Monday, February 14, 2022


You heard me say the other week that I wanted to use these two little birds on a nest to make a 
Valentine's Day "card' for the old navy man.
He fed the birds every day and Cardinals were his favorite.
Whenever a male and female Cardinal appeared on the deck he always said:
"They mate for life, you know."


 Well, we did too and I'm still here, so wanted to remember him this Valentine's Day
with a little decorated nest and that cute Cardinal couple.
(Mother of Pearl buttons because I had no bird seed.)

                                                                        So, here's to you,  

                                                                        Old Navy Man

                                                 my one and only Valentine forever and ever.

     I will never forget.




   Stay safe and warm and have a Happy Heart


      Bird Nest Cottage



A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.