Wednesday, September 25, 2013


It's always nice to hear from friends and family....and it is amazing to me that these days, some of my friends and family have so much kindness and generosity directed my way as to "make my day" on exactly the day I needed a kind word or deed.  What you see here is that kindness and generosity made visible....some gifts from those I love and who evidently love me too.  I am grateful for having them in my life.

My dear sister, Debbie (as I like to 'favorite sister') sent a box of goodies....she is so much more thoughtful than her older  She knows I am crazy about the birds, so these delightful things came my way...a hanging jar with a lovely bird, holding a candle...nice to hang on the porch, or any place I fancy.  A bird nest nice and don't we all love that color!  More from her box further down this post.

 My dear brother-in-law, Don, who lives in Alabama, painted a lovely watercolor of a bird's nest and sent it via his daughter when she came to visit.  When I find the proper frame, it will make a glorious addition to my bird nest collection.  Wasn't it nice of him to think of me?  I do believe so.  THANK YOU, Don!'


My good friend, Sherry, sent a lovely card with this lace inside.  Sherry and I love a lot of the same things and we are currently gifting each other, on occasion, with bits of lace and lovely ecru and brown fabrics...planning on someday creating our own versions of our friend Brian's crazy quilts.  He was here recently for our guild's retreat and left with many wanting more.  Always a good thing.  Anyway, Sherry and I are building our 'stash' of items that will fit Brian's example.  Maybe one day you will see what we do with these beautiful things.  THANK YOU, Sherry, for always knowing what I love and sharing!  And, YOU, Brian, for inspiring us!

My friend, Bibi, sent me this little token of thanks, which I consider a precious gift.  The tag inside says a nice thank you, while the outside is decorated so daintily (as Bibi always does!) and in pink.  We share a love of pink and take great joy in sharing bits and pieces of 'pink stuff' whenever we can.  And, it's hard to believe but this started off life as a lowly toilet paper roll.  One has never looked so good! 

This is a close up of the tiny rose Bibi made from's about the size of a very sweet.  Everything she makes is tiny and dear!  THANK YOU, Bibi, for your generosity in saying thanks to me in such a pretty way.


Now, the rest of the story of my sister's gift.  She also sent me many of these tiny tatted flowers.  She was enjoying an estate sale and found them there.  There is a house in my home town (McGregor, Texas) that she and I have always admired.  The estate sale was there and she was wishing I was there with her.  Me too, it would have been great fun to not only find a treasure there, but to see inside that house.  She came across a tiny box filled with these little tatted flowers and wanted to here you see them.  The one thing I could never do is tat.  I tried and tried...once a tatting teacher told me to "go home and make a quilt" as I'd never be able to do it.  So, I appreciate tatting and whenever I find some, I buy it.   Now I know my sister is going to to the same thing!  


I can't imagine sitting and tatting hundreds of these tiny flowers.  I will have to use them for something very special!  THANK YOU, dear sister, for always being the thoughtful one and remembering your old sister!  (I think these are about the size of Bibi's rose.  A dime!)


Last Thursday, my good friend, Jean, who is also my good friend Susan's mother, gave me this blue and white pillow top.  I forget what she called it, but when I was younger, I knew it as embroidered 'chicken scratch.'  I actually made one like this way back when.  No idea where it ever went to, but this one will receive a new pillow form and go on the blue and white quilt on the bed in my NEST.  Jean is dear, and I appreciate knowing her and spending time with her.  She has a great sense of humor and always makes me laugh.  It's not easy to do either.  THANK YOU, Jean for being YOU!!


Here is a close up of the embroidery.  I never tire of seeing embroidery...always amazing to me how some strands of thread and a simple needle can make so many zillion different patterns and designs.  I'm so glad embroidery is one of my favorite things to do!

So, I hope you enjoyed seeing my pretty new things.......and knowing that there are these very nice people in my life.  I always want to share with you what comes into the Nest and also what goes out.  My birthday is coming up and you know, I love to have a giveaway for that, so sometime in October,  I'll be posting some photos of what I'd like to send out to one of you.  Meantime, enjoy the beautiful Fall favorite time of the year!  Take care, pat

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's the Simple Things that Count

It really IS the simple things that count...don't you think?  Today, these are some of the simple things in my kitchen.  

And, a little closer look.  I wanted to share with you, once again, one of my favorite poems.  Written long ago and meaning a lot to people like me still.  Does it move you as it does me?

I would have used a "deep bowl of old blue' if I had one...but this one is old, so will do. 

Picked up these sun flowers while shopping at Walmart today, knowing I was going to treat you to this poem.  Mary Elizabeth Mahnkey, "Ozark Lyrics," 1934.   Now, she knew what she was talking about!

Hope you all are well 'out there.'  See you soon.  pat

Monday, September 2, 2013

The View from a San Francisco Apartment

  This is where I'd love to be today!  The view from my favorite son's apartment in San Francisco (my favorite city!) is quite beautiful....and, along with all that beauty, I know the temps are delightful.   Here, not so much.  I'm sure wishing you all a very Happy Labor Day, so wherever you safe and have FUN!  See you later in the week!  Take care out there....pat 

A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.