Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Birthday!!!

Well, tonight I am running a little later than I intended to....you know how the day just gets away from you...especially on your birthday! I want to announce the winner of my Birthday Giveaway, as promised....before the day ends. And, then, I want to tell you about the quilt shown on this post.

First, the Giveaway. As I've said here....I love to give something away on my birthday, so this time I chose the Candlestick Pincushion shown on my last post. I was astounded at the response I got to this giveaway...thank you all very much for your interest in the giveaway and for your responses! I do wish I could give you all something...wouldn't that be fun?.....but, I can only give away one. (Thank you, my old navy man, for choosing the winner!)

The lucky winner is BRENDA from Nebraska!! Brenda, I will be sending you an email as soon as I publish this post. And, for the rest of you....please remember, I will also be giving away a pretty nice gift for Christmas....so keep visiting!

Now, about this quilt I'm showing you on this post. If you'll remember, last post I mentioned I'd be showing you something that might make you laugh from a previous birthday. This little quilt is that item. It is 14 inches x 16 inches. The quilt was made for my 55th birthday by my great and good friend, Jim, or as I call him most of the time...Mr. G. At that time...he often referred to me as the 'Queen of Everything' and so was inclined to make me a quilt with that in mind. Of course, what he has done is put my face on a photo of Queen Victoria....and...look there....HIS head on a photo of Prince Albert. You'd kind of have to know Jim to 'get' this....and I do, so at the time it really made me laugh and now, TWELVE years later...I still laugh. Maybe even more.

Mr. G is really into embellishing his quilts...often using things other people would never think of.
He does embellish with embroidery stitches often....but sometimes, you will find things like these...a large pin, some shiny, rhinestone buttons, a crown button. And, then, there is the label on the back. You can click to enlarge and read it. Yeah....this is one of the more unusual birthday gifts I have received. And, one of my very favorites.

So, another birthday has come and is nearly gone. It's been a great day. Thank you all for visiting!! take care, pat


Dolores said...

Well, congratulations to Brenda.
Your quilt did make me smile. How nice to have someone make something for you that brings you pleasure - and a little chuckle.

Brenda said...

Oh my gosh! I sure am hoping that I'm the Brenda from Nebraska that won!! I haven't seen an email so I'm just checking for sure. I hope I am!!!

Pat said...

Brenda, YES, it's YOU. You are the giveaway winner! I sent you an email to the address that pops up when you click on 'email' in your profile. So, I hope you get this....if not....my email address is paeaton@mac.com...send me your mailing address!!! pat

Julie Fukuda said...

So glad you had a happy day. That is one wild gift. You can laugh about it for many more years.

Eddie said...

Hahaha....love the quilt! The Queen and I! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Sorry, I missed the meeting yesrterday, but you do have a little (unusual for me to make) birthday surprise coming. The people I have sent pix to have said it looks JUST LIKE YOU!!! LOL!
And I think the "Queen & I" is one of my most favorite things in the universe. How it does make me smile!! I'm glad I'm so talented & creative. I remind me of you.

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