Thursday, September 27, 2012

Giveaway Winners!'s Thursday night and I promised to announce my quilt book giveaway winners tonight.  With the help of the "old navy man" the winners have been chosen.  If your name is shown here, kindly email me your snail mail address and I will be sending out the books on Monday,  October 1st.  
 We decided first to choose the first and last to comment as winners....then choose  some  winners 'inbetween.'   Here is the list:

JULIE, LEDAMEWOOD, JEANNE GWIN, CAROL, BRIAN, AND KATHY.   I bet you noticed that there are more than three winners, didn't you?  Seems I made a search of the Nest and found I had more books left in my 'stash' than previously thought, so I decided to give away the extra ones too.  Also, LEDAMEWOOD mentioned that she is teaching a young girl to quilt, so I'm sending one for the girl too.  (Ledamewood...would you please send me the names you would like your book autographed to.)  I'll be expecting to hear from you all sometime this weekend!
Didn't know what to 'show' on this post, so thought I'd just post some photos taken around here the other day.  The first one is way in our back yard.  There are two acres this is what it looks like 'back there.'  Then, the last little blooms around here this time of year and a peek at the Nest.
We had some beautiful days last week.......wish they could go on for quite a while as Fall is my favorite season.
The last little bit of color on the hydrangeas.  I also love them when they get all pinkish/greenish and leathery......

So...there you are.  Winners - thank you so much for reading my blog posts.  I just wish I had enough books to send everyone who commented a book, but take heart......I will be having another Giveaway in please visit again!  take care, pat

PS.  to email those addresses: go to "About Me", click on Pat and you will link to my email address.


Thearica said...

Good morning Pat! Hydrangeas are one of hubbys favorites! We are slowly getting our flower gardens back in shape.. We plan to work on them all winter so next spring they will be beautiful once again! he hasn't taken much time with them in the past 4 years... I think he has been in a funk latley... I thought women were the only ones to do that... :)

Congratulations to the winners!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm thrilled to win. Not only to own a book you authored, but also because I am in the middle of a crazy quilt that I am making for my grandson. I have no idea how to finish it off once I sew the blocks together. I know the book will tell me everything I need to know. Thank you so much!

Love your hydrangea. I wanted to plant them but for some reason Terry doesn't like them so I didn't. Since we are re-landscaping the front of the house, I just might sneak one in!
Have a great weekend.
xx, Carol

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh Pat, I am just SO HAPPY! It was even worth fighting the robot to leave you a comment. (just kidding) My little lucky birds are singing in the greenhouse ... I can hear them all the way down at the computer. You are so very generous and those books are a treasure!

Laurie said...

I guess I'll get over not winning, but congratulations to all who did! ;) Ever since It's a Wonderful Life, I've been in love with hydrangeas. Beautiful!

ledamewood said...

Thank you, thank you. I'll send an email right away with my information. BTW, I love hydrangeas too and have loads of them in my garden.

Kathie said...

Pat... I don't have an e-mail address for you... my mailing address is

Kathie Boyle
144 Florida Road
Pattersonville, NY 12137

I also replied to your comment on my blog... this is getting VERY convoluted, isn't it!

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