Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Week: A Challenge, Some Gifts, a Find or Two"

I'm sorry it's been a week since I posted, but life has, once again, reared it's head over my plans, and we have spent the greater part of the week at the hospital. I think I've mentioned that the 'old navy man' has COPD and he had a particularly bad episode of pneumonia. An almost deadly one, but being the tough old coot he is....he's now home. It was very scary. Now, we are acquainting ourselves with oxygen, breathing treatments, multiple prescriptions and a change in life style. Also, so as to add to the tenseness of the week, I ended up having to have a stress test and an EKG, after a previously scheduled doctor's appointment. I'm fine. It will all be okay...just a little 'period of adjustment.'

While going back and forth to the hospital, I wondered when I would get a chance to visit with you all again. Isn't that just the weirdest thing? I don't really know you, but I miss 'talking' to you! So, today is the first chance I've had to visit. Hopefully, we will make the adjustments we must make (like the old guy can no longer smoke, and yes, he knows he should have quit long ago! I guess we both learn things the hard way). It won't be easy, but I am so glad I have you guys to talk to, as I know I will need a diversion. It does my mind (and heart) good to come up with something to talk about and show you!

So....what do you think about these things? I've gathered up some things I find interesting and hope you do too. Let's start with the beaded shoes. Are they precious? I think so. Given to me a while back by friend, Jim. He found them at a flea market just for me. I've been thinking ever since that I should reproduce that beaded design on something...and yes, as you and I often say....'someday.' Last month our little Knot group also had a challenge. We loaded a tiny paper bag full of 'ingredients' my case fabric and goodies to make a small crazy quilt. Then, we traded our bags, anonymously, with another group member, made something from the ingredients and gave them back to their owners at the last meeting. It was fun to see who had whose bag. Jim, as it turns out, got my bag and made this doll for me. In the challenge, you could also add some ingredients of your own. Isn't she just lovely? He says this is a hard color to work with...well, he loves bright colors, so there you are. I think he did a wonderful job and she is really pretty. So you see her here, both with and without her 'cape' made from a scrap of crochet I included in the bag...beaded no less. So cute?? Thanks again, Jim!!!

Then, there is the pink china rose shoe. Just so cute. I found it while I was 'out and about' last year and intend to make a pincushion from it. Hopefully, one day soon. After the last week, I find myself behind in work even more that I was....but I hope to 'get in the groove' again in the next few days.

I love that rose cup. It was given to me by my good friend, Sherry. It's too pretty to use, really, although I think I'll put some real roses in it this spring to add a cheery note to my bedroom!
Speaking of bedrooms, Sherry presented me with a great vintage white iron bed. I don't know when I'll get the proper linens for it...but may show it to you soon anyway. It's wonderful!

Do you notice the knitting all these goodies are sitting on? It's a sweater I bought at the flea market ($1.00). When I saw it, I thought what fun it would be to incorporate bits of it into some of my embroidery/mixed media....yes, I know....when will I do that? Well, right now...the thought of working with my beautiful 'stuff' is keeping me going and I'm so glad I have this 'habit.' Aren't you glad you have it too?

So, a very hard week just passed. I'm hoping for a better one coming up....not only for me and the old navy man (bless his heart!), but for you all too. Do take care, pat


Robin said...

hankybuttonsPat, I missed you last week. Hope your Navy guy recovers soon. My Mr. Wonderful smokes. He tried to quit but was really grouchy. I thought I would start smoking! not! I love the half doll,the shoe and the rose cup. Glad you are back! Take care. Robin

Erin in MI said...

Pat - I love reading your blog. I'm sorry to hear about your husband. My dad died of lung cancer 3 years ago this week. It started with COPD and moved to cancer....he smoked until the day he died.

I didn't mean to scare you - I just wanted to let you know that if you need to talk to someone that's been through some of the things you're going through, I'm here.

I love the work you do - hopefully life will get back to normal for you soon and the Ole Navy Man will get better quickly.

Caron said...

Oh my goodness, you DID have quite the week! So glad to hear hubby is back home, even if he has new routines to undergo. It's difficult being the caregiver - never easy, but made especially difficult when you're not feeling up-to-par yourself. I'll include you both in my prayers. Hugs to you both!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Dear Pat,

Sending healing thoughts you way, and to the Mr. too. I know you have to be postitve for him too, but I have a feeling you are very good at that. Lovely roses!

Karen said...

I know exactly where you are coming from my old Navy man is really ill these days too and it has turned our lives upside down. I am most grateful for my online "friends" and my blog. Don't know what I would do without them. remember we are always here for you and will be glad to listen and offer help if we can. Hang in there and try to take care of yourself, it is really hard work to be the caregiver. I love your doll, she is a beauty. Hoping things improve for the two of you.

Christine said...

Hi Pat. So sorry you've had such a worrying week, and wish you good luck with the smoking! My DH has had 2 heart attacks now, and was able to stop smoking for about 8 weeks after each episode, but took it up again (albeit secretly, but of course we all know !) The most important thing is for YOU to look after yourself. I'm probably telling you nothing you don't already realise, but families are often literally held together by the mother so don't feel selfish and look after you first, then everything else will follow. When DH was ill everyone told me this and I didn't realise until later how true it was, the "patient" will be fine if he follows orders but we women tend to take on too much and put others first. Good luck with everything, we did miss your blog posts but didn't know there was something so serious happening in your world. Hugs to you across the ocean,
Christine from Sydney Australia

Barbara C said...

I hope you and your husband are on the mend. My honey stopped smoking (again) recently with the help of the patch. He previously had gone cold turkey, and feels that it was much easier with the patch.

Thanks for sharing your lovely things. It is a nice distraction to cheer oneself with beautiful things. Work on your sweater, and you'll probably feel much better.

Your friend did a beautiful job on the porcelain figurine. Very clever.

FredaB said...

Hi Pat

My best wishes to you both. Sometimes life is just one life change after another. We had a very serious one 13 years ago but got by it, came through it and are on top of it now. My projects whether crazy quilting,flea marketing or oher type of needlework saved my sanity. When things get tough I start a new project.

Hang in there and things will get better and you will adjust to what needs to be changed.

Tell the "old navy man" that he has a whole group of women out there thinking about him and that should cheer him up.

Cheryl said...

What a roller coaster you have been on! That pesky smoking is so tough to conquer. I did it over 15 years ago, but my hubby tried and still struggles with it. I always know when has fallen off the wagon because his
mustache turns from grey to red from the tobacco! Isn't it nice to have such pretty things to help bring the blood pressure down? Nice collection.

Amy said...

I spent an unexpected week at the hospital a few weeks back as well. My little Abby was scheduled for tubes and after the surgery she ended up in the hospital for a few days with pneumonia. She recovered quite quickly and is just fine now, but man that moment it was decided she was going to be staying in the hospital really threw our daily routine off.

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