Friday, April 2, 2010

"My New Old Bed"

OK, it's late! Too late for me to still be up as there are doctor's appointments early in the a.m. I am not very efficient these days, so trying to have some kind of 'routine' going. If you know me, then you know I am a creature of habit and having my routine messed up makes me nuts. I meant to do this post much earlier today, but now find myself burning the midnight oil. In my last post, I mentioned the bed given to me by my friend, Sherry, so now I'm showing it to you. (Thank you so much, Sherry!!!!)

Here it is! Vintage iron bed....really cool, really tall. Actually too big for this little room, but I love it in there anyway. If you remember me showing you this room in a previous post, you will notice that I have moved the quilt I had on the wall over to the opposite wall, plus I have taken down just about everything that was on the walls in this room. Except for that quilt and Mary Lou's paper dolls, which I'll show you another time. I also moved the vanity to another wall in the room.......opposite the bed. Then, I put my antique doll bed under the this old doll bed with it's chippy paint...I wonder what little kid played with it and where.

On the doll bed, you will see a doll given to me by my mother. She's so cute! She's an Annette Himstedt doll....if I got the name right. I recently took her hair down, rebraided it and added a white ribbon. She's wearing a vintage rhinestone necklace I found you know where...the flea market. She's also wearing glasses. One of my friends visited Chicago a few years ago and came back with these glasses. She told me she saw them and knew right away any doll of mine would need glasses! Just fit too.

Do you see those black patent leather shoes next to the doll? Those belong to my daughter, Kelly. She wore them long ago and I've saved them. Well, today is her birthday! Yes, I gave birth to her on April 1, 1967. She is very dear....and so are those little black shoes. Maybe someday, she will actually want them. (Gee, I just realized that 'today' is already yesterday!)

Do you notice the bed quilt? I bought that at the flea market for $16. I've used the heck out of it as it's so nice and soft. Lots of names embroidered on the quilt.......I don't know them, but they keep me warm. I mentioned the other day that my grandson put the bed up for me and he also put the dust ruffle on the bed. Notice that it's way too short now. Well, I'll remedy that at some point...then I guess I'll have to show you again.....notice I said 'at some point.' The top of the mattress is above my waist...making a step stool very important. I'll have to find a more interesting step stool too.

I finished another heart and as soon as I know the recipient has it in her hands, I'll post photos of it....meantime, lots to do. Hope you are all well and having some FUN. Do take care, pat


fiberdoodles said...

Oh I love this bed! And the room is very pretty!!

FredaB said...

Hi Pat

I love the bed and the quilt on it. I also see your basket quilt up on the wall. I looked at the bed skirt and because it is fancy and curvy I think that length looks just fine.

I too have a white wrought iron bed we found at an auction in wisconsin.
I paid 25.00 for it as someone else wanted it and she finally gave up. We had it stripped (because of the old iron paint) and my hubby painted it. When we sold our cottage the one piece of furniture I did not include was my white bed, plus all my quilts on the other beds and my Hadley pottery. I have it in a spare rom now and still love it. Must take a pic when I get back to chicago. The Hadley pottery is still going strong down in Florida.

Hope all is going well and things are settling down.



Sherry said...

Oh, Pat! You've made that dear old bed look so good! It makes me happy to see it being used and loved again instead of stored in a closet! The whole room is beautiful -- like everything else in your warm and welcoming home. Happy dreams!

Sherry in Little Rock

Barbara C said...

What a pretty room. It's so cozy and cheerful, and your doll is a real beauty.

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