Thursday, June 26, 2008

SRE Basket

Some years ago I learned how to do silk ribbon embroidery. It became one of my passions...just like all the rest of the techniques that have come my way. There is no telling how much ribbon I bought and used. I still have a "stash." It's an expensive thing to do if you are creating a design that requires a good amount of ribbon and SRE designs, if they are elaborate, use a lot of ribbon.

At some point, I'll be showing you some of my other silk ribbon designs, but today, I wanted to show you a piece I made for my friend, Jim. He displays it in his dining room. (In this photo, the walls look pink...they are RED!) I was over there last week and took photos of his house, which I plan on writing about also. The basket is done with a wonderful gold ribbon in a simple woven design. There is a variety of flowers, roses, etc., and also a variety of stitches.

One of the things constantly amazing me is how, with a needle and some thread or ribbon, you can create such different looking, beautiful work. From a simple line drawing, like Redwork, to the most elaborate, luscious things...well, like this basket of flowers. It simply amazes me. I did a book for Leisure Arts, Inc., called "Teach Yourself Silk Ribbon Embroidery." I have one copy available at my etsy shop ( and several more to list. It's also available at some stores, if you might be interested.

SRE is great fun to do and you get beautiful results quickly. And, by the way, this design is not in the book. This I made for Jim and is, like most of what I original, one of a kind, design. It was FUN!!! You have a good day! Pat

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Caron said...

I just followed a link to your blog - for the very first time, and I'm hooked! Read it top to bottom and added you to my Google Reader so I can know when you post new articles. Love your work! Keep it up!

Caron in Michigan

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