Monday, April 13, 2009

There's A Quilt in Here Somewhere!

Well, it's the day after Easter...laundry, bills to pay, etc., but I wanted to post something today. If there were kids here, I would be showing you photos of the egg hunt yesterday, etc. But, no little kids..just a couple of old big kids. So, I thought I'd show you the quilt in my dining room and I'm going to take the long way 'round to show it to you.

Yesterday I made dinner for hubby, father-in-law, the 23 year old grandson, his girlfriend and myself. Not a large group.
To tell the truth, I am not big on decorating the table and all that. I'd rather be out in the Nest "doing my thing." But, it was Easter and sometimes you feel the need to try and make things nice. So, I tried. After setting the table, I got out the camera thinking a photo or two might turn out good enough to post. I haven't shown much of my house...mostly because it is small, I have too much "stuff" and it is crammed with my collections of "this and that" to the point that my friends and family make fun of me. Sometimes, I even make fun of myself, but it doesn't stop me from "gathering."

I took the photos and being the photographer that I am...some did not turn out too well, but maybe you can get the idea of what my little dining room looks like. First of all, it IS small. I just had Richard help me measure it and it's exactly 9' 10" x 11' 10." Small. Especially considering all the "stuff" I have in it. Of course, there is the table. This table extends to seat eight...but not in this room!! The window is on the front of the house...if the curtains were'd see one of my two porch swings. (Wish it was warm enough to sit there and watch the traffic go by!!) And don't you love this bunny!!

Then, there is the china cabinet...did I tell you I love dishes? There are two china cabinets in the day I will show you what's in there. I also love little chairs...they are all over the house. There are three of my favorites on top of the cabinet.
There is a wall of mirrors I have collected. Do not ask me why I like the things I cannot be explained.

There is the buffet...with plates and other china pieces featuring roses. Oh, how I love those!!! Some of these I collected, and some were gifts. This buffet is wonderful and holds all the linens, candles, etc. I usually have the dessert here when the family is over....unless the whole family is over...then there is dessert everywhere! This dining room has two doors, one to the kitchen to the left of the buffet and the other to the the left of the quilt which I think makes the room even smaller! And, oh yes....that quilt!!!

I made this quilt several years ago. The center is a checkerboard, which you can easily see. Each plain square of the checkerboard contains the hand-written name of a member of our immediate family (mine and his!). I did not know in advance that I was adding names, so when there was exactly enough squares it was a pleasant surprise! We have had several additions and subtractions since this quilt was made...but isn't that the way it goes? (I'll have to figure out who to "leave" this to at some point...maybe I'll just let 'em fight over it!) It's a nice quilt and one I loved doing the writing on...maybe I'll get further into this technique in another post. I'm proud of it and the family seems to enjoy looking at it. Also, there's more of those little chairs. They are in the way, truth be told, but I'm not moving them as I just love seeing them all lined up there. (Remember, there are no little kids...guess something deep down in my brain just has a "thing" for small chairs!!)

As you can tell, I'm a fairly good quiltmaker, but not that great at decorating, either a room or a table, but try, I do. Yesterday was a nice day...the quilt is hanging in a small, but nice room, and some more memories have been made. Not bad. Hope you enjoyed the visit. Pat


TattingChic said...

Hi Pat! Your bunny and tulips looks so pretty on your Easter table! The quilt is lovely! Sounds like you had a nice Easter with your family! :)

Judy said...

What a wonderful day you had Pat. I love your bunny and your dining room. I have "stuff" all over too and it seems it takes me so long to clean and dust but I can't part with any of it. I love your quilt, as usual it is perfect.

brenco1 said...

Well this friend doesn't laugh, she is just jealous she doesn't have your good taste. You put things together so lovingly that they speak of who you are and you are so organized in the fun stuff.

Cathy K said...

Pat, your dining room is VERY lovely. Must I be the one to break it to you?... you DO have a flair for decorating!! Love your table, the quilt of course, those little chairs, the rose dishes, the mirrors, the bunny and tulips..... I could go on and on. What's NOT to love?! Thanks for sharing with us! Hugs, Cathy

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I love your pictures. Your dining room may be small, but it is beautiful!! I love to quilt, so I was especially impressed by your pretty quilt! Thanks for sharing your photos. Love & blessings from NC!

Anonymous said...

Pat, you and your home are so warm and so welcoming that, even if your decorating were as unremarkable as you think it is, it would still be one of my favorite places to visit! Your house is like one of your amazing crazy quilts -- everywhere the eye wanders, there is something else beautiful to look at. I feel honored to be among your friends who are invited into your home and nest.

Sherry in Little Rock

Christine said...

Pat, do you have a WHOLE dinnerset of Old Country Roses? I'm so envious. I have a cup, saucer and plate which is worth about $100 AUD at the moment, so you have a great investment there. It looks so pretty as well. I love your taste in decorating, I think old china and crockery look particularly lovely in a smaller room, makes it very cosy and comforting in some way. And that quilt, what can I say? I've never actually finished one, still a couple in pieces as WISPs though. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful room, I'd love to have a meal in there surrounded by all that lovely stuff!!

Caron said...

Love the little chairs! Love the quilt! So very pretty.

Patty said...

A good nest feathering takes time....that is what I tell all my friends when they comment on all my "stuff", which I keep adding to. I feel content in my home surrounded by the stuff that makes my home "me". Just as you have. Please show us the rest of your lovely home. We all love to look because it allows us to feel closer to you. And please, I'll have some tea in one of your lovely cups you have on the wall, (just like I do in my home.) I'll bring the dessert :^)
Patty in Erie, Pa

Thearica said...

Your dining room is so cozy and inviting! I see nothing wrong with your decorating abilities!

Love the quilt!

Is there a table for all of the little chairs that are sitting on the back wall?

Jacky said...

Hi Pat, I love your cosy dining room and your "collections". Its lovely to be able to take a peek at your home.
I especially love those little chairs!

Glad you had a lovely Easter with your family.

Jacky xox

cindy said...

It's very pretty! I think you did a wonderful job! :D


sparkle jars said...

Now that is a house full of love.

Gaby Bee said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter with your family! Your dining room is really beautiful! Love your quilt and those little chairs!
Thanks for sharing these nice pics!
Have a wonderful week!
Gaby xo

Jaybird said...

Ahhhhh...I love your dining room!! I could just look at it for hours and still see something new and fascinating! You and your sis are so good at this "arranging" thing. I just pile my stuph and hope it stays there :^)

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