Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Four Hearts" Quilt

As always, I intend to post much more often than I actually do....but life takes over and I end up going many more days without a post. All day today my brain was telling me to 'get out in the Nest and post something,' but there were things to do that needed doing....you know how it is. I know you KNOW.

Anyway, the hour is late but I just have to do something for you...so I'm posting my "Four Hearts" quilt. I may have shown it to you before....if so, I don't remember, so I'm betting you won't either. And, then again, maybe there is a new reader out there somewhere who might enjoy seeing this quilt. It's an applique quilt...and other than crazy quilting, a specialty of mine. I LOVE applique!

This quilt is approximately 49 inches square. And, a quilt made entirely of 'leftover' fabrics from other quilts. The challenge I proposed for myself was to make a quilt entirely made from leftover fabrics, batting, thread, etc. It actually worked.

If you click on the photos, you can see more detail...I hope the photos are not too blurry for that. I used ribbons, beads, an antique button on the large flower center in the lower right hand block, and some embroidery to complete the embellishment of this quilt. I tried to keep it simple. The blocks are approximately 12' square. There are some Nine Patch blocks...one in the very center of the quilt and four in the center of each vine border.

All the applique, embroidery, beading and quilting was done by hand. Fun!!! Great fun!!!

So, there you are....another quilt from the Nest. Hope you enjoyed seeing it...whether for the very first time...or once again. Thanks for visiting! take care, pat


Peonies & Magnolias said...

Perfection -- another gorgeous quilt. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Have a great week.


Dolores said...

It is wonderful. And hand quilted too. That is the nicest part. My friend says it isn't a quilt until it's quilted and when done by hand, looks so much nicer.

Francien said...

Well Pat...its the first time for me to see this lovely quilt...you sure are a number one at appliqué and even if i had seen it before... it definitive is worth a second or many looks again...
and belated reaction on the post about your grandson...he is handsome!! 25...the world is open for him..he will be allright!!
greetings Francien.

Anne said...

I enjoyed enlarging the photos to see the lovely details of each block. I like the juxtaposition of the curvy vines against the gridded rows of quilting. Your work marries colors perfectly, as well as layers of texture. What a beautiful way to artfully arrange scrap fabrics! Yeah, I'd definitely say that it worked--and it worked very well!

Vivian said...

Another lovely quilt by a very talented lady. I feel like I have been missing in action for awhile also. Life is busy.

vicki said...

Simply stunning my friend. You make the most beautiful creations - this one is outstanding!


AngelDoll said...

Absolutely Beautiful Pat. I have always wanted to make a heart quilt and you r post may be motivating me to get busy. Than you for sharing your wonderful work on your blog.


Allison Ann Aller said...

What an heirloom. I am in awe of that handquilting, too.
Also, I love the line of flowers below the quilt in the overall photo. What a sumptuous addition to the visual presentation.
It's always lovely in the Nest!

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