Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Birds and Baskets, Two of My Favorite Things"

Here are two of my favorite things...birds and baskets. As I mentioned the other day, my "year of the basket" has not turned out exactly as planned. Other things just keep creeping into life and pushing baskets out of the way. Unintentionally, of course. Life at the Nest has been kind of different here lately, so my intentions are good. Well, as you know....good intentions and lack of accomplishment sometimes lead places you don't want to go, so today I thought I'd better show some baskets...the birds are extra.

Last month at our retreat, one of my friends gave me the salt and pepper set you see here. Aren't they just too cute! I've been waiting for the right time to show them to, here they are going quite well with the bird plate/tray I bought at Hobby Lobby last month. HL had these bird 'plates' in two or three sizes, along with matching tote bags, storage boxes, etc. I could have bought one of each item...but the budget wouldn't allow. If they'd had yardage...I would have HAD to buy it!! So, I'll just enjoy this one and the size smaller that I purchased. And, like I said, they go quite well with the salt and pepper shaker set...thanks ever so much to friend, Deb, for those. That girl seems to have her finger right on the pulse of things I am obsessed by. (She also sent me two dresser scarves with baskets, which I will share on another post.)

I purchased the cast iron basket door stop (at least, that's what I think it's quite heavy) at a flea market several years ago and have used it for just that purpose. Sometimes I put things in, hankies, whatever strikes my fancy. I love it.

The little basket with a bow on the handle is from Germany...another flea market find. I haven't the slightest idea what it is made of, but I just love it. So sweet looking! (You know I'm a pushover for that vintage stuff!)

Then, there is that rhinestone basket pin. I've had it quite a while and yes, it's another flea market find. It's such a pretty shaped pin....I keep thinking I'll add it to something, but just hate to 'use' it and prefer to just enjoy looking at it. Silly, isn't it?

I found the cross-stitch napkins yesterday at a flea market in Beebe. Three of them. Simply could not walk out of the store without them. Of course, I'll plan on reproducing them on something one day...sooner or later.

You know it will be impossible for me to 'keep up' with all these proposed projects...but it's such fun to dream of doing them. Eventually, some of my pretty things will be used in one way or other...but, meantime, I enjoy the hunt and the planning. Now, as for those things given me by friends....they are special, indeed, and warm my heart each time I look at them.

So, there we are...baskets and birds. Old and new. Loved and enjoyed. I am lucky indeed! take care out there.....pat


FredaB said...

Hi patricia

The main thing is the pleasure you get when finding these items. I know I will never use all the things I buy at the flea market but they make me happy and I enoy looking at them. There are worse vices in this world. Enjoy.



Barbara C said...

I love seeing your collections. Your selections and the ways you group things, is a real treat. Those salt and pepper shakers are just precious.

Robin said...

Hi Pat, Love the plates! I will be heading out to Hobby Lobby to see if I can find those pretty treasures! I also can't resist any piece of linen with a basket on it. Thank you for sharing your eye candy!

Pat said...

I hope the Hobby Lobby in your area has some of the bird merchandise for you....I certainly loved it all and still wish yardage was available with this print...wouldn't that be great?
Hope you all enjoy your day...and thanks for the comments...pat

brenco1 said...

More treasures that I wish I had been with you to find them. There is a white bird at BSSAM that I may just have to pick up tomorrow before I start working. LOL You do so inspire me!!!!!

sparkle jars said...

I thoroughly enjoy each and every post you write...and I wish, wish, wish I could visit the art gallery. I'm so glad you share the photos.

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