Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Visit with Kay

Well, FINALLY, I am back out in the Nest. The last week has been very COLD! When the temperature gets down into the twenties and into the teens, I stay in our house. It's not because I can't get to the Nest, it's just I hate to heat the place if I don't intend to be in it most of the day. So, when I know it's going to be really cold, I make sure to take something in the house to work on during the cold weather and I kinda hybernate in there. Of course, the computer is in the you haven't heard from me in a week! It's still cold here, but a bit warmer - for instance,we might actually make it to the thirties today and that horribly cold wind has died down somewhat. Yea!

Here's a photo of what the Nest looked like just a few days ago......cold and lonely, don't you think? The snow is gone now and 2009 is gone also. And, hard to believe, but ten days of the New Year are also nearly gone! I'd like to begin the New Year, by showing you one of my favorite days from last year.

Do you remember me telling you I went to Mountain View, Arkansas, to visit my friend, Kay? That was one of my favorite days from 2009, so I thought I'd show you some more photos. Kay is so cool...I love her and her she is telling us something her lovely great room. I love her can see it here...and all the 'special things' she has collected over the years. Can you see the baskets over top of the cabinets? LOVE those!

We had a mini-quilt's just one of the wonderful quilts I saw that day.
Everyone brought something. Isn't it fun to see what other people are doing? I think we moved all Kay's furniture around to get better 'views' of the quilts. Lots of laughing and talking about couldn't have a better day!

One of my favorite spots at Kay's house is the screened in porch.....and here it is.
I could spend hours out there just looking at the view....having a cup of tea with her...talking...laughing....maybe even quilting!

While there, I just HAD to take a picture of her collection of 'tiny' baskets. These are just the sweetest things....I imagined washing dishes at her sink...all the while admiring these little baskets. They are DEAR! And, like our quilts, someone made them with their own two hands. Precious! Do you remember last year was my year of the 'pincushion?' And, that I have chosen 2010 to be my year 'of the basket?"
So, Kay's tiny baskets are my first choice to show you. During the year I will show you lots of 'finds' in the basket category. Also, I will be sharing with you my collection of basket embroidery patterns and baskets I have stitched myself. Only time will tell what all I can show you with that theme in mind.

Mixed in with all the baskets, I will still show pincushions, and anything else I deem worthy of mentioning to you. I sure hope you have a lovely 2010 and will continue to 'visit' me here at my little 'bird nest on the ground!" Take care, pat


FredaB said...

Many years ago on a cross country trip we stayed in Mountain Home, AR in a bed and breakfast. The scenery as you can tell from your pics is beautiful. We had a great visit and I remember music - lots of it. It was fun.

Looks like you gals also had lots of fun. wonderful to have a group of friends like that.



brenco1 said...

The nest is not lonely it is serene and resting. So glad you had that day with Kay and friends it really refreshed you.

Barbara C said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your basket themed pieces in 2010. I hope the new year is treating you well.

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