Saturday, October 22, 2011

Roses and Crochet

Two pretty combinations: roses and crochet. Simply saying these words makes me sound like a 'grandma' type. Well, I definitely AM a grandma type....still to this day called "Grandmother" by my one and only grandchild. He's 26 years old. So...yes....roses and crochet....that's me. Grandmother.

The roses you see on this post were sent to me on my recent birthday....last Tuesday, by my favorite son, Scott. Aren't they beautiful? There's not much on this earth prettier than flowers, is there? And, a goodness. I've saved lots of roses that he has sent and even though those are dried now...they are still very beautiful. At one of my flea market raids, I purchased what I call a sieve - my husband says it looks like something you'd use to find gold in some river somewhere. When my roses start to look a tad wilted, I cut them off the stem, place them in my 'sieve' and let them dry naturally. It works. I'm saving them, although I really don't know what for except I still like to look at them and keep them on my dining room buffet in an antique rose dish. I thought you'd enjoy seeing my 'birthday roses' sitting on my dining room table.

You'll notice this is where the crochet comes in....that crocheted tablecloth on my dining room table has a story too. I made it myself. It's the only one I have ever made...or probably ever will make. And, I made it under circumstances that are rather unique.

So, here's the story: When my children were five and six, I insisted they take swimming lessons. She wanted to, but he didn't. I wanted them to know how to swim so they wouldn't be afraid of water. I couldn't teach them, so they took private lessons at a friend's home swimming pool during that summer. It was very important to me that they KNOW how to conduct themselves in water because their mother (ME) is deathly afraid of being in the water. I can't swim and don't like to be on boats, or drive over bridges. Yes, I know it's weird. So, the kids took their swimming lessons, learned to swim and love to swim to this day. That summer, after they learned to swim, I took them several times a week to the local pool. Now, this is me......of course, I couldn't swim with them, but watched as they swam and while I was watching....I crocheted this tablecloth. It took six weeks to crochet the tablecloth and when it was done...swimming for the summer was over. That summer, my kids became very good swimmers and I got a crocheted tablecloth out of the deal.

I enjoy knowing that my 'forty-something' children enjoy swimming and so does that only grandchild of mine. They LOVE the water. And, even though they think there might be too much of the 'grandma' touches in my home....they enjoy the fact that I LOVE my roses and my crochet and all the other vintage-y things I seem to 'drag in here' (as that old navy man says). Then, too, finding, making or collecting these things keeps me 'out of their hair, I guess! Yes, roses and my crocheted 'em! And, I enjoy remembering how that tablecloth was made too....back in 1973. Hope you enjoy seeing them....take care, pat


Eddie said...

Beautiful roses, and an even more beautiful tablecloth. Only 6 weeks? My! Your fingers must have been flying! I have one in a very similar pattern (called "pineapple"?) that my great-great-aunt made decades and decades ago. I have it packed away somewhere...I need to get it out and display it so I can actually see it each day and enjoy it.

Sherry said...
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Sherry said...

Wow, Pat!!! Six weeks?!?!? I'm even more impressed with your skills than I was already! I can't imagine how long that would take me to make.

And, yes, Eddie! You need to be enjoying that tablecloth!

Sherry in Little Rock

ga447 said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Just love the tablecloth - I have one from a dear lady who had an ice cream shop.

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Happy Birthday Pat!! Your roses and the tablecloth are both GORGEOUS! I crochet and know exactly what goes into such a project -- great job and I loved the story! Good for you making sure your kids could swim, even when that was not something you were comfortable with :)


vicki said...

Dearest Pat- YOU are amazing-- that tablecloth in unbelievable!! ( and beautiful!!)

Happy belated Birthday- your flowers are lovely- such a wonderful sentiment. I think roses are THE ultimate gift to give to someone you love--- you are very blessed. The photos are just beautiful!


Julie Fukuda said...

That tablecloth looks almost exactly like one I crocheted many years ago. I wanted a lace tablecloth and the only way I knew to get one was to make it. (my table is round too) I then croched one to fit the table with one leaf and another for when the table is opened all the way. Sadly my room is too small to open the table at all but I still keep the lace just in case. The roses are so pretty too.

Claudine brodeuse de perles said...

Tes roses sont magnifiques et j'aime bien l'histoire de ta nappe au crochet. 73 ? Et elle est toujours aussi belle ! Je suis contente que le crochet revienne à la mode depuis quelques années. Gros bisous et une très bonne semaine,Pat

Thoughts from my Page said...

the lace curtains completed the picture. Just lovely.

Jim Gatling said...

Absolutely beautiful! I'm talking about the roses, not you.......LOL!
Don't you have a quilt that says somethng about I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck???? I always liked that saying and it sounds soooooo you! Happy Birthday!! We'll celebrate again at our next meeting.

brenco1 said...

What a wonderful story, that I didn't know, but there are probably several of those. You continue to amaze me!!! I saw it the other day and wondered where you got it. The roses are beautiful too. You favorite son has wonderful taste. Hugs

Vivian said...

I have a tablecloth that my mom crocheted for me. You just reminded me of it. I'm not sure where it is right now. I will not use it on my kitchen table so it is usually on a round side table. I'll have to go look for it. lol

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