right things....especially if you are thinking of writing little notes to special people.  They are phrases of three little words....very important little to convey special thoughts now and again.  And, they don't need a lot of other words added to them:


I could use these antique stamps for those words....and millions more.  

 One of the stamps can even point out where where you should go......right over there.  What fun!

 Hope you enjoyed seeing one of my latest purchases.  I've cleaned the boxes and will deliver the small one to Kelly on Tuesday.  We are going shopping....for paint supplies.  Bet we might even get some special paper to stamp with words with some special meanings....well, you never know!!

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Color Blue, Birds and other Things

 After several months of not I am.  I seem to have crossed over the hump I was stranded on and not only have I been quilting, but I feel, once again, like posting on this blog.  Oh, my goodness gracious....thank goodness!  I hope you are all well.  Not really knowing what to post about, I decided to talk about something blue.  Although there isn't much of it here in this cottage....I do like a bit of it now and again.  Some of these things have come to live with me recently and some have been here a while.  Some are gifts.

 Let me begin with this little blue bird.  It's cast iron...painted blue...a gift from my friend, Jim.  I thought it fit right in with these other bits of blue today.

 This absolutely lovely bluebird bowl was given to me recently by my friend, Kathy.  It's ADORABLE!!!  The little heart dish sitting inside I found years ago....for something like a quarter.  I think they are dear together.

 Don't you think so too?  The bluebird clock is called a Songbird clock and is from Germany.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but when it does, the little bird chirps and moves.  I found it several years ago. 

 This lovely tea towel is embroidered by hand.........with a pretty yellow checkerboard trim.  Another gift from Kathy.  Doesn't it just 'go' well with all the blue things here?

 The bedspread you see peeking out underneath this linen piece is from my Mother-in-law's guest bedroom and there on top is a linen table runner, very wide, another piece from Kathy.  It is DEAR!!!
I had a fit when I saw it....such beautiful hand embroidery along with beautifully done cross-stitch.

 This is stitched across both ends of the cloth.  

 And, the White on White embroidery is to die for.  Truly beautiful.

 Just another peek at the bird.....

 and a bit more of the embroidered's four inches deep.  

You all know I just love the birds, the stitching, well, all these wonderful pieces.  They fit right into my house and I'm so grateful to have them to admire each day.  I found these two quotes and thought I'd add them to today's post.  They are me...all over!

"I'm always chasing rainbows, Waiting to find a little blue bird in vain."
Joseph McCarthy

"I suppose I am a Sparrow, a stay-at-home bird."
Gladys Tabor

Yes, indeed.  There I am.  I'll be doing my best to post again very soon.........hang in there with me, as I know many of you have.  And, do take care.  Be well and be happy!

Bird Nest Cottage
 until next time

A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.