Monday, March 30, 2009

Two for Etsy

Now there are two new pincushions in my etsy shop!!! Just the other day, I told you I would post about them after showing you the one my friend Carol Ann bought from me at our AWOL retreat. By the way, I've gotten some wonderful comments on her pincushion (in the previous post) and am grateful for the words of encouragement. Thank you all so much. You know we all need positive reinforcement once in a while. I appreciate you!!!

Let's talk about this dainty little pincushion. You know, I never know what they are going to look like when I start work on one. I fly by the seat of my pants! (And, let's not get descriptive about those!!) I knew I wanted to make a peach colored pincushion and because I had been painting the fabric to make these little jewels lately, I intended to paint peach fabric. More flying by the seat of the pants, as I really don't know what I'm doing with the paint...just playing around. The funny thing seems to work as I really did get a lovely peach fabric out of the experiment. Yesterday I received a comment asking me to do a tutorial on painting the fabric. I may do that someday soon. Anyway, I did paint this fabric. It was a lovely cotton/linen blend. Love it!! It turned out so soft and sweet looking and truly PEACH. It may look pink to you...but peach it is.

I made these little five petaled flowers out of 3/4 inch wide hand-dyed silk ribbon. No, I didn't paint the ribbon...I've had it a while and that is why I wanted to paint peach fabric! I also had beads to go with the ribbon and my stash! See, that's why you need to have a stash, you can "shop" in your own studio. As I said in the previous post, I had this pincushion made before I went to AWOL, but had two to do the beading on as one of my "projects" for the weekend. Can you tell what my favorite part of this is? Well, the leaves, of course! I say it all the time...I love making these leaves. I suppose the ruched and beaded ribbon edge would be a second favorite. This little thing is only 3" x 6," very dainty. Someone suggested using it as a pillow on a doll bed or something else besides sticking pins in it. Well, you interpret it any way you want...and if interested, check it out as it's now included in my etsy shop! I hope you enjoy seeing it here as it is SWEET.

Then, there is also the Blue Hydrangea Pincushion. I should have named it the "Blue Hydrangea in a Painted Pot Pincushion." Of course, they don't really look like hydrangeas...just some more of my "fantasy" flowers. Again, I painted the fabric. This time I used a piece of vintage dresser scarf fabric. (Don't know what I'll do if I don't find more of that!!!) This little jewel, too, is very small at 3" x 4." And, of course, the edge is hand-beaded using glass beads. Lots of French Knots, those leaves again, and a very simple straight stitch to make the flowers were fun used in combination with that little painted flower pot. And, too, this pincushion is now in my etsy shop.

This year really must be "my year of the pincushion." There's more to come, you know! I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed making them. Pat

Friday, March 27, 2009

One AWOL Project, Finished and SOLD!

As you saw in my last post, I spent last weekend at our guild "Arkansas Women on the Loose" retreat. I am already looking forward to the next one a year from now. In fact, I was just wishing there was another one THIS weekend too. No such luck, so I will be patient and plan on a great time next March. If there is a retreat like this in your area, by all means, try to attend. There is nothing as much fun as being with like-minded people, working, laughing, sharing and learning.

I thought I would show you one of the projects I worked on during the weekend. My goal was to finish three pincushions. One was a gift and two were to go to my etsy shop. I will show you two of the three in my next post. However, one of the two I meant to put on etsy is no longer available, so I'll tell that story too.

I finished the littlest pincushion, which was a gift to one of my readers. The second one finished I am putting on my etsy in the next few days. I will show both of those to you the first of the week. The largest pincushion (perhaps my favorite I've made so far) was the hardest to finish and is that second one I was going to list on etsy. This pincushion is one of the three I said a few weeks ago I would show you when finished. So here's the scoop on it:

I had all the embroidery done before I left for the retreat. My goal was to bead these three. Of course, when you go to AWOL, you generally take more work than you can actually DO, so I also had some crochet, some cross-stitch and some beaded flowers along "in case" I finished more than I thought I would. We forget how much time we spend talking, looking at other people's work, etc., so I always wind up taking more than I need. And, that's ok.

Now, back to the pincushion....I never know in advance how I will bead these things, so I did about two inches of beading and decided I didn't like it. Pulled it all out and started over...let's see...about three times. Later, getting frustrated, I thought if I didn't make a decision, I'd still be working on it when the retreat was I went back to my original idea. ALWAYS TRUST YOUR FIRST INSTINCT!!! Hours later, it seemed, the pincushion was finished. And, surprise, surprise...I liked it! (I'm way too critical of my own work, so am rarely satisfied with the finished product.)

As we do at the retreat, we show and tell when something is finished, so as I was showing the pincushion to some of my friends, Carol Ann inquired as to whether it was for sale. As I stated, it was intended to go into my etsy shop, so yes, it was for sale. Long story short, she bought it right then and there. She loved it enough to give me money for it. I think that is the supreme compliment. And, I am glad it has a good home!

So, here you see the pincushion....some of my painted, vintage, dresser scarf fabric with silk ribbon embroidery and a beaded edge. I love the feather stitch circle within the square. The colors are "different" for me and turns out I really liked using these colors. And, you see my friend, Carol Ann, with her new pincushion. She was thrilled and so was I. How nice is that?

Yes, I did get to go home with my three main projects finished. Some make quilt tops while there, and I make tiny, hand-stitched, tedious things. As our youngest attendee said "Is that all you do is make pincushions?" Well, it probably seems that way as I've decided 2008 is my "year of the pincushion," however, I can and do make other things. Will anything top this particular one? I don't know, but you know I will keep trying!!!

A good time was had by all and many beautiful things were created and finished at this retreat. But, you know, the enjoyment we had of each other makes everything else pale in comparison. Loved it! Anyone else ready for next year? Pat

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AWOL '09 Photos, Update

I mentioned last week that I was attending the 2009 AWOL Retreat over the weekend. It's held at the CA Vines 4H Center at Ferndale, which is about twelve miles west of Little Rock. (I completely enjoy the drive out there!!) It's a beautiful place surrounded by trees with an absolutely gorgeous pond. The facility is just perfect for a quilter's retreat. We will also hold our Quilt Arkansas 2009 retreat there this September.

The AWOL (Arkansas Women on the Loose) weekend retreat has been held in March for several years now and is beloved by it's attendees. This year we had thirty in attendance. That is to say, we had 29 women and one male of the species. That would be Jim, our beloved friend, devout quilter, and honorary member of AWOL. We consist of a very diverse group of personalities with equally diverse talents. Being with them, in my opinion, is the ultimate way to spend a weekend. I'm already looking forward to next time!

We arrive on Friday afternoon, get our lodging rooms, then head down to the large and lovely room we use to "work" in for the duration of the weekend. We DO work, make no mistake, we are there to complete work we can't seem to get done at home because we have to cook, clean, answer the phone, tend to family matters, etc. You know - the usual drill. At AWOL, we can work on what we want, when we want, how we want and the whole time we get to be with like-minded folks who are our friends. Lots of sewing machine whirring, steam irons steaming, rotary blades singing, while fabric is taped to walls "to see" how things are coming along. Opinions on what to do next fly around the room, snacks shared, stories too, with LOTS of favorite part!

We try to work all night...but you have to close you eyes sometime, so few of us ever make that goal. I try my best to do it.
So, we have our three meals a day prepared for us while we happily sew away Friday night, all Saturday, and Sunday til 5:00 p.m. It's a very wonderful experience and no matter how tired we are late Sunday afternoon, we never want it to end.

I am posting several photos to help you "see" what it's like. I wish I had taken a photo of the room before anyone got there, but I wasn't the first to arrive this year. By the time I arrived the room had already undergone it's transformation from a perfectly empty, clean total chaos...just the way we like it. Very stimulating!!!

There is my great friend, Jim. He's working on a quilt you wouldn't believe. I will try to get some photos of it one day and post it for's going to be his best so far, it seems. He's our resident "over-achiever!" But don't get any ideas...he's not always this quiet!!! Notice the bunny in the photo....that's my place. I always take lots of handwork, which is my specialty and I don't like carrying around a sewing machine. The bunny was for FUN. Jim and I joke around a lot...mostly bickering amongst ourselves...the group puts up with us and we laugh a lot, whether they do or not. Kelley and Brenda shared our "spot" too, but this photo was taken after Brenda left. She was celebrating her 23rd anniversary also, so left early. If you go to her blog,, you can read what she has to say about AWOL!

There's Kelley. She was making a black and white quilt....just wonderful. She's so much matter what we are doing.'s a complete "studio" set up. That would be Carol Ann's little piece of heaven right there. She even transports the drawers with her "stuff" in them from home. Notice the floor. Carol Ann works with jibbles and bits...which means there are always thousands of tiny pieces near her. Mary Ruth is here, lost in thought. Actually, I tried to catch her unaware, then she turned, smiled and I got a hug. Love that Mary Ruth. She tells the best stories. She has eighteen grandchildren!! One of them is Phoebe. She is here ironing. The youngest one in attendance. She worked very hard the whole time. I think she learned a lot about how much older women (and one man) can accomplish when they set their minds to doing something. And, we, of course, enjoyed having a younger person in the room....especially one actually interesting in what was going on around her. Her mom was there too, three generations of women. Very cool!

A good time was had by all. We had friends from from Hawaii, two from Texas, plus we Arkansans from Little Rock, Searcy, Lonoke, Hensley, Russellville, Morrilton, Maumelle, Jacksonville, Austin, just everywhere. What fun!!!

"Arkansas Women on the Loose" sounds like a riot. It is and what fun! Can't wait til next time. Pat

PS. I will be showing you what I worked on in a post later in the week. And, to LEI, you won one of the little books I was giving away in the last post....I need your mailing address, my friend!! The books will be in the mail tomorrow!! Thanks to all who commented!! (IF you wonder if one of the winners was YOU, just check the comment list on the previous post. The first ten commenters got one!)

Also, I nearly forgot this, but thought you should know - my friend, Kelley, cleaned her iron while at AWOL. Curious as to what she was doing, I asked, of course. She was cleaning it with one of those Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleaning pads. You know worked. So first thing I did when I got home was try it. So, okay...maybe I let my iron go just a tad too long, so I used the Magic Eraser, then also used one of those little sanding sponges put out by "Main Stays." I got mine at Walmart (you can find them in the sandpaper dept.)and use them for all kinds of cleaning, brass, metal, etc. It doesn't scratch, it's so fine. (If you can get them, you should stock up - our Walmart has quit carrying them...darn it!) Anyway, the soleplate of my iron is now spotlessly clean and I'm sure if your iron is not as far gone as mine can get yours totally clean using only the Magic Eraser. How cool is that? Thanks, Kelley!!!

Another tip - (can't help it!!) is to use petroleum jelly to clean your gunked up mascara wand. You know how messy they can get. Just put some petroleum jelly on the brush part with your fingers....rub it with a paper towel til all signs of the jelly are gone...and the bristles are clean as a whistle. All that mascara just wipes right off your fingers too. REALLY works!! Ok, that's it for the day...see you soon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two Little Books

Tonight I wanted to write about something different. Different for me, that is. Just a little break from the fabric, the embroidery, and all that "comfort zone." I'd like to say a few words about quotations. I occasionally write them down in a little book and sometimes on my pattern drawings, my quilts, or on "all that sewing" going on around here, but rarely do I "fess up" to doing it. Do you write down little snippets other folks are known for saying that impress you along life's way?

One of my favorite little books is actually one of those 59 cent memo books that I "transformed" with a painted paper towel, rubber stamps, sequin flowers, yarn and a permanent pen. Yes, that background on the cover is a painted paper towel and it's holding up pretty well! I've written in it, as you can see and continue to "collect" things to write within it's pages. I think you can read the page highlighted here. And, yes, one of my favorite quotes that I've adopted as practically my own is "Nobody can be exactly like me. Even I have trouble doing it." Said by Tallulah Bankhead. I also have it typed and attached to my computer. It makes me smile every time I read it. Another quote I've chosen is from Tracey at"What I'm looking for is a blessing that's not in disguise." Love that one.

How about this one - "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Said by Pablo Picasso. Or this - "Where all think alike, no one thinks very much." Walter Lippman.

Another little book I have is one I made myself. Several years ago, I started teaching a quiltmaking class on how to write on fabric. It was great fun and with it began my love of writing quotes on my quilts and in these little books. So I made a book to go with the class. This is it. I called it "Writing on Fabric" - pretty straightforward, don't you think? It was more economical to make a zillion copies, so I did, including them in my classes, selling some and later, giving some away. There are some instructions on how to actually go about writing on fabric and the rest consists of quotations you might wish to add to a quilt, wallhanging, or embroidered piece. Some are just entertaining. Well, at least I think so.

One of my favorite quotes is on page 11, shown here. I'm very fond of that one....and you'll notice the artwork....not mine, but taken from copyright free clipart, which is all I knew to do when I made these little books. Would you like one??? The first
TEN folks to comment on this post will be getting a copy of this book in the mail (if they want it!)...just kindly see to it that I have access to some contact information, and if you'd like to email me, feel

There is one more quote I'd like to share with you. Of course, another of my favorites. Many years ago, my son had a dream. It was very real to him and when he was fully awake he decided to write down what he had said in the dream. It was - "I would soon reassure myself that in the future, I shall heed my own instinctual warning mechanisms." I have that quote printed large and hanging on my bulletin board to this day. Now, if he and I both would stick to that one, we'd probably be better off.

I'm off to AWOL for the next few days....that's "Arkansas Women on the Loose"...a gathering of quilting friends. I'll be back Sunday....remember to comment if you are interested in having one of the ten available books! See you soon. Pat

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finding Fabric on A Fun Day Trip

I don't know about you, but my life lately (combined with the weather and the economy) has left me in pretty much of a sad and sorry state. You know what I mean....feeling pretty good but unable to get in that really happy, energetic state of mind that leaves one enthusiastic about life in general and making things in particular. I just haven't been able to "get myself going." My friend, Sherry, who lives in Little Rock and seems to know what makes me tick...called and said she wanted to take me on a little drive around the places she grew up (meaning Bald Knob, Arkansas, where she was raised and not far from Searcy, where I live). She said a little drive would do us both good. We'd have lunch, see beautiful places and then, we could drive up to Batesville and shop for fabric at Marshall's....the area's biggest fabric store.

I'm not a very spontaneous person, but have been so cooped up the thought of going for a drive, seeing beautiful places, having lunch "someplace" and then shopping for fabric was very I said yes. And, Sherry is very good company too. She picked me up and off we went...on our little adventure.

We had a lovely lunch, then drove all over Bald Knob. That was FUN. I love to see old houses, lots of trees, creeks, just scenery in general, and there was plenty of it....the daffodils...even though nearly through blooming were quite pretty and all the blooming trees just gorgeous. Have I ever told you that when I see red bud trees, fruit trees, tulip trees, etc., in bloom.....I always think of French Knots? Millions of beautiful French Knots were seen that day! And, after this trip when Sherry tells stories about growing up...I will know the places she is talking about. That's nice, too.

Later in the afternoon, we made it to Batesville. What beautiful old homes that little town has!!! Sherry and I spent a while choosing the ones we would want to live in! And, then, we arrived at Marshall's. A huge amount of fabric was beckoning to us. Let it be said that I haven't bought fabric in about a year. My stash beckons to me also...and, for the most part, has been ignored for many months. So, seeing a large place full of the wonderful stuff, you'd think I'd remember that I have lots of it waiting at home....NAH! We shopped. We discussed. We laughed. We bought. What fun!!!

So, pictured here are the fabrics I bought. An assortment of prints...just beautiful. Some people buy bright, colorful, funky fabrics...these are the kind I love, floral, romantic, old-fashioned. No matter how hard I try to get interested in the others, this is what I always choose. Love'em!!! You can look at a close-up and see them all, but some you must see a larger section, so here is a floral assortment, roses, a beautiful green with an urn and flowers, a mother and child print (what will I do with these? I don't know but will think of something!), a Bride and Groom in all their floral glory, another question as to how I will use it...but SO?? Aren't they pretty? And, it was so much fun choosing them. I actually bought some lovely linen fabric, and some plain white, off-white and tan all suitable for embroidery.

Ok....that last photo....that's my current "stash." It never seems to decrease and you are only seeing what's on the shelves. I have a suitcase full of rose fabric for that rose quilt I plan on making someday. There is a suitcase full of vintage 30's-40's fabric...someday? I have several of those plastic bins full of solids, fancy fabrics, etc. It's an's a blessing and a's what I look at when I need inspiration to "do" something and it verges on being sacred. Well, to me anyway.

And, my friend, Sherry, well, she's great! She sure knew what I needed and took it into her own hands to give it to me. I had such a great day...I'm grateful to her...and very enthused now. Thank you, my friend!!! Now, let me see....which fabric to work with today? See ya soon! Pat

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun Dolls in the Afternoon

It's late in the afternoon, humid as can be, with storms called for in this evening's forecast. I've been doing the worst thing a woman of my age can do on a humid day.....scrubbing the kitchen floor!! It's not that I wanted to do it, however, had I not done it...I'm sure the health department would come in and get me. I'd like to use the excuse of being ill for weeks as a good reason to have a really gross kitchen floor. It would be a lie, of course, I should have done it before now. And, I wouldn't mind saying the housekeeper just couldn't get here to do it. Another lie...there is no housekeeper here. Well, except for me. The truth of the matter is...I HATE cleaning the floors. Mine are old, not so pretty and don't cooperate with me much. No matter how hard I scrub...they still look old and not so pretty...just a bit cleaner. Today I went for cleaner!! And, they are. The only problem is... now all I can smell is bleach. Don't you hate that?

Trying to get that smell out of my system, I walked around outside for a bit. The temperature is warm...there was a slight breeze, but now it has gone and the humidity is on the rise. That storm is coming, which prompted me to come out to the Nest to see what I could show you today before all heck breaks loose. I suppose after cleaning floors, one should have some fun, so I took at a look at these little ladies and decided you should see them. A bit of fun on a humid afternoon!

First, we have a Flat Girl I made from a cereal box during one of our Knot work days. We all made one and they were such fun. I love this one. The only thing I wish I had done is give her movable arms. She's kind of stiff. But cute!!! I used some of my quilting fabric for her dress and a vintage dresser scarf for her wonderful apron. I LOVE the apron. My friend, Jim, gave me some tatting his grandmother had made years ago and that is the trim on her dress front, sleeves and hemline. There was just enough. A few years ago, I bought this little crocheted nut cup for 5 cents. To me it looked like a perfect tote bag for this little lady. Her "stockings" were done with paint and her shoes with a black permanent pen. Now, why spotted stockings, you ask? Because sometimes I make a mess and when "inking in" her shoes I accidentally touched her leg with the black PERMANENT pen. So, to disguise that (which you can see if you really try) I just used paint to distract your eye. I used a strip of the dresser scarf fabric to make her hair bow, permanent pens for her face, beads for buttons, and wouldn't you know....ravelings of fabric for her hair. know...when you tear fabric you always have lots of loose threads...sometimes I save them and use them for doll hair. As I did here. Too cute, I say!!!

Next is my Vintage Napkin Doll. I wanted to make a small doll to pin to my tote bag when I went to Houston in 2006. Our "Quilt Arkansas" retreat was scheduled for the next fall, so I decided my little doll would be carrying a tote bag with "Quilt Arkansas 2007" on the front. I filled it with fabric swatches and a long, handmade bead which kind of looks like an embellished quilt rolled up in the bag. The entire doll and tote was made from a vintage embroidered napkin. In one of the photos you can see a napkin similar to the one I used to make her. She is wearing a pretty little blue plastic button for a pin. Her face was done with permanent pens. I took leftover strips of fabric...strings, really, and tied them in knots. They were about two inches long before I tied them and sewed them to her head. That's her hair. Lots of different colors. Well, she's different...isn't she? (Be yourself, I always say!) And, she was a hit at the quilt show too! What FUN!!!

Last, but not to be left out, is the Purple Lace Girl. She was made with a wonderful piece of purple quilting fabric for her body and arms, and a different piece for her legs. Her skirt is a length of painted lace...oh, this stuff!!!! I crocheted the flower she's holding. It has a glass bead for a center. Her necklace is from a bag of broken jewelry I bought at the flea market. Her face, also, was painted with permanent her little heart shaped mouth. And that hair...gosh, that hair!
Made with some of that fantastic yarn used for knitting those funky scarves everyone loves to wear...and multi-colored at that. I have pins on the back of the two small ones, so you can wear them or pin them on a bag as I did. The Vintage Napkin Doll is 6 1/2 inches tall, the Purple Lace Girl is 9 inches tall and the Flat Girl is 17 inches tall. They usually are "hanging" around the Nest making sure I do what I'm supposed to do and offering their opinions when I least want them. They're fun though, so I put up with it.

Right now they are telling me that I am behind in the work going on in the Nest. They are right, too. But, as I said, storms are supposedly coming, so, I think I'll gather a few things together, go into the house, and get that supper ready....I'll leave the girls out here "in charge."

Hope you are all well. Take care. Pat

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Latest Treasures

Finally, finally, I am "back to normal." And, normal for me is kind of whacky, but healthy. Thank you so much for your good wishes the last few are all just the BEST.

Tomorrow my First Thursday Art Group will be here in the Nest and tonight I am getting ready for that, but thought I should post something on my blog before the night got completely away from me. Doesn't time pass quickly?

I debated about what to show you tonight...and so much is going on I thought it best if I showed you some of the things to come into my possession lately. From your comments and emails, I know many of you love your "stuff" as much as I love mine. Isn't it a thrill to make a great "find" or receive a gift from a friend in the mail. Both give you that little "I am so lucky tingle." So, let's see what these treasures are.

While blogging, I have made a new friend in Robin Atkins. She has been very helpful to me, delights my eye with her work, and has several books in print. I recently bought two from her. Well, one I had, but either loaned it out and didn't get it back, or lost it. It's a wonderful book titled "Beaded Embellishment." Techniques and Designs for Embroidering on Cloth. You know I love that!!! So I bought another copy. Then, her new book, which I felt was necessary since I was reordering the other book, is "Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery." Fresh ideas and Techniques for Creating Art with Beads. This also is a wonderful book and has recently sparked new creativity in my friend, Brenda. She has gone wild with her beading and it is fun to see her get this excited..(you can see some of her beading at You might want to check these books out. You will want to visit Robin at her blog: and order her books at Go for it!!!

I went to the flea market the other day as part of my recuperation. As you know, my local flea market is where I talk to my therapist. While there, I found a pillowcase embroidered in satin stitch, beautifully done, with a bit of crochet for added beauty. Another lovely piece of whitework is the embroidered guest towel...and a large one it is. I just love this kind of embroidery. Don't you just go crazy when the light falls on whitework "just right." There was a lovely hankie with orange flowers and some orange "junk jewelry" which I can use to embellish. I couldn't believe I bought something ORANGE! But, my daughter is always telling me I need to liven up my color seemed like a nice color! Last, but certainly not least is the pink crocheted pin keeper. I always love these. I may try to make one in the future. What a way to spend an hour of therapy!

There is one more flea market item I wanted to show you. It's a beautiful handmade Battenburg lace handkerchief in it's original box, complete with partial mailing envelope with postage and all the paperwork. I've had it a while and can't remember where I got it. Odd for me, but it just slips my mind. I do remember when I bought it I was impressed that the address on the envelope was in Waco, Texas. I am from McGregor, which is a few miles from Waco. So, not only did I find something really nice, it originally lived near my home town! I can't make out the year on the postmark, but on the little brochure inside it says "We prepay postage on all packages. However, a service fee of 15 cents is charged by the U.S.
Post Office Dept. for delivery of foreign packages. This fee cannot be prepaid and will be collected by your postman." When was that??? It came from Belgium. And, it's really beautiful. If you have ever tried to make Battenburg lace, you would appreciate this. I have made some and the quality of this hankie is just tops!!!

While I was under the weather, I received a package from my friend, Isabella. She lives in Tasmania. And a dear person she is. I was so thrilled to get a package with an Australian stamp on it.....I'm saving the envelope for my "envelope art" collection. There was a tiny little boomarang made from wood. So cute. Several buttons, she knows I love those. Many, many lace medallions (in white, ecru, and two shades of blue), which will spark a feeding frenzy of embellishment sometime in the future...they are quite beautiful. There was a very cute quilt pattern too. Then, out of the envelope came two packages of vintage silk embroidery thread. In orange (how did she know??) purple,yellow, three shades of green, pink, red and a pale blue. So soft, beautiful, shiny and light as a feather. I have never embroidered with silk thread. I'm not sure I can see to do it, but, it will be fun to try. And, the packaging is fabulous. In long sheaths of paper with a little paper tag on each skein - "New process Filo Silk, Belding Brothers & Company, Shade 1525"...that's the orange. It's all delightful. And from so far away. Thank you again, Isabella. A lovely treasure, indeed - both the gift and the giver.

See, you can't help but feel better now, right? Do take care and I'll post again soon. Pat

A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.