Thursday, August 2, 2012

An Indulgence of Pink

It's been a weird week here at the backyard studio, as I can't seem to get 'in the mood' to accomplish anything.  Maybe it's the HEAT.....the humidity....the summer doldrums, or some such thing.  I had
intended to show you something on the crazy know....something FUN!  However, I just
couldn't get myself together to do that.  Instead, I have spent most of the week chewing myself out because I can't seem to FOCUS!
Whenever I get like this, I like to spend some time looking at something pretty  until my mood improves, so today, I decided to share these pretty Gerbera Daisies with you.  They came from Walmart, of all places, and I think they are just gorgeous!  The day I bought them (yes, during an equally yucky week in the Spring),  I saw them, so bought some to bring home and admire...they lasted a long time and I don't remember if they improved my mood any....but I DID enjoy looking at them, so I guess it worked!
Well, of course, the color is just PINK...and I know a lot of you out there, love PINK too!  Now, this amazes me....look at how many kazillion little petals are in this one flower!  Isn't that amazing.
I could never tire of looking at flowers......any of them...but I must say, these are so very special.
It's fun to buy some flowers once in a while....these were an inexpensive little 'pick-me-up.'  And, I always like the way my mind justifies a little purchase like this!
As you know, I always say my flea market visits and fabric purchases, bead and embroidery thread buying are considered, by me, to be a form of therapy.  Yes, I certainly do!  And, I feel the same way about these little occasional  bouquets of flowers.  Therapy!!  
Yeah, I think I'm feeling a bit better already!  Some pink flowers looking pretty beautiful in a few photos.....hope you feel better too.  take care, pat

PS.  Maybe I'll show you that item you missed out on today in my next post.  It won't be 'pretty' but it may make you smile!!


Julie Fukuda said...

Nice pictures of those pink flowers ... they make me smile just fine. It is very hot and humid here as well and after a month away, plenty to do to get the house back in shape.(and my flowers looking like someone loves them).

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh, Those are such beautiful flowers. I can look at flowers forev er, but rarely bring them in. Outside I'm fine, but bring them in and I'm sneezing and stuff up.

Right now my Hibiscus and Rose of Sharon are blooming. They are everywhere and I love it.

xx, Carol

Christy said...

Hang in there, Pat! Last week was my bad week and I'm blaming it on the weather, too. It's been taking alot out of all of us. I sure hope September starts cooling us off. Those flowers are just gorgeous! Nature will always make you smile.
Take care,

Vivian said...

Oh those pink daisies cheered me up. My daughter in law had gerber daisies in her wedding. Good Memories. Thanks for brightening my day.

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