Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quilting Arkansas '09, Part Two: A Special Pincushion

As noted in the previous post, Quilting Arkansas '09 was held this past weekend. And, as you know if you visit this blog often, I have been preparing to teach a class there. I've done so for many years and always look forward to meeting some really wonderful people, making new friends and spending time with old ones. (And, you know "old friends are best." Until you make a new one!)

I always send in a class proposal, usually two or three, so the retreat staff has a selection to choose from. This time they chose my class entitled "A Special Pincushion." I was really happy about that as I knew I would spend lots of time making and talking about pincushions in 2009.

Here is my class description: "Historically speaking, there are many different types of pincushions. The Victorian examples elevated the every day act of sewing into something special...what a great idea! So, do you find that red tomato pincushion just a little stale? In this class, you will applique and embroider a floral design onto a background fabric, assemble the pincushion, then bead the edges. This is one of the more "glamorous" items you may have in your sewing repertoire, so why not go all the way and spend some time making a special one for yourself...or someone else."

There was a small photo in the class brochure....so I wondered if anyone at all would want to do something like this...after all, I am known around here for being one of the last holdouts for doing things all by hand. To my surprise, enough quiltmakers signed up to "make" the class. As it turns out...the class was so much fun! Those who signed up for it seemed to have a good time and actually took to it like a duck takes to water. I was so surprised and happy to know that it didn't turn out to be "tedious" after all.

So, here you are, my class samples. I made a kit for the class and they could choose from several different fabrics.....and everything they needed was in the kit. Oh, what a good time we had!! By the way, the largest pincushion is five inches square, the next is a three inch square and the last one is two inches x four inches.

The fabric we used for the applique is organdy......the stitch is a simple chain stitch with one strand of DMC floss and the edge is beaded using a simple whip stitch. Before class was over,they were already wanting to know what my class was going to be in 2011. I consider the class a success when that happens!

So, there you are....a fun time was had by all and I was so proud of the work my students did..every single one of them. And, now....anticipation is already mounting for the next retreat!
You should join us. Take care, pat

PS. Next post I hope to tell you a story and show you a way to rejuvenate your "stale red tomato pincushion!!


Judy said...

Amazing!! I'm so glad everyone enjoyed your class. It all sounds like so much fun. I love the adorable pincushions, they are so detailed. What a great idea.

Riet said...

THose pincushions are beautiful.Very special too. I love them
Have a nice day

Rosie said...

Hi Pat, those pincushions are gorgeous! No wonder your class was a success!
Rosie x


Hello Patricia! wonderful work as always! I love this pincushion, so beautiful! Lovely greetings!

fiberdoodles said...

Pat your class was awesome! I so enjoyed every minute. The classmates were great, funny and everyone felt so welcome. You have a wonderful ability to teach!

722 more days until the next one and I can't wait to see what we will be making ;)


Cindy P said...

Oh, the pincushion is so beautiful! Any chance of purchasing a kit? Pattern? Tips?

I love your work.

Scott Eaton said...

Those pincushions remind me of Easter Eggs!

Pat said...

Cindy P: Send me an email so I can communicate with you if you are interested in a pattern/instructions for the pincushions.

Scott: Thank you, my favorite son, for such an imaginative comment concerning these pincushions!

Aida Costa said...

Oh, these are breathtaking! So delicate and pretty.

Congrats on the great success of your class!! Great to hear :)

Andrea said...

Pat I love this! Do you sell this pattern? I would love to modify it for a runner I have in my mind but am having trouble actualizing. As soon as I saw this I could see the pieces falling into place.

Hey - why don't you come out to California and teach a class? You can stay at my house!

Anne said...


I love the designs of your pincushion projects. Both are lovely, but I am particularly drawn to the pink ones. You mentioned another class in 2011; are you not teaching a class next year?

I will remember to sign up for Quilt Arkansas next year!

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