Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Shoes and Bluebonnets

You know I've told you that you can never be too sure what I will show you on this blog. Never thought I'd resort to talking about shoes. So, here's the story:

One of my quilting friends, Jan, who lives a few blocks from me, called one day to invite me to start walking with her each Tuesday and Thursday from now through the month of May. This is some kind of Women's Walking and/or Running 'class' and we are allowed to use the track at Harding University. Immediately, I suggested that I was not a candidate for RUNNING, but I would love to WALK. Jan agreed and off we went. Well, the first day was exhilarating....but my feet hurt. So, I decided I needed new shoes for this venture. (Of course, the ones I had were TEN years old!! So, of course, I needed new shoes!! Have I told you that I will wear something until it falls apart? I'm just strange that way.) Anyway, I was talking to my son about the experience and he said I should use some of my 'frivolous money' and buy some new shoes. OK...'frivolous money' - that's money Scott gave me to use to entertain myself. He sometimes does that over my objections. He also knows that my version of 'frivolous' is not the same as his. His actually means 'frivolous' and my version means 'what do I need?" Anyway, I decided to break my own rule and follow his advice, so daughter, Kelly, took me out in search of the proper shoe. (I hate shopping for clothing and shoes and such!) And, we ended up purchasing the shoes you see here. BRIGHT pinkish/orange neon shoes! Nike Free, they say. Comfortable.

So, when I picked up Jan the next evening...the first thing she noticed was the shoes. She laughed. The 'instructor' noticed them too....saying that they certainly wouldn't lose me...then said they'd have to stand me on my head though, because I'm so short.)

I had taken these photos of the shoes that day, and later that night, I was telling my favorite son all about them. So, grandson,Ty, got his iPhone out and we had a little video thing going, showing the shoes off. Now, here's the funny part - Scott asked if we wanted to see HIS new shoes...and, of course, we said yes. There was a pause, then he holds up his shoes.....they are JUST LIKE MINE...only lime green neon!!! Who knew? Well, it was a funny little experience and we had a good laugh.

When I took Jan home....I happened to notice some blue flowers growing in her front yard flower beds. (Remember, I am terribly myopic, so often don't see what is right in front of me!) "Jan," I said, "Are those blue flowers by any chance BLUEBONNETS?" "Yes," she said. Her husband, Tom, is a Master Gardener and was determined to have some Bluebonnets and I was surprised because I thought they wouldn't grow here. (Remember, I grew up in Texas and remember seeing acres of wild Bluebonnets in the Spring!!) Once again, who knew? So, yesterday evening when I went to pick her up I took my camera and after we returned from our walk....I took these photos. Aren't they gorgeous? (And, can you imagine seeing acre after acre of these along the highways? I always loved that.)

So...a little story about nothing, really, but I thought I'd share it with you. Like I said, you just never know what I might show you!!! Hope all is well your way...pat


Gisela Suski said...

Love love the shoes, my shoes are old old also. Love the blue bonnets.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Funny, when I saw your shoes, I thought they looked just like the new green shoes my grandson just bought. Who'd a thunk it!

Love the flowers too.

Julie Fukuda said...

Yes, I wear shoes to death, but they are usually more comfortable than any new ones. Shoes that feel fine in the store, hurt like crazy after a few hours of walking. (and the stores don't let you walk that long in the shop)My #1 son sent me some shoes for my birthday ... same make and model my #4 daughter bought me about 8 years ago.They are red but not as bright as yours.

Christy said...

I guess you can't deny your son if you both bought the same shoes without knowing it! hahaha. The shoe thing must be going around, too. My cousin bought a pair of the all-sparkly ones for visiting towns, tearooms and antique stores where she lives. I think it's my turn to go out and find something wonderful in a walking shoe! Thanks for sharing!

brenco1 said...

Your shoes are so you! You know I need a new pair myself hmmmmm?
The bluebonnets are beautiful. Along the roads here this year their are daisies and a light pink flowers. It really makes the roadside beautiful and yes I need to stop and take a photo.

TinaTx said...

I saw someone wearing those same shoes just this morning! Should be able to see them from a long way off!

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