Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Studio Draperies

I spoke with my friend, Sherry, over the phone this afternoon. Amongst the things we talked about was my inability to think of something to post about today. I just got through the annual headache caused by working on our income taxes, so my creative juices were freaked out and not flowing at all. Somehow, I decided that just looking at some of the photos I have taken lately might inspire me to show you 'something.'

Here's the something: how about the draperies I 'made' for the Second Saturday Studio front window. It's a wide window and we had no idea how to make draperies without a) spending a lot of money, and b) going to a lot of trouble. At that time, my creativity did kick in and I mentioned to Kelly that we could make them out of painter's canvas. It comes in huge sizes....and two 9' x 12' canvases would do the trick. (You can also get them 8' x 10.') She thought that was a great idea (me too!), so she bought two of them...I went in search of grommets, and the rest is history. There already was a rod in place, permanently, I might add, so we used shower curtain hooks to hang them.

So, here they are at different times of the day, open and closed, and from indoors and out. We will have these open most of the time. I'm kinda pleased with them. Simple, inexpensive (look in the paint department at Walmart or your local home improvement place), durable and oh, my.....versatile! We also used some for tablecovers and I'm thinking slipcovers would be great too!

One suggestion: I did prewash them. With my quilting background, using unwashed fabric just didn't appeal to me. This part was not easy....they weigh a ton! I did manage, though, and ended up laying them out in the backyard to dry. (There are four here because we had 'extra.') One other thing....they are not all identical in size...there could be an inch or so difference in length and width. These two weren't too far off from each other, so we decided not to worry about it.

Well, what do you think? OK? Y'all take care out there....pat


Amy R said...

I'd say your draperies were quite the success~ I think they are great and very appropriate!

Micah Holden said...

I think they look like a million bucks!! xoxo
happy day!

FredaB said...

When I read the part about them being made from painters canvas and you mentioned slipcovers my eyes lit up. I am thinking of having slipcovers made for our Florida house and I want them washable. Fabric washed before they are made also.

Must take a look and make sure they are not too casual.

They look great in the studio setting. Clever idea.

sparkle jars said...

Wow! These turned out great. I love this idea and they work well in a studio setting.

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