Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vicki's "Pink Scarf Project"

A year ago, my friend, Vicki, asked those who read her blog to participate in her "Pink Scarf Project."  The scarves collected would be given to women fighting breast cancer, hopefully to warm their bodies, as well as their souls and letting them know they were being thought of by other women around the country.   October 1, 2013 was the deadline, but Vicki has had so many participate and more asking to extend the deadline a bit so they could get their scarf in, that it was extended and soon a final count will be given and scarves will be given out.  It's been a wonderful project and I know Vicki is so proud of the response.   And, I know those knitting and crocheting out there in blogland and proudly sending in their donations are excited to see the results also.  Every stitch we made was a big hug for someone!

If you'd like to read about this project, please go visit Vicki's blog....2bagsfull, right HERE.  You will enjoy not only seeing all the scarves and reading more about the project, but also reading all about Vicki's hand knitted BIRD NESTS she makes for charity.  They are made with great love and dedication and quite beautiful!!  And, if you'd like to purchase one, thereby also helping her chosen charity, you can order one of her beautifully knitted NESTS and enjoy it for years to come.  You will also want to read about her Sacred Knitting Room, her travel photos (she takes wonderful photographs!) and I might suggest also checking out the work of the  "Gardener", Vicki's wonderful husband, who has made their home and property a Paradise.  At least that is what I call it!  So...go there, visit, and she will end up being your friend also. 

Vicki has taken wonderful photos of all the scarf donations.  You can see them all.  The above photographs (sent to me by Vicki) are of scarves I knitted and/or crocheted.  I tend to be slow, so even though I began them early in the year, they were just delivered to her in September.  And, they are simple ones too, but made from my heart and hands.  I hope they each warm someone for a long time to come.  BIG HUGS to those who receive one of them!

I thought you might want to see one of Vicki's NESTS.  This one is mine....and I love it!  Each NEST has hundreds of different yarns, ribbons, beads, and other embellishments, each also hand knitted by Vicki herself.  


Here's a close up photo to give you an idea.  My photos aren't nearly as good as Vicki's, but you can get the idea of just how beautiful these Nests are.

Yes, I am lucky, indeed, to know Vicki, via her blog,  and I was very happy not only to participate in her Pink Scarf Project, but to be the owner of one of her gives me great joy each time I look at it.  She is truly one special person, kind and generous, warm and loving, and a very hard worker too, as she is a nurse in her 'other life.'   THANK YOU, VICKI, for all you do.  Now, y'all go visit 2bagsfull, right HERE.  You, too, will be happy you did!  And, now that Fall is here....many beautiful Fall days to you!  Take care, pat

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another Generous Act

Yesterday, as I was giving some thought as to what to post mail was delivered and lo, another package arrived.  It was such a pleasant surprise that my mind was made up instantly....the contents of the package would be my next post. 

It was a beautiful surprise, containing something I really appreciate....monogrammed linens...and with a "P" too!  There is a small tablecloth, about three feet square, with the "P" embroidered just below center, and with a lovely woven floral background around the edge.  This letter is three inches tall.  I've shown monograms here before...don't you just adore them too! 

And then, there are six linen napkins with a small, perfectly embroidered letter "P."  The letter is one inch tall.  Gorgeous! 

The hem on the tablecloth has a beautiful weave in it....I think you can get the idea from this photo.

Why, even the ribbon used to tie the package is wonderful too and there is enough of it to do something FUN with and in my favorite colors....well, I can add a bit more will be fabulous! I love the soft pink of the background and that little touch of soft red.

And, then, there was the card.  THAT card!  This wonderful gift was sent by my dear long time friend, Marty.  She used to live in Little Rock, but now lives in Springdale.  I rarely see her any more, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it....if I had been at our guild's retreat..."Quilt Arkansas 2013," I would have been able to visit with her.  So, she, dear person that she is, sent me this gift to say she missed me.  How very thoughtful is that?  I appreciate the gift so much, and am pleased that she even gave me a thought...there is so much fun going on there, how could one think of ME.   And, not only did she think of me so sweetly....she sent THIS card!  I had to look at it a couple of times and read the back before I actually remembered this quilt...and then, I realized she had saved that card for a long time and sent it to me....probably intending to remind me of some things we worked on together in the past...well, you can see the date further down in the photos.  1998, that was a pretty long time ago.  So, I got to walk down 'memory lane' thanks to Marty.  How cool is that?

This Log Cabin quilt was one our guild members contributed blocks for...Marty was one of the "block piecers', our friend, Deon, coordinated the fabrics and the efforts to get it done and I hand-quilted it.
Funny, until the card reminded me, I had forgotten....and now, I remember and it seems like yesterday.

We sold these cards for a while and I guess I gave away all now I have one thanks to Marty!

Here is the tablecloth letter...sorry I didn't iron it first, but hurried out into the backyard to snap these photos before the light went away....

This photo is of the floral design in the fabric, damask, I think.........barely visible....but gorgeous just the same.   This design is right above about a two inch hem shown in one of the above photos and it's about five inches wide....

And, I've included here a photo of the new magazine "Victoria Classics MONOGRAMS."  If you love monograms, as I do, then this magazine is a  "must have."  Everything in it is just wonderful!  Makes me want to stitch a monogram right away!

And, just for is a photo I made of her special pincushion.  I was asked to make it for her by a mutual friend...another lovely person!....and it was one of the most fun things I've ever made.  I just love the colors and the different elements. 


I also loved that big floral print.....

 And, the beaded edging.  Marty is such a fun was great to be able to make something 'just for her.'  And, now she has just "made my day" with the lovely package of monograms.  I am grateful for her generosity and thoughtfulness.  THANK YOU, MARTY!!!!  I hope to see you in the not so very distant future.   Hope you all are well.......see you soon.  BIG HUGS, pat

A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.