Monday, July 27, 2015

Just Something Pretty

Sometimes words just aren't necessary!

 And, that's how it is...

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Of All Things!

OF ALL THINGS!   You know there is a story, so here it is:  Several months ago, my dear friend, Jim...brought his used, very dirty, and mostly destroyed Otter Box to me.  Why, you ask?
Not to worry, I asked the very same question.  Jim, or Mr. G (as I often call him),  thought it would be amusing to challenge me to make a piece of 'art' from this pitiful bit of garbage.  It is so like him to do that....for laughs.  Well, I thought it was a nutty idea and told him I'd have to think about it. has been taking up space in my little sewing area for way too long.  My first urge was to just chunk it into the garbage, after all, life is short and did I want to spend any time working on such things?  No.  But, then I got to thinking about it and decided he really wanted me to tell him I was unable to come up with an idea...and he would win.  But...NO, I told myself...he can't win, so what can I do?   I gave it a bit of thought, gave it a good cleaning and decided I could make a....

 A bit of hand embroidery, a silly bit of wording and there you have it.  It has to be a fitting end to the story, because this is all the time I will devote to this crazy Otter Box art thing.  But, let it be said....I DID make something. 

Didn't get the wording on the back quite lined up....but let's just look over that.  It's ok.  Now, do you think there will be a big rush to make Otter Box Art out there?  I think we know I may be the only crazy person willing to even try it (that I am aware of)........and there is one benefit from this experience.....maybe my little attempt at art will keep this one item from the landfill!!!   Or, not!  Ok, Mr. G....expect this in your mailbox!!!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

After the Bloom

A couple of posts back, I showed you a tea pitcher full of summer flowers, purchased from the grocery store.  Among them were two sunflowers.  Usually, several days after purchase, sometimes up to a week, the flowers begin to fade, then are totally spent.  I keep an eye on these flowers and when some begin to fade, then die, I remove them from the bouquet and rearrange those left.
Those could last a few more days.  At that point, I take the ones I believe will dry and still keep me entertained...and save them in one way or another.  Often, I just place them in a container and admire them until such time as I tire of seeing them.  (This sometimes takes years, as I have dried roses at least a couple years old!)  So, these two sunflowers are from that tea pitcher bouquet and have been given a new purpose here in Bird Nest Cottage.


Along with them is a single dried bloom of Queen Anne's Lace.   These are sitting in a vintage cigar box in my guest bath.  I think they are still gorgeous!


 Some of the other flowers from that tea pitcher bouquet were also saved...and they are the kind that dry quite nicely anyway.  Those are in my smallest guest room...along side some vintage photos and such.  They are sitting in a small dish I bought from the flea...seemed to fit the situation, and the purple flowers are sitting in a child's glass I have which I think was from a set of 'doll glasses.'  Very thin dainty.  I use them most often to hold a single blossom when one is available.


I think these flowers may last into Fall, as they are dry and the colors would be appropriate for a tiny Fall arrangement.

 Thinking of sunflowers made me think of my son, who is trying to grow some of his own on his back deck in San Francisco.  I didn't think his efforts would produce much in the way of results, as it's cool there and he only has a few pots on the deck for growing things.  Here you see his house.  It is definitely a house from the 60's.  He has three housemates.  It's difficult to find a place in San Francisco and when you do...well, unless you are quite well off, you have to have roommates.  So, this is where he lives. There is a nice deck off the kitchen.  And, so far, his sunflowers seem to be doing just fine. 


 These two really began to "show their stuff' over this last weekend.  And, he has sent me photos everyday this week so I can see how they are doing.  It's amazing.  Here, the one on the left is trying it's best to open.


And, the next day......


Then, the next day...


And, now look at that center...gorgeous!

 He sent these photos this morning...A family of sunflowers!  Who knew a couple of pots on a deck could produce these?  They are about six feet tall at this point in time.  And, at some point, Scott can save some of these....after the bloom, and enjoy them inside.  Well, there would really be just a sizable seed head, but they are so beautiful, he could enjoy them dried, and placed in a window sill or something.  

So, there you are....a bit of nature this great day, whether from the grocery store or the back be enjoyed later....after the bloom.  

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from Bird Nest Cottage,

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vintage Screen Doors

One of the comments on my last post mentioned this vintage screen door shown in the background of one of the photos.  So, Marti, maybe this will satisfy your curiosity about that door.  As always, there is a 'story.'  Here it is:

Several years ago, my son-in-law's family closed the doors to their clothing store, which had operated in Searcy for many decades.  When it came time to clean out the building, I was invited to take a look on the third floor to see if I wanted anything.  Old stuff had been stored there for many, many years.  Of course, there were several things I wanted.  A couple of suitcases, a very old gas space heater...(I need to show you that someday), some old ledger books in various stages of decay, and two screen doors.  Rick brought them to my house and I have loved them ever since. 
 As you know, I moved last year and I thought the screen doors had to move with me.  

When I brought them over to the new house, I knew what I wanted to do with them.  My daughter asked what I had in mind and when I told her, well, she didn't think too much of the idea.  Remember, she is a minimalist.  Of course, that didn't stop me, so next time my grandson was over, he hung them up for me, right where I thought they should be.  I love them.  Funny part of the story.....when she came over and saw them in place....she liked them too.  Just goes to show you may not always know what you like!!


 So...take a look!  I know many of you will not care for them and that's ok with me.  I live here and enjoy them every single day and that's important to me.  I have an assortment of family photos, cards, some new and some vintage, drawings, recipes, artwork in various stages, etc. 

Since there are two vintage doors, I put one on each side of the doorway from the kitchen into the dining room.  

There is no wall between this 'walkway' and the kitchen, and if you go straight ahead, there is the of my favorite rooms in the house.


As you can see, lots of family photos, both old and new, on both sides of the family.  A cast of characters!  

 Drawings, cards, and oh, did I say I have a zillion old clothes pins here, using them from everything from holding up artwork, to closing potato chip bags?  When they don't look old enough for me (although many ARE old), I put them out in the backyard and let them sit there to age for a while.

Even Doodling gets space on one of the doors!

Vintage cards and photos, an owl drawing my sister found and sent to me and a booklet about Camp Polk, La., my birthplace, and printed the year I was born, 1944.  I found it at the flea market, of course!


Artwork by me and my sister-in-law.

And, a wreath made by me a long time ago and still being used around here.
The leaves are embroidered and the flowers are tiny muslin yo-yos.  

So, there you are...the whole story of the vintage screen doors here at my place.
You never know what you will see you have probably already figured out.
Hope you enjoyed the story!

From Bird Nest Cottage,
Until next time, 

PS.  Thanks to my friend, Sherry, this photo of the planet, Pluto, was brought to my attention.  Pluto has a HEART!!!  Who knew?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Flowers in My Kitchen

 So last week I bought some flowers from the grocery store.  Just a little bouquet of Summer Flowers.   Brought them home and put them in a tea pitcher full of water and have enjoyed them ever since...although today they are beginning to look a bit droopy.   So sunshine!

A dramatic sunflower, with a dark center.  

Kind of spidery looking, don't you think?

This one would be my favorite....lighter and brighter....cheerful looking.

 Look at this center...GORGEOUS!!!  Such a lovely design!

 I think the under side of the sunflower is gorgeous too!

Several other little flowers....

 I love the color of this one!

Summer, indeed!!

 Queen Anne's Lace.  I've always loved it.

 So delicate.

A side view.  Grocery store inexpensive way to brighten a summer's day! 

From Bird Nest Cottage

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A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.