Friday, August 27, 2010

Birds Around My House

Yesterday I was noticing just how many birds I had around the house. Not "real" birds, of course, but birds made of glass, ceramic, paper, fabric, etc. Many, I've found at the Flea Market and some were given to me by friends. So, today, I thought I'd show a few of them to you. Notice I said "some." Too many for one I'll leave the rest for another day.

The first "bird" is my newest bird. A couple of weeks ago, the mailman knocked on my door with a package from Texas and this beautiful blue bird was in it. I had been tipped off by my friend, Deb, that a package was forthcoming, but she wouldn't say what was in it. Isn't this blue bird gorgeous? I just had to put it where the morning light would make it glow...this photo was taken on my bed early the other morning. (Ok, my house is dark lots of the time, so I get the light where I can!) I love this beautiful little you do too! Thank you, again, Debbie!!!
(I'll see you soon!)

In my living room.......I have a clear glass bowl in which this big brown bird lives. She's a very serious bird....with a nest, of course...constantly watching. This bird was a gift from Bibi. This bird also likes to perch on the table around Thanksgiving time. Thank you, again, Bibi!

Last time I was in Texas, I found these two little blue birds at the local Flea Market in my home town. I have an old vanity sitting in my bedroom, and these two birds perch on a vintage powder jar there. Aren't they sweet?

My friend, Brenda, gave me the cat in this next photo. Thanks again, Brenda. Love the cat...and in that cool hat! Then, Bibi made the little nest with a little yellow bird perched on it, so I thought it would be cute near the cat. I see them when I wake up in the morning. Too cute!

Lastly, there are two ceramic birds on top of my red cabinet. Cabinet and birds from the flea market. I like the way the birds seem to be thinking of flying away....but can't quite decide.

These are some of my favorite birds 'around the house.' Of course, the best birds are the ones outside. I have yet to catch many of them in photos. But, I'm still trying and that old navy man and I enjoy watching them every morning and evening. Two of our favorites are Mr. and Mrs. Mourning Dove. They waddle on our deck every day. Love 'em! Speaking of which....I need to go feed the birds....Y'all take care out there. pat


Anne said...

Love the birds! I especially love that beautiful blue glass dish that looks like a bird sitting on a nest. That's about the most beautiful glass dish I have ever seen!

Speaking of birds on backyard decks, for the past decade we have given a home to a diminutive blue parakeet that my husband's friend found on his deck. Don't know if the previous owner let her go on purpose, or if she flew the coop, but we love and enjoy her presence and her lively songs. She fusses at me, though, if I vacuum too near her "territory."

We also have a Panama Amazon named Jack. I taught him to sing the "Skidamarinki-doo" song. Watching and listening to him is better than any television program. I also have to mention Ted, our Quaker parrot. He's sometimes noisy, but he likes for me to play peek-a-boo with him.

God certainly blessed humans by giving us the gift of birds! No wonder their likenesses are recreated in wood, stone, glass, and paper for us to admire!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

That is a wonderful blue glass bird. You know blue birds bring you luck. I just see that filled with chocolate for some reason.....

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

BEAUTIFUL birds....I especially like the blue glass one :)


Melissa said...

I really like the brown bird - it is almost real looking to me. Such a sweet expression too

Wholesale Flea Market Goods said...

Its very beautiful and nice virtual bird here..I live bird so this very good for me and here i like blue glass bird..

Francien said...

They are lovely Pat...birds do bring luck "they" one never can have tomuch of your red cabinet too..the blue glass bird is awesome.....
have a good weekend..i am cleaning up my little honk and look true my faabricstash for a little new to be done...cant find my worktable anymore lol...
greetings Francien.

Barbara C said...

Your birds are so cheerful scattered about. The blue one is just lovely. They must make you smile when you see them.

Vivian said...

Love the birds. I have some birds in my guest bathroom. I was waiting to see when my surgery was to sign up for the "women on the loose quilt retreat" and now I am too late. Hopefully, I will be able to make the next one.

The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio

The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio
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A Bit of Heaven
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