Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deb's Pincushion

I can't believe it's been ten days since I posted. The wedding came, the wedding went. Thanksgiving came....and then it went. Time flew. A breach of etiquette happened here, as I did not post for those ten days, and failed to mention to you....my 'people'....that I may not post for a bit. An apology is in order.....I'm so sorry. Really. A friend called to let me know that she has 'looked' but I am not 'there'. Mere words cannot say enough just how much I appreciate YOU and the fact that you 'look' and wait for me here at this small dot in cyberspace. So, I must try and not fail you again.

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? I certainly hope so. We had relatives and the newly weds...lots of food, of course, and fairly decent weather, so a great time was had by all. Lots of football too. (Well, those Razorbacks DID win!!! So lots of family members are happy. Not mention all those 'pro' games we also watched!) When Thanksgiving is over, I'm pretty much 'done' for a few days, so today my blood began to pump again as I visited with my friend, Cheri, at the Upstairs Studio. Then, Thursday, I will go to Little Rock for my monthly Knot meeting....to laugh and enjoy those ten friends. After that...back to reality again and all the Christmas planning...the little bit that I actually do. Aren't you really busy too?

Between now and the new year, I plan on trying to make up for my 'breach of etiquette' by showing you all the pincushions I've made this year, but didn't get to show you through the last few months. I've made many this year, but most of them were ordered for gifts and I choose not to show them at all until I know 'the gift has been given.' There is only one now that hasn't been given and it will be soon....enough to show you several before the year is over.

This pincushion was made for my friend, Deb. It was ordered by our mutual friend, Marilyn.
They've been friends for a long time. I made this one way back in February or March, knowing it would not be given to Deb until the first part of November. It's very hard for me to keep my mouth shut about such things....so I just almost have to bite my lips to keep from letting the 'cat out of the bag' so to speak, but I managed and I'm told that Deb was surprised and pleased. Therefore, so am I!

Deb loves the color purple, but Marilyn did not want this pincushion to be all purple...just a touch. This is what I came up with. I had several of those little button flower pots and wanted to use one...I like the way it turned out. I used my favorite stitches....as I call them...'school girl stitches.' You know, French Knots, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Stem Stitch and Feather Stitch. And, I really wanted to use one of my all time favorites, silk ribbon roses. The little flower pot button is only one inch wide and one inch tall and the pincushion is 6 inches square. As I am fond of doing....the edge is fringed with beads. As you've heard me say many times - I LOVE this beading...adding them one at a time and enjoying every minute of it.

Deb says she loves it and I hope she does....I believe I make heirlooms, truly I do, and hope she enjoys it for many years to come...she's received good thoughts throughout the whole process. Marilyn too. Hope you have enjoyed seeing this pincushion and will join me again to see the rest of them....and thanks to you all for 'being there' and waiting. Take care, pat

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today's Special Event

Just to keep you informed on some of the more fun things that take place around here....I'm posting photos I took today at the wedding of my grandson. A couple of weeks ago, we were informed that today would be a very good day for a wedding....and so...it was! The wedding was held at Riverview Park, north of town. It was COLD and breezy with a tiny bit of sunshine. A lovely day for a wedding and a brisk hike! The ceremony was held in one of the pavilions at the park and the rock fireplace made a great, cozy place to share in the taking of a young couple's vows.

Afterward, we walked (or in my terms...we took a brisk hike) to the lookout where you can see the river if you've the nerve to walk to the railing and look down! It was actually great fun!

So, here you see Ty and Lindsey, now newly-weds. It was a sweet day. And, in the last photo, my daughter, her husband, Rick, and the 'kids' walking back to the pavilion. A new chapter has begun!

Y'all have a lovely Thanksgiving!!! take care out there, pat

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My 'Craving' Challenge

Did I mention that we are having little 'challenges' every month or so at Second Saturday Studio? The artists aren't obliged to participate, but are encouraged to do so. These challenges are proposed in hopes that we will try new things, get out of our comfort zone, share ideas, and hopefully keep each other enthused! It works for me! So, this month was our first challenge.

Micah came up with the idea of this month's challenge 'theme' - CRAVING. And, we had a pretty good response. There is a size requirement of 12" x 12." Since this is the month of Thanksgiving...naturally, the thought of food is uppermost in our minds...we'll either be cooking it or eating it. And, of course, most thought of craving those hard to resist sweets! I would show you all the art pieces, but some left the premises before I could get photographs. Cheri painted 'Shoo Fly Pie' then took it with her to a show she's doing in Mississippi. Kelly's SOLD before we could even hang it on the wall for our Saturday opening.....it was a really graphic design depicting candy bars. You can see them here, well, except for Kelly's.

So, for tonight, I decided I would just show one photograph....of my challenge piece....I don't know if you can read it...but it says "Aren't we all craving affection? XO, Mom" As always, there are birds.

December's Challenge theme is already in the works.....PEACE. I spent an afternoon this week at the Upstairs Studio making mine because I knew I wouldn't get much done in the coming week...you'll see it around the second saturday in December. The Upstairs Studio is rapidly becoming one of my favorite places....no phones, no tv...yes, peace! Yea!

Hope you, my blogging friends, have a lovely weekend....I have a special event to attend...may show a photo or two...we'll see. Take care, pat

Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Night at the Upstairs Studio

Life is getting busier around here! Bet yours is too! Last Friday night, we had our first 'Craft Night' at the Upstairs Studio. Micah had been having craft nights at a previous location, just a bunch of her friends having fun, one Friday night a month. After we began moving our own studios into the upstairs at Second Saturday Studio, she decided it was a good time to hold craft night up there. Kelly and Cheri decided they would go, so of course, I didn't want to miss out. I had to be there!

Since I don't drive at night....Kelly picked me up and brought me home. She's a very nice daughter. We brought food, drink, and lots of paper, trims, fabric, hardware, paint, you name it, to make our very own albums. I'm told there will be a different craft each month. I did not know very many of these GIRLS...yes...I was the oldest one there by 'decades' and had to work hard to keep up. There was no way I was going to work as slowly as I usually do, so I barely looked up the whole time. Oh, yes, there was much laughing, chatter, borrowing of album 'ingredients,' picture taking and as always with a group...eating. It was lots of fun.

So, here are some photos I took. #1 is the album I finished. My friend, Brenda, had given me this photo, the lace, buttons, mother-of-pearl button, French velvet ribbon and rhinestone piece are from my vast collection of flea market treasures. I learned to add a patina to those
screws and nuts used to fasten the book together. Boy, was that ever fun! As you can see, I did get something done. Not bad for an old lady!

Photo #2 I took of several of the girls working around our new group activity area. This place worked out well for Craft Night. We could make a big mess and it didn't matter a bit...lots of room to work. Some chose to work at the tall shelves we have on two sides. Counter height makes some work much easier. Photo #3, is our 'official' photographer, Kelly, and as you know, my sweet daughter. She's cool! And, FUN! Photo #4, assembling albums and having a great time. And, last, Photo #5 is the group shot Kelly took with my camera. She took many other photos with her camera...including a complete group shot with herself in it.

A great time was had by all! I don't know what we will make next month...but I know I will hopefully be there, laughing with all the girls again. I think this Upstairs Studio is going to be a popular place!! Thanks, Micah...y'all take care out there. pat

Monday, November 8, 2010

Betsy and My Totebag

Just a brief post to show you the latest from Second Saturday Studio....a sale of one of my items...one which excited me no end. This is Betsy, she is one of the studio artists...I'll probably be showing you her latest project in the next week or so. She works 'big,' which I so admire, as I work "tiny" most of the time. Turns out she had admired the totebag I had for sale and on Saturday, she purchased it. To be honest, I never even thought it would sell and put it in the studio because my son-in-law encouraged me to do so. Thanks to Betsy....who also makes a superb model, as you can see here, I'm encouraged again. Doesn't she look fabulous with this tote? I think she's one person who will look good no matter what and I appreciate her posing for me. Thanks, Betsy!!! See y'all later in the week...take care, pat

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Second Saturday "Stuff" and an Upstairs Studio

Oh, I've been very busy!!! Last week, my sister and her husband visited and this week I have been working at our Second Saturday Studio. We are opening every Saturday until just before Christmas. It's an experiment to see if we will open every Saturday after the 1st of the year. Time will tell. Anyway, we've rearranged the furniture, and reassigned space in there for artist display, which required some hours there - that's why I haven't posted. That, and trying to begin and finish some of my projects. Deadlines, you know.

Tonight, I thought I'd show you my new spot at the Studio. I've been given this cute cabinet to use for a while and in it, you will see my 'for sale' pieces. You've seen them on my blog...but not displayed like this. I'm kind of pleased at how things look. On the top shelf, you will see one of my collages, a candlestick pincushion, and a pieced/silk ribbon embroidered pillow. On the middle shelf, there is an embroidered/quilted daisy pillow, an embroidered pink/white pincushion, and a doll dressed in vintage linens. The bottom shelf has three of my appliqued and embroidered landscapes.

Now, in the last photo.....all you see is a great big empty room. It's upstairs at the studio and we've rented it for use as artist studio spaces. There's room for at least half a dozen artists. We are excited about it. I took this photo before we began prep for 'moving in' so it's empty, but as of this moment, I have the far corner and the smallest of the artist's spaces for what I'm calling my 'Upstairs Studio." As you know, I don't need a space downtown, as I have a lovely, fun space right here at home which I refer to as my Backyard Studio - Bird Nest on the Ground. Even so, I was excited about having a 'little' space to escape to once in a while and spend some time working WITH other voices in the room. I don't think it ever hurts to spend some creative time with other artists, so I'm looking forward to doing just that. We've rented this space for a trial period to see how we like it and if it works for us. Bet it's going to be FUN!!! On a future post, I'll show you some photos of our individual spaces.

So, a busy week and a busy weekend coming up, as we are also having an Open House at the Studio on Sunday. Next week, I've got to finish a project with another of those deadlines, so, I'll see you asap - probably toward the end of next week. Do have a lovely weekend and take care out there. pat

A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.