Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flea Market Finds: More Work...More FUN!

Someone asked me why I didn't show the Flea Market Finds from our Day Trip on Tuesday. Well, there is a reason.....most of what I 'found' is meant for blog posts for next know, my 'year of the basket." That's the only clue I'm giving....and, it's not the obvious....real baskets!

So, because I didn't show any flea market finds...I thought I'd show you some 'finds' from other trips to area flea markets. Oh, you know you love seeing other people's junk....especially since they aren't taking up space in YOUR studio!!!

First, I found this vintage pillow some time back....the very minute I laid my eyes on it, I knew I'd reproduce it someday. I also found an old linen curtain...the pillow is on top of it in the photo. It has a beautiful lace edging. There are lots of holes in the fabric, but there is still plenty of good, usable fabric. I intend to use this old curtain to stitch the pillow pattern on and finish it with this lace. What do you think??? Seems to me...the day has arrived to start work on the "reproduction."

Then, last week, in Beebe, I found a Sunbonnet Sue baby quilt. It is very worn, with raveled edges, but oh, so soft! Of course I bought it! (Of course, the price was right!) Years ago, I made a Sunbonnet Sue...with embroidered embellishments...can't remember where it wound up. Seeing this one has inspired me to make another one and I think one with baskets would certainly fit into my plans for 2010~~~~

Finally, I saw this old ironing board. A small one....just the kind to use for ironing little bits of lace and ribbon or doll clothes. An old muslin cover, looking kind of shabby told me to recover it....being a complete FOOL for floral fabrics...I did just that this afternoon. Kinda looking spiffy now!

So, there you are. Some flea market finds...the bits and pieces that add beauty and interest to my life! What about you...would this be something you'd do? Take care, pat


Riet said...

Your pillow is beautiful and I just love the sunbonnet Sue. Beautiful. Have a nice day

Micah Holden said...

I love Sunbonnet Sue! I remember one my Aunt had growing up... Where is that thing? Hopefully she's taken good care and passing it down.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Sunbonnet Sue with all those saved up feedsack fabrics, just makes me think of Sunday supper, bake sales and mom making a layer cake for dessert.
I think you have a seamstresses sleeve board, to iron and set sleeves in. what a lucky find.

Judy said...

Oh Pat the finds are beautiful. Especially Sunbonnet Sue. I love her and would love to find one. I have patterns to embroidery Sue on dish towels.. A project for someday!

Robin Ennis Willson said...

I have a similar ironing board...the cover is one my grandmother put on years ago and is still in great shape. I love that little pillow!!!

Christine said...

Julie is right Pat, that's a sleeve board you found, for when you want to press a sleeve and not have a crease in it. It's also useful for anything you want to press "in the round", I have 2 myself. You could also use it on a table for pressing small things like laces I guess, to save putting up a bigger ironing board. I always have my ironing board set up in the sewing room, not that I actually press many clothes though. I'm of the "hang it on a clothes hanger on the line" school, so only press the absolute minimum of laundry in this house !!
Christine in sunny but windy Sydney

Sherry said...

I love the little sleeve board. Mine is very modern and not nearly so sturdy as that one appears to be. And, as always, I love the fabric you chose for the new cover.

Sherry in Little Rock

Karen said...

Love your flea market finds!! Good idea for the ironing board, I have one I can do the same thing with, thanks for the idea!! The pillow will be great, please share when you are done!

sparkle jars said...

The little board is wonderful!
And that Sunbonnet Sue is precious.

Barbara C said...

What treasures! You've got a good eye to see the potential in things like the curtain. I'm impressed that you're planning posts around a theme for next year. That's a great idea.


Hello Patricia! What a beautiful is all, thanks for sharing those treasures, I remember when my mother sewed a Sunbonnet Sue on my schoolbag(long time ago). Have a great day!

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Your pillow is gorgeous and I love those sunbonnet girls. I treasure the quilt my grandmother made me when I was a little girl.


Anonymous said...

Please, please, please give a description of the floral material you used on the ironing board. First time visitor to your blog. Look forward to reading/learning more.

Pat said...

To Anonymous, who asked about the ironing board is "Camilla" by Sentimental Studios for Moda. 100% cotton. Pattern #.15340
There's no telling how long I've had this fabric so it's most likely discontinued. Would you like to email me and we can talk about it without going through the blog comments.

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