Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Hearts for February

As promised the other are more hearts from my house to yours during this Valentine month. I've been wandering around looking here and there to find all the hearts of different kinds to my house and the Nest also. Tomorrow, I will be at the downtown the camera may find even more then. I never tire of the heart motif and I hope you enjoy seeing all the hearts I can come up with.

I've shown you this quilt before, but maybe you'd enjoy another look. It is one of my favorites, made from someone else's pattern....something I rarely do. This quilt was FUN to make, has hearts, baskets and birds and so I just had to make one. The pattern belongs to Robyn Pandolph. I made this quite a while ago, so I've no idea if the pattern is still available, but you can click here to find Robyn. She designs fabrics also and most of the ones in this quilt are hers.

I have a doll that my mother gave me several years see the doll here. So sweet. An Arkansas artist made the house pin my doll is wearing. It has that cute little heart over the door. She makes little clay houses in addition to several other things, but I LOVE the pin. You can check out Beth's work here.

In my bedroom, hanging on the closet door, is a heart made from wool. I made it a while ago and got the pattern from a vendor at Quilt Festival in Houston. You can find that vendor here.
It was easy to make, although I must confess...I didn't make mine totally like the pattern. It was lots of fun though.

And, lastly, I must show you this photo I took late this afternoon. It was taken on my front porch. Like a lot of you....we had snow again yesterday...about seven inches. My porch has a roof over it and is about 7 feet deep, but the snow was blowing in every possible direction, so everything on the porch had snow on it, my little wicker table included. I went for my walk this afternoon and when I walked back up on the porch, I just glanced down and saw a HEART underneath the table. Do you see it??? A snow heart. How cute is that? Kind of looks like a 'stencil' of a heart. It made me smile and so I had to run get the camera. (I have been searching for rocks that look like hearts for a long time. Several bloggers I could name have found all kinds of heart-shaped rocks. I've searched everywhere I've ever walked, and have found none. So, now I'm many have found snow hearts? Guess I'm luckier than I thought.)

So, there you are. More hearts. There will be more before the month is over. Maybe even a tutorial on two of my favorite hearts to embroider. Y'all stay warm....and if I don't post again before Monday...have a delightful and Happy Valentine's Day! pat


fiberdoodles said...

How amazing is that snow heart! I just love finding things like that, right out of no where. And as always your quilts are beautiful!! Happy Valentine's day (a little early)!

love & hugs!!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing all your hearts with us! Your snow heart is so sweet!!!!!

skoots1mom said...

fun hearts!!
happy valentines day!

Vivian said...

All of your hearts are so pretty. The colors in the quilt are so romantic. Have a great weekend and Happy Valentines Day.

Barbara C said...

I've enjoyed all your hearts, and of course your lovely buttons. I hope you have a special Valentine's Day.

Dolores said...

What a great post. Hearts everywhere you look - just about.

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