Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Favorite Son, Two Other Guys, and Me!

They are a little late, at this point, but I mentioned that I'd show you some photos of my favorite son's recent visit. Actually, I didn't take there wasn't a lot to choose from...but these made me laugh, so I chose them. We could all use a good laugh now and again.

Scott, or my 'favorite son' as I usually call him in my posts....lives in San Francisco and had a chance to come for a visit of two days...not counting travel. That's not long....but I'll take it anytime. There is nothing better than actually seeing your children in real life rather than on the computer screen. Actually, I DO love seeing him on my wonderful Apple Computer....but it's real hard to get a good hug that way!

Here you see him with two other guys. Scott on the left, of course, his Gramps, my father-in-law, aged 92, in the middle, and his Dad, (that old Navy man) on the right. I never get them together for many photos, so this one is special and it was taken at my father-in-law's home.

There is one of Scott and his Dad taken in my entry hall....I had to smile as he held one of my birds on his Dad's shoulder as I snapped the photo. CUTE!!

Then, there is always the trip to the airport in Little Rock. I always try and get a halfway decent photo as he unloads his bags from the car...seems like it's a very hurried affair these days...what with limits on parking, etc. Anyway, he grabbed my camera to snap a quick photo of the two of us. I detest photos of myself...but actually like this one...because well, he's so darn cute!! I do so appreciate him taking the time to come home...loved every minute of it!

So, there you are...a little peek at that short visit from the favorite son. I treasure those. I've been asked what I think my most important accomplishment has been in this life and without a doubt it has to be raising two great kids who grew up to be two great adults....well, that AND staying married to the same guy for nearly 46 years!!! I'm lucky! Y'all take care, pat


Gisela Suski said...

You had a wonderful visit, love the photos.

Julie Fukuda said...

What sweet photos!
And I feel the same way about my kids, so I understand well.

Bonnie Jobe said...

such nice pics of your "guys"!

And a lovely pic of you too - I always say for me to be in a pic that I want them to take it from a helicopter!!!

deb said...

Love the photos! Miss you! said...

It is so good to see your smiling face and to know it is family that gives you that smile. Take care.

TinaTx said...

How nice that you got a few photos! I hate it when mine leave after a visit only to find that I failed to get any photos. Like you, I will take any visit I can get, no matter how short!

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