Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"White Work and Blue"

It's warmer today, so I'm out in the Nest trying to figure out what to do first...posting always comes to mind, so here I am. One of the things I have been terrible at the last few months is minding my etsy store. Hopefully, I'll improve on that in the coming year. I think I told you that I seem somewhat capable of managing (you might think mismanaging) my blog on my own. Not a small thing for someone as computer "illiterate" as myself. However, when it comes to my etsy store, my daughter usually does that for me and I just hate to interfere with her life, as being a real estate broker...her time is very precious. But, today, she did me the favor of renewing some items I had allowed to become inactive and she also listed that whitework pillow I talked about on October 26th, in a post entitled "A Satin Stitch Reproduction." You can read about it in the archives...and see it HERE, if you are interested.

One of the things I wanted to show you as soon as I could stay in the Nest awhile, was my sudden acquistion of some beautiful blue 'ingredients.' It's funny, but last fall, on one of my trips to Marshall's in Batesville, I bought some beautiful blue fabrics, noting that I should include more blue in my repertoire. Then, in December, I was gifted with a gorgeous assortment of BLUE! One of my friends (and YOU know who you are!) happens to be a very thoughtful and generous person, to the extreme, I might add. She sent me a huge container of lovely blue ingredients, much to my delight. Can you imagine?

The minute I began to look through all this treasure, I knew I'd have to organize and display it somehow in the Nest...and because I love any kind of little storage containers such as old jewelry boxes, etc., I set out to find something to put the lovely blue treasure in. And, I did. Here is a jewelry box I bought at the flea market. I've added as many of the blue things in this box as would fit. (And, another funny thing - the inside of the box is BLUE!)

Notice on top of the box is a stack of blue fabrics, silks, cottons, lovely. There was also a guest towel....she knows I LOVE this kind of embroidery. Also, a delicate little plate and a tiny teacup. Does she know me, you think? Within the drawers are
beads, buttons, lace, floss, perle cotton, silk ribbon, yarns, even scissors, pins,
needles, tins, too many to fit in the box.

Some of the beads were in salt shakers, which I removed and put in a bead tin containing little round tins with clear lids that I had been saving, they look wonderful. Also, there was a plastic box with little round containers for beads and I've filled it too. I don't have those pictured here, but they are wonderful to look at! Several posts back, you can see what I did with the salt shakers...filled them with my collection of colored glitter...what a turn-on those are! (And, I've since bought more at the flea market...I figure I can fill some for kits or something later!) It's a cool idea, one I did not think of on my own.....

I don't deserve such a I'm especially grateful for her thoughtfulness and generosity. One day soon, I will spend some quality time figuring out how to mingle some of this delicious stuff with the blue fabrics I purchased at Marshall's. Funny how things come together, isn't it?

So, thank you so much, my special friend...for treating me so well. The Nest is overflowing with GOODIES,and I, and those who enter here will enjoy the BLUE - thanks to you! take care, pat


Anne said...

Hi Pat,

I, for one, can't wait to behold the amazingly beautiful creations that will soon emerge from your bountiful blue stash! I love how you've artfully arranged and stored these items, too.

By the way, I am proud to announce that I have completed my first "crazy quilted" piece, which is a tote bag/purse. Perhaps tomorrow I'll post a photo, so you can see my debut into the world of crazy quilting.

Love the pieces in your Etsy store! I hadn't before seen the white-on-white pillow or the bracelet--just exquisite.


Jacky said...

Hi Pat,

Happy New Year...its been lovely coming over for a visit again and catching up on all your news.
The blues are stunning...what a treasure trove in those little drawers. Will look forward to seeing what they inspire.
Your nest is beautiful...lucky you having such a beautiful area.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year to you and your family.

Jacky xox

Mrs. P. said...

Oh, your blues are gorgeous. January always brings out the color (not mood, lol) blue in me. It just defines the cool and snowy weather. Thanks for sharing :)


Anonymous said...


Nicki Lee said...

Hi Pat!

You just know the minute I saw the word "Blue" that I would be checking to see what you are up to LOL! OMG! All your beautiful blues are just that, "BEAUTIFUL"! I too have been in an organizing frame of mind and getting my Etsy store back in motion - hopefully we both can keep it up throughout the year.

My best wishes to you for a Happy & Healthy 2010.

Mucho hugs!

sparkle jars said...

I love your idea of sorting by color. These photos are beautiful as is your work.
I have a button drawer, a rick rack drawer...etc. Sorting by color makes a lot more sense in terms of creativity. I look at those photos and see so many possibilities.

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