Friday, June 4, 2010

"Roses on My Table" (a wall quilt)

Lately I've been thinking a lot about what is going to happen to all my quilts, my embroidered and beaded things, my treasures and all the things I surround myself with in this life. I do especially love the things I have created using my heart, my head, these two hands, some fabric, beads and a needle and thread. It's something to think about and I have mixed emotions. I DO know I can't take all this with me when I, I've decided to sell a couple of things from the quilt closet. A couple. Two now...and more as time goes by.

I've shown you my quilt closet's nice in there and my quilts don't suffer from too much light, etc. I take them out occasionally and rearrange them.....look at them, show them to other people, and promptly put them back. There are some I would never sell...people will just have to fight over them later. Those I hang in various places in the house for a bit, then back in they go.

Anyway, I was in the closet this morning, giving everything the 'once over' trying to decide if any of them could leave today. So, I've decided on two. I'll show you one today and the other one on Sunday. If you are interested in this one living in your home, send me an email and I'll let you know

This one is 28 inches wide and 32 inches long and is called "Roses on My Table." It was great fun to make. As you know, all my work is done by hand and this one is hand quilted with applique, embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, beading and writing on fabric. There is a tatted butterfly on her shoulder (made by a friend), there are glass beads sewn to the lace curtain trim and her bracelet. The tablecloth is gathered chiffon and the vase is hand-painted with metallic paint. This whole quilt came about because I had that great border print fabric I used on the bottom and the lovely quote, which is one of my favorites.

Yes, this is one way to see that my quilts and things are taken care of...finding them new homes.
Do you feel that way about yours? take care out there, pat

***** Update: Just so you know, I have used these quilts as my teaching samples and sometimes hang them for brief periods of time either in my house or in the Nest when a quilter visits, at an occasional quilt event. They do get attention, but mostly they are preserved in the quilt closet as my house has very little wall space...too many windows and doors for proper quilt display. They look as good now as the day I finished making them. I do, however, have some quilts that hang here most of the time...and those would not be for'll see them on this post from time to time. So, don't worry that I'm hoarding quilts for no one to see or touch. They get loved. And, I'm happy to report that this little quilt is now SOLD and going to a very nice new home!


Cottage Rose said...

I love your quilts,,, you do such amazing work... and all by hand.. wow... I love mine the same way,, but I think you have a lot more than I the one you are selling so so pretty... I love the name of it...
Have a great weekend.


vicki said...

Oh Pat - this is so beautiful - you must part with this with a bit of a heavy heart. I am sure - without a doubt - that God will send the right person to give a joyful home to this treasure. You are a beautiful person to unselfishly give it up~~~


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

What beautiful work, but I hope you won't mind me asking - why aren't you using these lovely things? when we surround ourselves with beautiful creations it is very therapeutic. I know light will damage your work in time but maybe two things could come out to be enjoyed by their maker? and as time makes them old and faded, long after you have left this planet, to somebody else they will be something to be treasured simply because they ARE beautiful, old and used!

Riet said...

Ohhh wowww Pat,So beautiful.

Hugs Riet.xx

Francien said...

Well know how i feel about your quilts and other lovely creations i have seen here..nothing "wrong"with selling them if it gets to "crowded"...i only made sure that the right people gets know the kind...that love the quilts but can`t make them therselves for some reason...but you feel it in your heart the one that will treasure your awesome quilts...this one you have sold is absolutly gorgious...what a great "saying"...true for me!!
If you dont mind i like to use that in a stitchery somethimes...
i am not surprised its gone already!!
greetings ♥ Francien.

Susan said...

Good morning..I'm baking those cupcakes today!! Sorry I don't have that beautiful tablecloth to look at while I'm eating them. Love your blog! Susan

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