Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red Clover Time

Once again, it's Red Clover time! Last year at this same time, I was writing about red clover and was shocked to find lots of it located on the back of our two acres. We are fortunate to have two acres within the city limits of this rather small town and up until last year, we had not explored the back very much, mostly since we don't mow the back, but prefer it to remain natural. Since the red clover was discovered, however, I have been back there often to take photos of various growing things.
And, now, we are once again enjoying the clover.

This time of the year, you can drive down any highway or country road in Arkansas and find loads of red clover. It is so gorgeous!!! It's not here long....so I like to enjoy it while I can. So, I hope you enjoy the photos....

First, here is a picture of my favorite tree on the place. It sort of marks where Richard quits mowing the yard. When I walk from my house out to the Nest, I always look at this tree...it always looks so pretty...no matter the season, the time of day or the weather. This photo was taken in the evening, about 6:30 p.m. Now, look at the next photo which is a close-up of this same tree. Look to the left and you can see some red clover..this is where the mowing stops and the wild flowers begin. Then, you can see a big patch of red clover. It grows in patches all over the place back there. I don't know why, but it always seems more abundant when growing alongside the highways. Simply beautiful!

I've included a close-up of the clover. See...gorgeous. I always think of my friend Sharon H. when I see red clover. We've driven many miles enjoying it. She passed away in 2007. So, Sharon...once again...seeing your "red roses" and thinking of you!!! Hope you all enjoyed the little visit to my backyard! Take care. pat


Judy said...

Oh Pat how beautiful!! The clover is so pretty. You are lucky to have such beauty to look at every day.

Mary said...

oh my I just tasted red clover from my childhood when I saw your picture and blog. Do you ever pull the red flower pieces and suck the sweet nectar from them?

Willow Witch said...

Happy Spring, its been a while since I have popped into the nest! Love the red clover and I am just happy the white stuff is gone! whew, that was a long winter....
Glad to find you well, take care my friend

sparkle jars said...

Beautiful post about your dear friend and red clover. I imagine the bees are very happy to see so much clover.

TattingChic said...

Beautiful photos of the red clover! I've never seen red clover. Where I grew up there was white and pink clover patches in yards and fields, but I've never seen that. :)

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