Sunday, April 28, 2013

One of My Favorite Places

Hope you have all had a beautiful Sunday!  It was really nice here...hopefully, Spring is finally upon us. I spent part of the day outdoors...just doing some weed-pulling and such...much more to do, but did enjoy the afternoon out.  Speaking of beautiful days, I've been meaning to show you this photo taken by my favorite son. He lives in San Francisco.  I often say I've 'left my heart' the song goes.  Not only do I love the of the most beautiful places I've ever been...but the favorite son has lived there for years (while working in Silicon Valley) making it even more special to me.  Scott often goes sailing with friends, one of his favorite activities, so on a recent weekend drive....he took this photo of the Bay, this day with lots of sailboats.  No doubt everyone out there enjoying the sun and the water, the Golden Gate and THAT gorgeous view of the city!!!  He once got me to go on one of those boat tours around the Bay.  It went under the bridge and around Alcatraz...see that little island on the left....I was happy to see the city that way, but absolutely mortified the whole time as I am deathly afraid of being on the water.  Of course, it was my 'favorite' son practically begging me to go I HAD to go.  I got through it ok...and now, I remember it being one of my little 'adventures' in this life.  He has also been sky-diving, but he can forget begging me to do that!  I can see why he enjoys life there so much...the sights, sounds, smells, the VIEW and friends.....and he shares it with me via his photos.  Lucky me!
And, here is a photo of the favorite son....taken by one of his friends (Thank You, friend!).   Too close to the water for me....but he loves it.  I'm thinking YOU might enjoy doing such a if you ever visit....well, LOVE your time in that special place as I did!  And, if you have a son or daughter there, I bet you know exactly how I feel about 'leaving my heart' in San Francisco!  Take care, pat

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Beautiful Find

Hi, out there!  So sorry to have been absent for so long....but, I'm back now and anxious to show you
my newest 'find.'  I went 'out and about' yesterday and much to my amazement, this quilt called my name, so I had to have it!  It's vintage and in lovely condition.  I put it on this bed right over the quilt already on the bed...just to take some quick photos to show you.  I'm quite proud of it and do so appreciate all the work of another quilter's hands.  I always wonder what the woman making this quilt had to go through just to find the time to make it.  And, so, assuming she is now gone, I will love it for her.

I know there are various and assorted names for this I had to look it up...but just look at this we really need to know their names....or can we just love them anyway?  I think we can.

Figured I needed to show you the corner of the quilt....don't you just love the little 'kite' shapes that become the edge....the great quilt person who made this quilt took the time to bind this the 'hard' way with all those little points...and it sure makes it special to know, I can applique pretty much anything, but piecing is another story...I so admire the nice piecing on these vintage quilts!

I just happen to own some quilt books.....more than anyone should, I suppose, and among them are these might want to look into owning them yourself if you find you often need to know the names of any quilts you find while searching the flea markets.  

This 'encyclopedia' is the one I chose to find this pattern.  I've often looked up patterns in it and I believe it to be a wonderful resource. 

Here on pages 74-75, are the names attributed to this block....#445.9..."Periwinkle", "Hummingbird" or "Bluet."  I suppose the name "Bluet" came from the tiny wildflowers we have here and I bet you do too.  If you'd like to see some wonderful photos of these flowers (considered weeds here, but not to ME), just Google the name and you can find all kinds of examples.  So pretty.
The old navy man will prefer the name "Hummingbird" as he loves those little birds and is currently watching the feeders.

And, here is the drawing of the block.  Lovely to find it, I think.  Then, a photo of the back of the quilt.  I find it interesting that the four 'kite pieces' on this quilt were pieced together on the machine, and those pieces were hand pieced to all the white pieces to make the quilt top.  Interesting.  Being a 'dyed in the wool' hand-piecer and 'appliquer', of course I am impressed with this fact.  The quilt is hand-quilted.  A person after my own heart, for sure.

Here is another photo of the was 'love at first sight'!

And, here is another of the great things about this just every once in a while...there is a pink piece of lovely!!!  Sure hope you have enjoyed seeing this vintage beauty!  Hope you are all well and I'll try to post again SOON.  Take care out there....pat

A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.