Thursday, July 8, 2010

My "Made for Saturday' artwork

This Saturday we will have another day for art at Second Saturday Studio here in Searcy. As you may remember, if you read this blog often, we now have a co-op of artists here in town, led by two special daughter, Kelly, and her great friend, Micah. They open one Saturday per month and have provided the citizens of the area with a great place to find artwork made by twenty-two artists from our area. It's a really 'cool' place.

This first photo is a hand-appliqued and embroidered little landscape I will add to my little corner of the studio this weekend. I've framed it in a very rustic frame. You can click on it to see a close-up, but I'm afraid this photo isn't the best...reflections from glass and all that, but you get the idea. It's a 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" piece of handwork, but framed it is 10" x 12'. If one of you 'out there' is interested...$50 plus's joining my other work at the gallery early Saturday morning. I'd love for it to find a new home somewhere.

In addition to the wonderful artwork offered each month, this month's studio opening will feature an art contest for kids under 18 years old. The winners will receive prizes and the art will be sold in a Silent Auction whose proceeds will benefit the Sunshine School building fund (a local educational facility here in Searcy for special needs children).

The co-op artists are also contributing artwork for the Silent Auction, so it ought to be a really FUN day. Not wanting to be left out, I have created a couple of collages to add to the mix. I've dabbled in this kind of thing before, but not much, so I have felt 'challenged' to come up with something.

Here are my contributions - an 8' x 10' collage along with a tiny 3" square one (both on canvas using paint, paper napkins, rubber stamps and vintage postage stamps and dictionary pages). I can't say they are all that great, but they were certainly FUN to make. Kelly had given me four of the little 3" canvases with easels, so this was a perfect time to try one. I'm looking forward to seeing all the available artwork, both from the kids and the co-op artists. And, well, you know I have to bid on one or two myself and with kids showing their artwork there will be even more excitement for all of us. I can't wait!

Wish you could be here to be excited along with us.....have a lovely weekend and take care, pat


brenco1 said...

Wish I could be there, but alas it is the ballpark again this weekend.
I love your little bird one on the easel and the collages are great. But you know I love all your work-LOL

Susan said...

Oh how i love birds!! Susan

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

These are fabulous! I love the notes next to the bird. Just precious, Pat!! No wonder that someone bought them - they are super cute!!


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