Friday, June 24, 2011

Flowers and an Anniversary

Tonight I thought I'd post something's been a long week and tomorrow is our anniversary. I'm planning on us spending a quiet weekend with not one thing on my 'schedule.' My last posts were too far something pretty and brief sounded good for me tonight. Oh, by the's the 45th anniversary for me and that old Navy man. Who knew??? I'm trying to hold out for 50...that's been my plan all along....and I hope we can make it. Opposites attract, that's for sure and with some effort from both of us...we've made it this far. Yea!!!! celebrate here's some pretty flowers! I love, pink, lavender, white...doesn't matter to me, I love them all. So, the old Navy man and I planted some three years ago. Neither of us have green, it had to be the plants, the soil, or both because we have four quite large, beautiful hydrangeas growing here. All we really did was cheer them along!

I hope you enjoy the photos. Now that I have this new iMac with it's big screen, I can actually SEE the photos and I am really amazed that I, myself, have taken these photos...too cool!!! So, you have a wonderful weekend and we will too! I'll see you Monday or so. Stay cool, pat


Sherry said...

Just beautiful, Pat! And, your anniversary plans sound great to me. Have a wonderful weekend!

Carol said...

Hi Pat. Happy Anniversary.
Mine will be 40 this year in August. Have a wonderful weekend.

rlbates said...

Happy Anniversary!

browse said...

Hydrangeas remind me of the deep south like no other flower. They send me back to stifling hot Summer day, visiting distant relative in small towns reminiscent of Mayberry, small one-story houses with massive hydrangeas along the sides of the house, and an endless buffet of food being pushed on us, with pleas of "Are you sure you've had enough? Why don't you make up a plate to take with you?"

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :-)

kim23 said...

nice post, Pat! I adore all these anniversary flowers! I really enjoyed the pictures! Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful week!

Amy said...

Congratulations on a wonderful milestone in life.

Amy said...

ps, I LOVE hydrangeas but alas live in a climate zone much to cold.

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